Monday, May 25, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Video Shows The Lunacy Of Face Masks Is Now Reaching Epic Proportions!

Well, another day, and even more blasting away at this entire pandemic scam.... In spite of my being shadow  banned and banished from sites such as "Facebook" or "Twitter" (Honestly, do I give a fuck about those spy programs anyways?) I am continuing to post up articles for everyone to see and hopefully spread to others....

Just the other day, an astute commentator to this site, "Freaked Out" sent me a Youtube link that I looked at last night and I found it to be one of the most revolting aspects of this entire "face mask" fraud imaginable... And I definitely want to share that video right here with my own readers so that they can see how that garbage must be stopped by every means possible!

So without any further adieu, here is that video, that discusses a new lunacy called "Pac Man Coronavirus Medical Masks Used For Dining" for everyone to see right here... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, that is one of the most REVOLTING things that I have seen in some time now..

Can you imagine?  Here you are sitting in a restaurant with the one you love and then you whip out this horrendous device and try to have dinner.... If I was your date and watching this fucking grotesque device at work, I would probably throw up rather than try to eat!

But the fuckers out there are actually promoting this garbage!!!  And this is another sickening aspect of those hideous and so dehumanizing face masks that are so USELESS in even a real pandemic, and actually cut off vital Oxygen to your body while at the same time regurgitate the viruses and germs that your body is trying to expel!

Honestly, fuck this nonsense.... This is beyond sickening now and people so badly do need to get the fuck out there and tell EVERYONE that they have all been scammed!   This fraud pandemic must end right now!

More to come



Tribe of Dab said...

You guys see just how Proud of themselves these kikes are? Dudes , that is some serious rocket science right there.
BTW Brian .I have to agree after everything I have seen so far , It looks to me like the North American continent is being "groomed" for a Chinese takeover. We were pawned off in the mid 1990s and now the US/Crown are changing the customs/culture to one that the Chinese prefer so they will be more willing to migrate on over.
Welcome to New China , plenty of masks , vaccines , social credit , cameras and local leadership to guide your every waking hour , just like Home away from home.

phyllis66 said...

It isn't a Chinese takeover. The Bolshevik Jews took over China and turned it into a Communist country. Jews are the originators of Communism. Do your research and do not believe that Hitler and Germany were Communist. Americans were duped into believing that assumption by the Jewish media, Jewish controlled publishers of school books and Jewish controlled Hollywood. Americans, the most uninformed people on the planet who believe they are the most informed. What they believe has been lies for the past 60+ years while the rest of the world knows facts.

Tribe of Dab said...

Phyllis66 , pretty much agree with you.
I just didn't elaborate on the rest of the story.
You won't see a comment from me about Hitler being a communist , not even a fascist.

cmp said...

Long before 60 years, phyllis66, long before that. I read Libido Dominandi by E Michael Jones one of the greatest thinkers of our time. He starts at the French Revolution and goes on to Freud, his nephew Edward Bernays who literally invented the propaganda machine we have come to know and love (excuse me while I vomit). Wow!! talk about an eye opening book.

Masks!! What can I say. I don't wear them, guess I've been lucky or maybe it's my I-don't-give-a-shit manner. Cops, security guards, young men diligently washing down shopping carts, customers and managers that approach me and tell me I must wear a mask, I answer, they walk away. I do not social distance, who TF came up w/that saying? I am right behind the customer in front of me and never look down at the stupid circles on the floor. I "butt" in line, something I would never do, but hell, how did I know you were in line so far back? Get real, dummy!

Everyone, and I mean everyone I see wears a mask. People are startled when they look at me. I smile at them and walk on. No one in my realm is waking up to this quackery, fakery, mockery that is the United States. There's a sickness here. Maybe it's the water. Time to buy a Berkey? I sure did.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I too have gone into a few businesses over the last while where some ass clown at the entrance way said "you must wear a mask". I look at them and say "show me the law that says I have to!" and of course they can not....

Honestly, there is NO LAW anywhere that forces the requirement to wear masks... What provinces and states want is 'voluntary' compliance to wear masks and of course most dumb ass sheep out there will comply like the fucking morons they are...

testing said...

This eating mask is gross and laughable. It is EVEN MORE UNHEALTHY than a regular mask. Food and drink will slop all over it. They are MANUFACTURING it??? Is it a one time use mask? Because you would only be able to use it once before needing to discard it, something that people who insist on wearing masks should be doing every time they wear one. (And not littering the ground with them.) You will be able to tell who are the most brain dead zombies by those who buy and use this hideous contraption. Imagine little kids trying to eat with this thing on, something the adult in the video couldn't manage. He looked brain damaged in the attempt. And so are they planning to scare people into believing that the virus is permanently here and permanently everywhere? What if, God forbid, the virus was ON the FOOD??? Or got onto the food via the eating utensil? (Not that I think there is any danger.) People cannot think nowadays. I was in my car the other day and a neighboring married couple went by doing their walking exercise with masks on, obviously breathing hard. I wanted to try to explain they shouldn't wear them during exercise and that THERE WAS NO ONE AROUND and therefore NO POSSIBLE FLOATING VIRUS OR TRANSMISSION. Just flashed them a peace sign and kept my "social distance." This morning other neighbors were walking their dogs, sans masks (thank goodness). The little dog walked up to the big dog and snuggled its face right in the other dogs' rear. No social distancing there! Dogs have more common sense than people now.

I don't believe they can succeed with all their nefarious plans. Sure, if they get started on the multi-layer death threats, bunches of us will start dropping dead or become permanently disabled. But considering that a lot of the technology is experimental and we are their guinea pigs, it probably isn't going to work exactly the way they imagine. Something tells me it may start backfiring on them. They have gone too far now and have exposed themselves, with an inadvertent consequence that they are going to be waking more and more people up. To stop them, all we really need is for the truth to be widely disseminated and believed. Consider they want to depop about 6 billion people. Can you imagine if millions everywhere suddenly drop dead and/or go zombie apocalypse crazy? They would have a big problem on their hands. The hard part is CONVINCING the sleepers that the controllers actually want us mostly dead with survivors as miserable slaves. It's not conspiracy "theory" anymore. If they continue pushing aggressively, many of even the most thick headed will start to understand the end goal.