Saturday, May 9, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Report From 2008 Confirms Social Distancing Is Complete Bullshit, And In Fact Social Distancing Does FAR More Harm Than Good!

I have now posted some 140 articles over these last 2 1/2 months specifically targeting this entire "pandemic" fraud, and taking shots at different aspects of this entire bullshit... I have already tackled the numbers game and have shown that those are so fraudulent.. And I have shown clearly that those idiots out there that are stupid enough to put on 'face masks' are morons and are only damaging their own health by re-inhaling the germs and other poisons that their body is trying to throw off....

But now I want to go head on and tackle the other bullshit associated with this fraud pandemic, and that is the crap called 'social distancing'..... I have already shown how the criminals in charge are using that entire fraud for preparations for their incoming surveillance network, which is bad enough...But now, according to the following very important report that comes courtesy of my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who of course hails from the insanity of southern Ontario and writes the excellent blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at  This report, that I have in its entirety here at this blog, reveals some startling information that back in 2008 the concept of "social distancing" in regards to tackling viral outbreaks was indeed studied and shown to be not only the wrong thing to do BUT also showed that the harm done with that fraud FAR outweighs any of its 'benefits'!..... Here is that article from Penny, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Saturday, May 9, 2020

2008 Study: Infection Rates Not Reduced By Social Distancing - Harm Outweighs Benefit

I'm becoming increasingly aware of the harm social distancing causes. The surface has been merely scratched here on the damaging effects of "social distancing" to our society as a whole. Is this experiment in anti social behaviour going to be worth the damage it will inevitably do? 

 Early on in this crisis there was a  voice, quickly silenced, speaking about the harmful effects of social distancing and the poor science behind it. That voice emanated from Dr Joel Kettner and it was the CBC that silenced him (see sidebar)
Dr Kettner
 Dr Kettner is not a fringe or controversial character. He is professor of Community Health Sciences and Surgery at Manitoba University, former Chief Public Health Officer for Manitoba province and Medical Director of the International Centre for Infectious Diseases

"I worry about the consequences of social distancing. I worry about people who are losing their jobs.  
I worry about the message to the public, about the fear of coming into contact with people, being in the same space as people, shaking their hands, having meetings with people. I worry about many, many consequences related to that."
Those are concerns that I share. Many others do as well. We've been told that this damage to our mental emotional and social well being is all justified by the virus. And flattening the curve.
And all the other memes that have been recently inflicted on us all.

I spent considerable time to find some real research on "social distancing" and it's effectiveness that predated the Covid-1984 crisis. Lots of recent info, but, at this point that info is being advanced to push an agenda, that's clear enough. So it's best avoided. 

Dr Kettner had this to say on the science of 'social distancing"

The other part is we actually do not have that much good evidence for the social distancing methods. It was just a couple of review in the CDC emerging infectious disease journal, which showed that although some of them might work, we really don’t know to what degree and the evidence is pretty weak.
Not only is the evidence to support 'social distancing' weak, while the damage from it is nearly incalculable but very well documented, it's darn hard to locate. But, I managed to find the study linked below, I suggest you have a look. It's worth your time.

2008-  The Journal of Infections Medicine: Exploration of the Effectiveness of Social Distancing on Respiratory Pathogen Transmission Implicates Environmental Contributions


Background. In both military and civilian settings, transmission of respiratory pathogens may be due to person-to-person and environmental contributions. This possibility was explored in a military training setting, where rates of febrile respiratory illness (FRI) often reach epidemic levels. 

Methods. Population size and FRI rates were monitored over 10 months in the units of 50–90 individualsSome units were open to the influx of potentially infectious convalescents (hereafter referred to as “open units,” and some were closed to such an influx (hereafter referred to as “closed units”). Virologic testing and polymerase chain reaction analysis were used to detect adenovirus on surface structures.

Results. The odds ratio (OR) associated with FRI in closed units, compared with open units, was 1.13 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.99–1.28). The OR in units with a population greater than the median size, compared with units with a population lower than the median size was 1.38 (95% CI, 1.23–1.55). Between 5% and 9% of surface samples obtained from selected units harbored viable adenovirus.

Conclusions. FRI rates were not reduced in units that were closed to potentially contagious individuals. These findings imply that the primary source of the pathogen is likely environmental rather than human, and they underscore what is known about other virus types. Diligence in identifying the relative roles of different transmission routes is suggested for civilian settings similar to those described in the current study.
The conclusion is clear Infection Rates were not reduced in units that were closed to contagious individuals- Plainly stated there was no infection rate reduction when social distancing was imposed on one of  the two control groups.
"In the present study, we achieved a large measure of experimentally manipulated social distance within a military recruit population. Because the primary means of transmission was presumed to be person-to-person transmission, we expected that groups that were socially distanced from potentially infectious individuals who were new to the group would incur rates of illness lower than those noted for groups that were not socially distanced"


"The original hypothesis was rejected. There was not a statistically significant difference between the FRI rates in the open and closed units as a whole, although the tendency was for the closed units to exhibit higher rates. The rejection of the hypothesis suggests that the primary route of transmission of FRI is not via the MCU/PCU recycling protocol (i.e., not via person-to-person contact between unit members and members newly introduced to the unit [i.e., potentially infectious convalescents]). The social distancing instituted in this setting was not successful in decreasing FRI rates."
In plain talk.. The closed, socially distanced, group was more likely to exhibit higher infection rates. Based on the outcome of the study the original hypothesis was rejected!


Social Distancing is a form of social control- This reality has to be understood.
We're told it's necessary to stop the spread of a virus.  But it comes at a very high cost that is never mentioned. 

So important is social connection to humans that the lack of it is terrible for our health.  

  • Lock Downs To Do More Damage then Virus: Shielding Elderly & Vulnerable A Huge Fail

    “In fact, the damaging effect now of lockdown is going to outweigh the damaging effect of coronavirus.”  
     "The second issue of lockdown is that it's making the public scared to engage with healthcare. People are avoiding going to GPs and hospitals because they believe there is so much infection there that they might catch it [coronavirus]. That’s really damaging.”
Earlier today:

NTS Notes:  I want to thank Penny so much for bringing this amazing article forward, for it backs up EVERYTHING that I, her, and others, have been saying since this fraud pandemic that 'social distancing' is SO WRONG!!!

AND I am not in the least bit surprised at all by these findings... To me, social distancing is against nearly EVERYTHING that makes us human... We are social creatures and we are absolutely at our best in the accompaniment of other human beings.... Thus being "separated" by this bullshit '2 metre aka 6 feet' distance is so DEHUMANIZING and does indeed affect us both physically and especially mentally!

And we cannot forget the fact that the incoming mass surveillance network that will be based primarily on those satellites that are now in abundance in low Earth orbit does require everyone to be 'separated' from others at all times for it to do its dirty work....And no shock to me at all that the minimum distance of 'separation' for that system to work is....approximately 6 feet or 2 metres!!!!  Honestly, what are the odds that the idiots that came out with this 6 foot separation bullshit were not made aware of this fact?????

I can only see further harm to everyone if we continue with this "social distancing" bullcrap.... People need to ABSOLUTELY DEFY that nonsense and do NOT "comply" with so called fraud authorities when they demand that we abide by that "rule"...... Resistance is the name of the game here and resistance is definitely NOT futile by any means (My love of "Star Trek" does indeed come out here from time to time!)......

The bottom line is this.. .FUCK THIS SOCIAL DISTANCING NONSENSE as it does NOT work as shown...  Lets get back to being human beings for a change!

More to come



AL said...

Great work NTS , post all protests , it's a race against time .

Joy said...

I agree with all you said. This is bullshit.

Unknown said...

I agree too :) this social distancing bullshit is dehumanising

Nathalie H T Partica said...

Saturday, 2020/09/19 EDT 1104
This lockdown is getting to me. This bullshit distancing is getting to me. Whatever the case, the globe needs a culling anyway, I don't get why governments would want to save people, for what? Continuation of misery? Governments don't give a shit about its people, so I really don't get the force of masks, social and physical distancing, to me it all seems like a hidden agenda for an ulterior motive.