Saturday, May 16, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Professor Dolores J Cahill Interview Shows Evidence That Both Face Masks And Social Distancing Are USELESS Against Coronavirus Infections!

 I had to go back to the local supermarket today to get a few extra goods as this weekend is Victoria Day up here in Canada, and in spite of this bullshit "pandemic", I will be doing my annual Victoria Day barbecue...  As I said many times, I love to cook as it is a great hobby of mine, and my family just loves what I create on the grill!   Steaks, chicken, shrimp, and baked potatoes are going to be the main course this year!!!   It is sad though that I cannot invite a few friends over, as we are still being fucked by this bullshit "lockdown" and "social distancing" frauds....

Anyways.. As I was saying, I was at the local supermarket and I was so SHOCKED to see so many healthy people walking down the aisles wearing those gawd awful face masks.... That and once again the fucking overhead music system was blaring the usual bullshit of "we thank you all for maintaining social distancing and keeping us all safe".... I for one honestly want to puke, for the sheer stupidity of people is so blatant and all I can do is think to myself "Welcome to your enslavement, you dumb ass sheep!"

Which brings me to the following video that was sent my way by my great colleague in the formerly free nation called the "United States, aka John Kaminski.... John has been doing wonders with his own articles over at, and I do recommend that readers read his archives of great essays that cover a massively wide range of subjects....  And this video that John sent me is a recent interview between Professor Dolores J Cahill, out of Ireland, and Del Bigtree from "Highwiretalk".... This is absolutely a must listen by everyone, for Professor Cahill BLOWS AWAY both the fraud of wearing "face masks" and the  fraud of "social distancing" as well!   Here is that video for everyone to see for themselves, and I absolutely do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: This one once again vindicates EVERYTHING that I have been saying for the last 3 months now about this bullshit COVID-19 scam.....

And to the idiot naysayers that may think this Professor Cahill is not who she seems.. Here is the list of credentials from this well known expert:

Prof. Dolores J. Cahill, Professor of Translational Science at UCD School of Medicine, University College Dublin:
Prof. Dr Dolores Cahill has over 25 years expertise in high-throughput protein array, antibody array, proteomics technology development,automation and their biomedical applications, including in biomarker discovery, diagnostics and personalised medicine. She is Professor of Translational Science, School of Medicine and at the Conway Institute at the University College Dublin (UCD) (2005-present). With her research group & collaborators, she has achieved key breakthroughs in developing and demonstrating applications of high throughput array technology in biological, diagnostics & medical research. Prof. Cahill pioneered this research at the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Genetics in Berlin, Germany (1996-2003) and holds several granted international patents in this vital field. Some of her activities include:
In 1996, she co-founded Protagen AG ( in Dortmund, including with Prof. Helmut Meyer, as a spin-out of the Max-Planck-Institute to commercialise her discoveries. Protagen Protein Services ( a 2014 spin-off company of Protagen delivers expert protein, antibody, proteomics & peptide contract services to the pharmaceutical industry & health care sectors. Both companies have advanced these technologies & applications; Protagen has screened and profiled the autoantibody repertoire of over 20,000 patients ( Protagen AG and Protagen Protein Services have over 200 employees in 2018. Since 2016, Prof. Cahill is a shareholder & Advisory Board member of Atturos Ltd, Prof. Stephen Pennington’s UCD spin-out company nvolved in improved Prostate Cancer diagnosis ( and
She received her Honours degree in Molecular Genetics from Trinity College Dublin (1989) and her PhD in Immunology from Dublin City University (1994). While studying in Trinity, she was awarded the Irish American Fellowship Prize (1988) to research at Prof. Pringle’s laboratory in the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. During her undergraduate & PhD studies, she worked, including as Assistant Manager, in fine-dining Country Clubs in Long Island, New York (4 summers) & in Tenafly, New Jersey (4 summers). On obtaining her PhD, she obtained an EU ‘Human Capital & Mobility’ Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Technical University, Munich, Germany (1994-1995). Prof. Cahill became Group Leader of the Protein Technology Group in the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Genetics, Berlin (1996-2003). She obtained an Associate Professor position, in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Director of Proteomics Core, RCSI, Dublin (2000-2005). Since 2005 – present, she is Full Professor of Translational Science in the School of Medicine, University College Dublin and she has extensive management experience, including successfully obtaining funding from the European Commission (FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020), Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Health Research Board & successfully writing, project managing, publishing & reporting on all financial & regulatory aspects in academic & private sectors, in the companies she co-founded.
She has over 100 peer reviewed publications, with over 5000 citations and a H-index is 31, which is in the top 10% globally for the Biomedicine discipline. Prof. Cahill is internationally recognised for her biomedical research, publications and patent record in life sciences, biotechnology, personalised healthcare, personalised medicine, diagnostics, biomarker discovery and validation, proteomics, biotechnology, high content protein and antibody arrays and their biomedical, diagnostic and clinical applications. Her publications have demonstrated utility and applications in the research, commercial & clinical sectors and include characterisation of antibodies specificity (including therapeutic antibodies), biomarker discovery, diagnostics, assay development, protein-interaction studies, proteomics, large scale/systems biology research, validating biomarker panels in diagnostic clinical trial, personalised medicine and assessing immune related adverse events.
She has given over 100 Keynotes Lectures in Ireland, UK, Europe, USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, South America. For example, she is invited to the ‘5th Precision Medicine and Biomarkers Leaders’ Summit’ in Munich in September 2018 & will Chair a Roundtable on Personalised Medicine and Adverse Events to discuss whether lessons can be learned from cancer immunotherapy and immune related adverse events to provide insight into understanding adverse events and personalised medicine and finding adverse event predictive biomarkers

I would say that list speaks for itself, and shows without any shadow of a doubt that she knows exactly what she is talking about...

I again want to emphasize to everyone to get the word out to the numbskulls out there that continue to wear those ludicrous 'face masks' that they are doing so much damage to their own health and they would do their body good by throwing those masks away immediately!

And do not get me started about 'social distancing'..... I have looked at that fraud as nothing more than dehumanizing and getting suckers brainwashed in preparation for the incoming world wide surveillance system....

Besides that, she covers so much other information in this great interview about the truth behind this Coronavirus and how it is NOT at all as "dangerous" as the liars in our governments and media claim....

I do hope that my messages through all of these articles are reaching as many people as possible... I have absolutely NO objections to EVERYONE taking the material that I present and give it freely to others... And in fact, I do not give a damn if you take the material and use it for yourselves and not give me any credit at all... This fight for our futures is so important that I ONLY want these articles to reach everyone no matter how they are delivered!

More to come



Ray said...

The sensorship of utube is crazy,, I mean Profesor Cahill removed for chalanging the naritive.
If you try this link you may find your video, bitchute dosen't sensor or remove material.
The server is slightly slower but the material is there.

Best Wishes from Ireland.


Deanna said...

I think you're my twin. You write exactly as I think and speak. Thank you for keeping it real and getting this info out. Let's get these face diapers OFF the sheeple. I'm so sick and fucking tired of the Idiots looking at ME like I'M the enemy, and of being the ONLY person in the grocery store without a mask. On the rare occasion I see another non mask wearer, I get the urge to hug them like a long lost and well missed friend. Again, thank you, from Portland, OR

Ray said...

Deanna, I can assure you you are not on your own. Never assume that because someone has a mask over their face it is because they think Sars-CoV2 is a pandemic. Speaking from experiance the average person thinks it is overblown and only waring the mask for a quite life.
If it is a man that is waring the mask you may however assume he has no balls.

Best Wishes from your male twin in Ireland.
If your on twitter it's @Ray60749982