Thursday, May 21, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba COVID-19 Official Report For Thursday, May 21st, 2020 - Still Looking For This Pandemic, And Have Checked The Lost And Found!

Well, here I go again with my daily report on this fraud "pandemic" for my province in Canada, Manitoba... And from the looks of things, the criminals in charge are indeed running out of time for keeping this fraud going..

That bald headed ass clown that calls himself this province's "Health Minister" just released the "official COVID-19 report" for Manitoba, and as you will see by the  numbers, the fraud is indeed collapsing...

Here are those official numbers, and as usual I have them in alphabetic order:

(a) STILL only 290 cases for the nearly 11 weeks now of this fraud.... No new "cases" in over a week now..

(b) ONLY ONE "suspected" case left in all of the hospitals for all of Manitoba.  No change at all for the last three days..

(c) ONLY 7 (!!) deaths that have "officially" been stated to have been caused by this "virus".. NO change in this number in nearly two weeks now..

(d) 265 patients have now 'recovered', up from the 260 reported for yesterday...

(e) 18 "active cases" left for all of Manitoba, down 5 from yesterday's "23" cases...

OK, Now for my usual taking each figure presented above and ripping it to shreds to expose this entire fraud..

(a) I have to laugh, even though it is not funny, about this number.... In nearly 11 weeks since the fuckers started this entire "pandemic" for this province, they have had ONLY "290" reported cases?  And during that same time frame we have had THOUSANDS of other respiratory cases recorded!   I again cannot even figure out for the life of me how anyone with two brain cells to rub together cannot see that there NEVER WAS a 'pandemic' at all for this province!   It is truly amazing to see the power of the Jew spew media at work!

(b) This is so laughable... The fuckers continue to promote the bullshit lie that our 'health care workers" are somehow so 'overwhelmed' (!) by this COVID-19 bullshit where our hospitals are just  brimming with 'patients' and yet all we have here is ONE PERSON that may or may not have this "coronavirus" in all of our hospitals for all of Manitoba???  And for fuck sake, stop with the "support our health care heroes" bullshit, for they are NOT heroes by a long shot and are just sitting there doing nothing at all to get a pay check...

(c) Yes, only 7 "deaths by COVID-19" reported for the entire 11 weeks of this fraud!  I must reiterate that if this was a REAL pandemic, this number would be at least in the hundreds if not thousands for Manitoba alone... And do not get me started on the fact that EVERY ONE of this "7" number all had other health issues that most probably were the real causes of their deaths...

(d) I stated yesterday that this number should rapidly increase and I was right... This number will continue to rise to the point that by early next week, there will be 283 patients recovered and therefore the "plandemic" should be over, right?

(e) Along with (d) this number is now collapsing... And the better part of this '18' are still just suspect cases, and therefore the reality is that the number of those that 'may' have this disease is well below 10!... The Pallister regime is indeed running out of time for finding new patients for this scam....

Well, there you have it... Another fucking day of lock downs and still the fuckers in the Pallister regime continue to state that this "crisis" is not over yet?  Fuck that, Brian Pallister, the crisis was NEVER HERE to even begin with!

And just today, the Pallister regime announced "phase two" of their plans to reopen this province.. But again, that sick fucker continues to say that the openings will be "slow" and with ludicrous "restrictions".... Honestly, that idiot has to go, and real leadership has to come forward and say "The pandemic was never here.  I apologize to the people of Manitoba and all restrictions are now null and void".   That is what Manitoba really needs right now..

One other thing.. I continue my pursuit of this "pandemic" and have now gone to look in the "lost and found" and check to see if it is hiding in there.. But I found nothing other than a few old scarves, a couple of gloves, and a few other clothing items... And sadly, no pandemic.... I guess I will have to continue my search....

Is there a real pandemic?  I cannot for the life of me find one!

More to come


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Tribe of Dab said...

Commiefornia is having trouble with the lockdown.
Looks like a bunch of slave's went to work and their employers were all for it. Uh oh.
Cops were everywhere too , nobody cared though .
I'm telling you this thing is going to take a surprise twist.
Of course the politicians will smooth it all over like nothing happened.
I bet they will be like it never happened all thanks to them , cuz they love us all .....just don't question Vaccines or we might have to lock down again for your own protection of course.