Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 - The Fraud Pandemic Is Definitely Collapsing!

As I said in previous articles, people EVERYWHERE are finally waking up to this massive fraud pandemic... I have spoken directly with so many over the last while that are SICK AND TIRED of not being able to live their lives normally and being forced to either isolate or go out and endure harsh "restrictions" that are absolutely abominable... Many are also now realizing that the Jew spew media is nothing but a propaganda machine that is part of the sick game to brainwash us all into the false belief that there is an actual "pandemic"..

Meanwhile, here in central Canada,aka Manitoba, there is ZERO evidence now that there is or ever has been a pandemic at all in this province... The numbers alone are a laughable joke and simply do NOT reflect at all the numbers required for this scam to ever be classified as a pandemic at all....  But sadly here we have the criminal Brian Pallister regime continuing with their BULLSHIT and saying that we must be locked down like criminals for "our own good"??

OK, Onto the matter at hand here... And that idiot and homely so called Health Minister for Manitoba just released his daily "Manitoba COVID-19 Official Report" and I want to present the "numbers" right here for everyone to see for themselves... I have them of course in alphabetic order, and I will proceed to rip each apart afterwards:

(a) STILL only "292" total cases in now the start of the 11th week of this "state of emergency" for Manitoba.. No increase in over a week's time..

(b) STILL ZERO patients in all of Manitoba's hospitals suffering from this 'disease' and nobody in any of the intensive care units in those hospitals at all..

(c) STILL ONLY 7 deaths from this "disease" in the 11 weeks of this emergency... NO change in this number in well over 2 weeks' time...

(d) 271 patients have now "recovered" from this "disease", a rise of 2 more over yesterday's 269 number...

(e) 14 patients still "suffering" from this "disease"... And "11" of that number is still listed as "suspect" cases as well...

OK, Those are the official numbers.... And once again I will go over each of the above numbers in alphabetic order and rip each to shreds here:

(a) WHY cannot the simplest minds out there figure out by now that this "292" total "cases" for this province in 11 weeks does not constitute a "pandemic" at all?   Only a complete moron could not figure out that over the last 11 weeks' time there have been thousands of other illnesses including Influenza, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, and even the common cold, that far exceeds this "292" figure.... And again, why is this even a "pandemic" at all  considering those other diseases cause far more victims and are NOT considered "pandemics"???

(b) This has now become a laughable running joke... Especially when the Jew spew media outlets continue to talk about our 'brave" health care workers that are absolutely doing sweet fuck all and should be ashamed of themselves for being part of this fraud..... Overworked and under-payed health care workers my ass!

(c) Over the last 11 weeks' time, there have been hundreds of people dying in Manitoba alone from a wide assortment of illnesses and diseases, and yet you fucking lock down an entire province for 7 deaths????  How obvious should it be that this figure as well as the one in (a) shows that there never ever was a pandemic here at all?

(d) The criminal Pallister regime can no longer hold this number back any longer, as the final few that are actually "sick" from suspect "coronavirus" are all healing and getting better.... The clock is ticking on the criminals as this number is fast approaching the "285" mark (292 total cases minus the 7 deaths) and at that point, what the hell will the criminals then do to continue on with this scam???

(e) Looking at this figure, I cannot help but to keep noticing the "11 suspected" cases that most definitely do NOT have this "coronavirus" and are probably suffering from the common cold or other respiratory problems...It is only through the false positives of the fraud testing that these are in this list... And I also cannot overlook the fact that 14 case minus the 11 'suspect' leaves only 3, YES THREE, cases for ALL of Manitoba that may or in all practicality may not be suffering from this "virus".....

Well, there you have it... Every day now the fuckers in the Pallister regime are losing their numbers war to try to perpetuate this fraud.... There are zero new cases in spite of their efforts to try to "find" a few via their bullshit tests, and they are now running out of time to perpetuate the fraud...

The bottom line is this: Pallister and his henchmen are now in deep trouble as the fraud pandemic is definitely collapsing..... I have said that there never even was a "pandemic" here in Manitoba, for I could not find any real evidence of one in all of my own research and searching..... So WHY the fuck do these criminals continue this charade??

Lets open this province up NOW and stop this fraud in its tracks..... The longer this thing continues the more REAL deaths we will have via suicides, anxiety, depression, and other factors that were created through this pandemic fraud...

More to come



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