Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 - So Where Exactly Is This Pandemic?

I am continuing with my daily analysis of the "official" Manitoba "COVID-19" reports that are put out on a daily basis.... I am still trying to reach the most stupid in our society to show them that these reports prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that there is not a pandemic at all and there never was one to begin with.....

Well, that bald headed ass clown that calls himself Manitoba's "Health Minister" just released today's "official report" and no shock to me that today's report looks like a regurgitation of yesterday's report!  So again, where exactly is this "pandemic" that they are screaming about???

Anyways, here are today's numbers, and I will present them here in alphabetic order as I usually do:

(a) 290 total victims over the last 10+ weeks for the entire province of Manitoba...

(b) ONE (!!) victim left in ALL of the hospitals in Manitoba.  None in intensive care!

(c) Seven (7) total deaths in all of the 10+ weeks of this "pandemic".  No change in this number in almost 2 weeks..

(d) 257 people now fully recovered from this "disease".

(e) 26 people that have this 'disease' but MOST are now suspect at best...

Now, is it just me?  Or do these figures look just like the ones from yesterday?  If you said "Yes" then you are right!  And again I have to ask where in the fuck is this "pandemic" thingy that these criminals are screaming about?

(a) 290 victims in almost 11 weeks of this "state of emergency" and lockdown of this province of 1.35 Million people.... I continue to do the mathematics, and I just do not get it?  You shut down an entire province over 290 people with most probably nothing more than head colds, Influenza, or at worse Pneumonia?  And you claim this is a pandemic?   WHY are the people of this province not even looking at this glaring figure of "290" staring them in their faces and not demanding Premier Brian Pallister's head for destroying this province???

(b) This is the biggest joke of all... ONE person in ALL of the hospitals across Manitoba that has been labeled as "suffering from COVID-19"  and yet we still have the constant propaganda bullshit across the brainwashing Jew spew media talking about our "heroes in the health care industry", when to me they should all be ashamed of themselves.. .It is no wonder with the hospitals being empty with near zero patients that there are layoffs in the health care industry happening right now in Manitoba!

(c) Honestly, how can anyone look at that number '7' and not get angry.... Every one of those SEVEN deaths all had "underlying issues" and did NOT die from this fraud "virus" at all.... And as I said before, hundreds of people have died over these last 10+ weeks alone from other health issues, diseases, and even auto accidents and shootings.... Pandemic my ass!!

(d) and (e) No changes here at all, and the number of patients still suffering are now recovering...  It is no wonder the Pallister regime opened up the fraud "testing" facilities to EVERYONE just to try to pump up the numbers in (a) and (e) listed above... The pandemic fear is unfounded and blowing up in their faces...

Well, there you have it... NO changes at all in the numbers game put out by these criminals.... I will state it clearly that these bastards are running out of time in their criminal efforts to continue to push this fraud pandemic on Manitobans... The bottom line is still the same however, as they are failing miserably in the process..

So WHERE exactly is this "pandemic"?  Not here in Manitoba, and the evidence by just the numbers alone show that it NEVER WAS HERE to begin with!!!   Wake up, Manitoba, and lets put an end to this fraud immediately and put this province back to work NOW!

More to come



Tribe of Dab said...

Well you know .
didn't you see it on TV?
Everyone knows about it.
Where have you been for 3 months it's all over the news.
The TV told me so.
Now I wanna point something out for Men and Women who give a damn.
1. The US through its media has been doing more and more "posturing". You all have seen it or heard about it all...
Gonna have contact tracers , gonna have military enforcement , gonna keep the lock down going ,gonna arrest people for no mask etc.
Then they show some contrived horseshit about arrests are happening , how offenders had to go all the way to some dog and pony state Supreme Court and on and on all over the , wait for it ,TV.
Look at the actions of drumpf ,and the governers , and what they are saying and doing .
Notice that there is a line that they won't cross. If all their threats held water , we all would be vaccinated by now. Drumpf even backtracked on his threats when he said (paraphrase) that not everyone will want to get a vaccine ,and not everyone will get one.
They need Voluntary Compliance at all times , always have. Now in order to get the voluntary compliance they will of course pull the money supply , threaten your pension , confiscate your car ,etc for other infractions other than not getting vaccinated.
Racketeering is their game , and posturing is 99% of it.
Call their Bluff and say , no thanks ,I'm good.

AL said...

Hey Canadians there's a silver lining to this BS . A national protest rally is being organized for July 1 . This being spearheaded by #Whatsupcanada . Check it out.