Thursday, May 14, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: A Travesty Of Justice As Criminal Manitoba Government Will Unfurl New "Laws" To Enforce "Social Distancing" Bullshit!

Honestly, I knew this was going to happen....

Last weekend we had a successful 'march' take place at the Manitoba Legislative Building in downtown Winnipeg Manitoba that had some 120 people in attendance....  It was to protest the horrific "lockdown" here in Manitoba and to show Manitobans that they should not cower in fear and isolation and tell the Manitoba government under the Pallister regime that we are all mad as hell and we would not take it any more!

I was there of course, and it went over so superbly that we all agreed that we would have this same type of rally EVERY weekend on Saturdays at 2PM in front of the Legislative buildings to demand that Manitoba get back to work as the fraud "pandemic" never was and never affected Manitoba at all...  We were hoping to have a lot more people come, but now that may not happen as the criminal Pallister regime has just thrown a 'monkey wrench' into that planned upcoming rally!

I saw and read a lot of local news since that rally last Saturday that indicated that the Manitoba government along with that freak that calls himself Winnipeg's "mayor" were alarmed at our turn out, and were going to try something diabolical to stop any further protests at the Manitoba Legislative Building.....

Well, guess what?  These criminals have done exactly that!  For according to the following link to a new report from the Winnipeg Sun, at, apparently these fuckers are set to stop the upcoming rally at the Manitoba Legislature by attempting to impose "fines" for anyone that attends such rallies and 'fails to social distance'!   Here in fact is that link here:

OK,   To me this is not only a travesty, but insulting to everyones' intelligence... These fuckers created this 'social distancing' fraud as a massive con, for the the very concept of "social distancing" is stupid and ineffective against an actual contagion... It also defies everything about being human as we are social creatures that need interaction with other human beings........

AND these bastards have the nerve to claim it is being done to 'enforce health regulations" based upon the fraud COVID-19 bullshit pandemic that once again did not even happen in Manitoba at all!

The sad part is how these criminals in the Manitoba provincial government and the city of Winnipeg are going to "hire" some scumbags to be out there to 'enforce' these "new regulations" and these pricks in our governments have had the gall to empower these same scumbags with the ability  to write tickets and impose fines for anyone that violates "social distancing guidelines"! Honestly, is this not similar to the Stasi, Gestapo, and other secret police organizations that we have seen so many times in the past???

What we have here also is a defiance by the criminal Pallister regime of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that states in section II, subsection II, part (c) the following:

 (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; 

These freedoms are set out in the Charter to ensure that Canadians are free to create and express their ideas, gather to discuss them and communicate them widely to other people. These activities are basic forms of individual liberty. They are also important to the success of a democratic society like Canada. In a democracy, people must be free to discuss matters of public policy, criticize governments and offer their own solutions to social problems.

Well,   I for one want to see someone come forward and challenge Pallister's new "laws" as violations of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and if necessary right up to the Supreme Court of Canada..... For I see these new 'Pallister laws' as violations of that charter and therefore have NO validity at all!

The bottom line is this..  The criminal Pallister regime is now scared that there will be a continuing massive upswell in the number of people protesting his own sheer stupidity in ruining this province's economy and stripping the very rights of the people of Manitoba under the falsehood of this fraud 'pandemic'... As Manitobans finally see more and more people going to these rallies, as well as now realizing tthat there never was a pandemic in the first place, there will be more demands for answers from Pallister himself, and ones that he is definitely scared or too stupid to actually answer......Thus, in a last ditch attempt to prevent that ground swell of protests and rallies and an awakening by the majority of Manitobans, he has resorted to this heinous and very ILLEGAL action against the good citizens of this province....

So.. What will happen this Saturday and the upcoming rally?  I will be there, but will watch to see where the GOONS will be that will be out there to try to ruin that protest march, and I will do my very best to try to keep my BULLSHIT 'social distance' from others in attendance..... I can guarantee those goons will definitely be there and stupidly act like fucking idiots just frothing at the mouth to use their new 'power' to enforce this stupidity of 'Social Distancing' by gladly handing out fines to innocent people like the morons those goons reall are......

I do hope Manitobans see what is going on here, for if they allow this travesty to be enacted on innocent people that are just acting within their rights to peacefully assemble as laid out in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms,  then they should all be ashamed of themselves as well as hopefully enjoying the mandatory vaccinations that are coming as well as enjoying their enslavement for the rest of their miserable lives!

More to come



greencrow said...

Sorry to hear about that Provincial power grab, North. What the leaders of the Vancouver marches did was meet beforehand with the Police and discuss how to involve the police to legitimize the march and protect the marchers. All you need is a non-corrupt municipal/city police force and it could happen. Tell the Winnipeg police to get in touch with the Vancouver Police force to find out how its done. Good luck.


Tribe of Dab said...

OK some good news

The postal workers round here have one by one said no more to masks.
The number of people not wearing masks is growing too.
The freeways are getting significantly more traffic.
And I had not seen a highway patrolman giving out speeder tickets in 2.5 months , today I say several.
Also the stupid electronic road signs that had messages telling everyone not to travel , and stay away from groups of people have changed back to road conditions.
All of this down in Commiefornia of all places and the sheriff's deputies haven't harassed anyone about anything covid related. Although a shoplifter at right aid had half the areas cops involved ,go figure.