Monday, May 25, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Monday, May 25th, 2020 - Seriously? Was There Ever Really A Pandemic At All?

I continue to surf and go over so much material that is constantly sent my way by both colleagues and very astute readers...  I do want to thank them all for helping to spread the message to everyone about this entire pandemic fraud.... We all can only hope that enough people are finally waking up and are willing to help us bring the fucking bastards that created that scam to destroy our lives be brought to justice!

Meanwhile, I will continue my daily reports on the "COVID-19" fraud pandemic for my home province of Manitoba.... And of course that criminal and most disgusting creature that calls himself Manitoba's "Health Minister" just finished his daily "report" on this bullshit pandemic, and I will now go over those numbers to once again show the entire fraud for everyone to see....

Here are the "official" Manitoba COVID-19 numbers... And I will of course list them in alphabetic order here and then subsequently rip those numbers and the entire fraud to smithereens:

(a) STILL only 292 TOTAL cases in now the 11th week of this 'pandemic'...

(b) NOBODY in ALL of the Hospitals across Manitoba "suffering" from this "disease" and "intensive care" facilities at those hospitals remain empty of "COVID-19 patients"..

(c) STILL only 7 deaths in total for the nearly 11 weeks now of this "pandemic".. No change here in now over 2 weeks time..

(d) STILL and surprisingly some 268 "cases" of this "disease" have now recovered... No change once again from yesterday

(e) STILL some 17 patients that are still "sick" from this supposed "virus".. And 11 of them continue to be suspect at best...

If anyone says to me "Hey NTS, those numbers are exactly the same as the last 2 days", my response would be "Are you really shocked?", simply because the criminals in charge are running out of time and cannot drum up some new "patients" no matter how hard they try!

But anyways, do I really need to go over these numbers once again?  But it seems I may have to, as there are still some out there that actually think this is a real "pandemic"!

(a) Now 11 weeks in, and they have not been able to get this "292" to grow at all, for no matter how hard they try and especially now opening the fraud "testing" to any idiot out there, they cannot get any more positive results!    And as I said before, if anyone can justify "292" total in nearly 11 weeks time as being a "pandemic", I would surely love to have them prove it!

(b) Hospitals continue to be ghost towns with workers doing NOTHING.... I also challenge the fuckers in the media to justify their constant propaganda of "our hero health care workers" when the reality is very much different and the majority are once again sitting on their asses doing NOTHING!  Heroes, my ass!

(c) Gee, now 11 weeks into this fraud and the criminals are stuck now as they will indeed be questioned as to WHY they shut down an entire province over 7 DEATHS that were NOT even by this "coronavirus" at all!   I do hope the people of Manitoba will be ready with their tar and feathers for those pricks...

(d) and (e)... NO changes here, which is a remarkable feat of lying... The "268" number is probably a LOT higher as there is "11" cases still in the "active" amount that are at best suspect and should be actually in the "recovered" group by this time... But of course the criminals want to keep part (d) down and (e) up as long as possible to somehow still justify this province having its economy strangulated!

Well, there you have it again... And I do need to ask everyone this question again: 'WHERE IS THIS PANDEMIC?"... Seriously, how can anyone call this a "pandemic" when there is NO evidence of it here in Manitoba at all?

As far as I am concerned, Brian Pallister MUST GO, and GO NOW!.... He and his henchmen put this province on life support economically over a non-existent pandemic that shows NO evidence of being a reality at all... How can that idiot justify staying as this province's Premier considering how truly horrible this fiasco has become?    And while we are at it, that idiot "health minister" should be joining Brian Pallister on the unemployment line as well!

OK, I have given up on my search for this pandemic, and have concluded it is NO WHERE to ever be found here in Manitoba.... It is and always was a phantom and a figment of the criminals' imagination...

It is sad though that this fraud will have dire consequences and real deaths due to the number of people that have lost their lives due to deaths by suicides and anxiety... And every single one of these REAL DEATHS will be on Brian Pallister's head!

More to come



Aeneas said...

I'm a transplanted prairie boy. I now live in N.S. I ask everyone I come into contact with, so they even know anyone who knows anyone who caught Covid 1984? The answer is always "NO"

Tribe of Dab said...

Aeneas , I do that exact same thing.
The answer is always no .
But one time someone I know said they might have heard of someone's friend that there sisters brother in law might have come down with something.
what ever it was they didn't die.