Friday, May 22, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Friday, May 22nd, 2020 - I Still Have Not Found This Pandemic!

Well... It is now Friday, and of course the end of the week... And it has been a most interesting week in this continuing soap opera called 'The COVID-19 Pandemic!' (Yes, be afraid.. Be very afraid!).  The numbers have remained mostly stable in terms of the overall number of "victims" since this scam began over 10 weeks ago here in Manitoba, and the Pallister regime is still trying desperately to prop up the numbers by having ANYONE that even comes close to having this  "virus" or has some "respiratory problems" to be labeled as "suspected" as having this bullshit "COVID-19"....

Anyways... That bald headed ass clown that calls himself this province's "health minister" has just released the "official numbers" for this province, and I figure I would get right down to it and show everyone where Manitoba does indeed stand in terms of this 'pandemic'..  Here are those figures in alphabetic order here:

(a) 292 cases in all of Manitoba for the last 10+ weeks.... Up two since yesterday from 290

(b) Only one person left in all of the hospitals in Manitoba with "suspect COVID-19" and no patients at all in any intensive care wing in any hospital in Manitoba..

(c) 7 deaths, absolutely unchanged now in nearly 2 weeks....

(d) 267 patients have now "recovered" from this "disease", up 2 from yesterday's 265 number..

(e) 18 patients that are "active" with this "disease" or are "suspected" of having this disease...

Well, there are the "Official" figures put out by that idiot Health Minister... And now I will once again tear them apart to show how stupid and ludicrous this entire "pandemic" is all about..

(a) Yes, they got two more!!!! I will bet anything that they were able to get two people through that wide open testing that they have now allowed for ALL Manitobans, and I will also bet anything that these two new cases are 'suspect' at best and most probably just have bad cases of common cold or even Influenza.... But again, even with "292" total in 10+ , that figure is so ludicrously small and shows that there never ever was a pandemic here in Manitoba at all!  The facts are that THOUSANDS of people during the last 10+ weeks came down with other respiratory illnesses such as Influenza, the common cold, or even Pneumonia, and we do not classify those as "pandemics"!

(b) Ok, Lets stop this "Support our hard working health care workers" horse shit once and for all.. The hospitals are EMPTY and the health care workers are basically doing NOTHING except sitting around and collecting their pay.... The propaganda that they are so "stressed out" and "overworked" is so ludicrous that I am so surprised that even the most moronic in our province fall for it!

(c) Still only 7 deaths?  And during the last 10+ weeks more people have died from other causes including other respiratory problems and heart conditions.... Heck, when this fraud is finally over and exposed, the REAL deaths due to anxiety and even suicides will come out and those will be FAR greater than this fucking idiotic "7" number....  And do not get me started about how every one of these SEVEN all had other underlying health issues and each one actually died from THOSE issues...

(d) It is getting harder and harder for the Pallister criminal regime to continue to portray all this as a pandemic as the people that were suspected to have this "virus" are all now recovering.... I again must ask what the fuck the Pallister regime will do when this number soon reaches 285 and everyone is recovered???

(e) See (d)..  This number is only being propped up now by all of those new fraudulent "testings" that are wide open to the general public and anyone that shows ANY respiratory problems will be labeled as 'positive' for this horse shit 'virus'!    This is why only suckers and idiots should ever go to those "testing sites"!

Well, there you have it... The clock is now ticking on the Pallister regime and their fraud "pandemic"... The number of patients "active" is collapsing and once that reaches ZERO, then what will these criminals do????  Come up with some other excuse to continue this fraud???

The bottom line is this..There NEVER was a pandemic here to begin with, as the numbers clearly show this to be true... Brian Pallister will have a LOT of questions to answer for when this is over, especially how he fucking attempted to destroy this province's economy!  The right thing for this moron to do is to tell the truth that it was all a mistake, apologize and open this province back up fully and NOT with fucking "restrictions" and then resign and disappear....

And yes, I am still looking for this pandemic.... I looked in my closets and all I found were skeletons.. I checked under bridges and all I found were trolls.... Damn......Anyways, the search continues and I will let readers know if and when I will find this elusive "pandemic" thingy!

More to come


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