Thursday, May 21, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Stupid Canadian Chief Pandemic Officer, Teresa Tam, Now "Recommends" That Canadians Wear Face Masks (!)

I have stopped watching the Canadian Jew spew media so called "news" as I find the propaganda so disgusting and OVERWHELMING that it is no wonder so many people out there have been  heavily brainwashed and indoctrinated by what those liars constantly try to ram into their brains... It is a fact that if you continue to say the same lies again and again,eventually those lies will stick in the brains of some of the most moronic out there....

And therefore, I did miss the "big news" that was reported yesterday concerning this entire COVID-19 bullshit "pandemic" which was when that horrible and most ugly looking Canadian "Chief Public Health Officer" called Teresa Tam, suddenly went up to the podium and has now "recommended" that ALL Canadians now wear those ghastly and ludicrous "face masks" as an "extra layer" to combat this NON EXISTENT pandemic "virus" (!).....

First, I do want to present the details of this sheer stupidity put forward by that ass clown right here in the link to the CTV News report covering this "recommendation" here:

OK, Where do I even begin to tear this stupidity apart?   First, here is the link to a report put out by my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at about this outrageous new push by this foul creature, Teresa Tam, for this "recommendation" for wearing face maskes here:

I absolutely agree with Penny that this witch is such a sham, and someone that to me is most definitely an agent of the criminal World Health Organization and one that is following the orders put out by her masters especially that heinous Bill Gates...

And just as a reminder, I did cover some aspects of this "Teresa Tam" in an early report from last month that shows that this creature came from out of nowhere and basically is NOT who the criminals in our government in Canada claims she is.... Here in fact is that link here:

Oh, How quickly people forget about this foul creature?  I have already stated that this creature has NO right to be there as "Canada's Chief Health Officer" and especially given the power to shut this entire nation down for something that is no worse than seasonal Influenza!

I am now awaiting what that sinister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will do with this new "recommendation"... I would not bet against that fucker now taking the step to push for ALL Canadians to now have to wear "face masks" that will do FAR MORE HARM TO OUR HEALTH than not wearing one!

I have already written so many articles over the last month that contained information put out by REAL health experts about the dangers of wearing those masks, including the FACT that these masks cut off vital Oxygen supplies to our bodies and do nothing but push viruses and germs that our bodies are trying to expel right back into our bodies and thus really do make us sick!

And again, Teresa Tam is a criminal and one that does not know what the fuck she is talking about.. But she has her agenda and her orders from the criminals at the WHO who obviously are NOT getting the traction that they had hoped with their idiotic "virus" and therefore have now "upped the ante" by pushing for face masks that WILL cause a lot of people to actually get sick!

I for one will NEVER wear a face mask, period, end of story... I know better as I want to have my immune system strengthened and I do want to have proper Oxygen supply to my body at all times... Hopefully readers and others will also get the message here as well..

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Number-Cruncher Man said...

Just received an email from a member of the administration at the college where I teach - starting tomorrow, anyone who is on campus MUST wear one of those abominable face masks.

I also received an email from my department chair asking those of us who intend to teach online this fall to coordinate content delivery plans with him and the dean.

Guess who's decided to teach online for the foreseeable future!

I'm reminded of the Latin phrase "creo quia absurdum est": "I believe because it is absurd."

It's going to be a long time, if ever, before we see light at the end of this tunnel.