Sunday, May 17, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Sunday, May 17th, 2020

It is now Sunday, and apparently the so called 'Health Minister', his criminal minions, and as usual all of the "hard working health care workers" (a bit of sarcasm here..) have ALL taken today off!

And rightfully so, for this fraud "pandemic" or as I should properly call it... The fraud "Planned-demic" has also taken a holiday and there are ZERO new cases and ZERO changes in the last 24 hours from yesterday's report in ALL of the figures given.... So rather than regurgitate those numbers, lets cut right to the chase and rip this fraud to shreds....

We still have a  "huge and ominous" grand total of 289 total patients that these bastards are claiming as suffering from this 'COVID-19' supposedly 'deadly virus' for the last 10 weeks since that ugly bald headed Health Minister called for a total shut down of this province.... That 289 number has NOT grown in a full week now, which should tell anyone with even two brain cells to rub together that there is NO pandemic and in fact there never was!!

Two people still in ALL of the hospitals in Manitoba that are claimed to be fighting this disease.  And the Jew spew media is still putting up propaganda commercial after commercial on the idiot box talking about how 'stressed and overworked' our health care workers are right now from having to deal with this disease????  Now, is it just me, or are we seriously being fucking lied to here????

Yes, the number of people who supposedly "died" from this disease is stuck for nearly two weeks now at a grand total of SEVEN.... Yes, SEVEN!  AND I do want people to think about this... There have been more people dying from injuries such as falling over these last 10 fucking weeks than from this fraud 'COVID-19' bullshit!  And do not get me started about the number of those who have died from REAL DISEASES such as Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Heart Failure, Strokes, and what the heck right; Influenza!! over that same 10 week period.   But you do not see anyone stupid enough to shut down an entire province over lets say.. Heart Failure... right????  I do hope that readers get the point here that this 'disease' that this entire 'planned-demic' is based upon rarely kills if it actually causes death at all!

Manitoba now has 257 cases that have recovered from their bouts of pneumonia, influenza, and the common cold over these last 10 weeks.... Now wait a minute?  Do I have it wrong??? This is about the 'Coronavirus' right?  Oh yeah, THAT coronavirus that they still have NOT even isolated or have any real proof yet that it even exists!  Yes, we are inundated with programs over the idiot box showing that animated picture of that nice little grey ball with red spikes, but in actuality that is only a caricature and estimate of what this 'virus' MAY look like!   And we couple all that with the 'tests' that I and others have already shown to be bullshit and frauds (Gee, thank the President of Tanzania once again for showing the  tests to be absolutely invalid) and you have a lot if not ALL of those who are claimed to be "positive for COVID-19" to be fraudulent.... Therefore those who were diagnosed and said to be "positive" were in all actuality NOT and were suffering from other respiratory illnesses.  Therefore when I claim that they actually recovered from OTHER illnesses than this 'COVID-19' bullshit, THAT is in all likelihood absolutely accurate.

The ass clowns in charge are still out there saying we have 25 active cases of this fraud disease.  As I said in the last paragraph, this is so much bullshit, as the vast majority of this '25' ARE most probably suffering from other respiratory illnesses.  But lets give these ass clowns in the Manitoba government the "benefit of the doubt" and say that this '25' is accurate... That means that you still have an entire province of 1.35 MILLION people suffocating over 25 of us with this supposed virus?   OK, how does that "25" even compare to the hundreds if not thousands who presently have Influenza RIGHT NOW????  Honestly, wake the fuck up Manitoba, and lets go after these sickening fuckers in the Manitoba government for killing our economy over 25 sick people!

I honestly have had it with the ignorance of people out there... The sheep are indeed nothing but mutton heads who are blindly accepting the word of CRIMINALS as the truth and cannot open their fucking eyes to what is clearly reality... And those miserable pricks in charge have had the gall to claim that the 'worse is not over' (!) in regards to this fraud pandemic and want to have us all locked down like morons for another 30 days at least?    I say that enough is enough and Pallister must go now to bring in someone with BRAINS.... Manitoba is right now on life support in regards to its crippled economy and its about time people took action to change that immediately.

More to come



Unknown said...

Your last Paragraph certainly describes many Americans.Anyone not wearing amask out in public is under suspicion of the masked ones as a killer carrying a load of Covid19.And I have also found out from conversations with anyone behind the mask how angry that I am not wearing one.Rest assured there are rats and snitches out there that are taking pictures and making calls to try and turn anyone in to local authorities.Chickenshit cowards best describes them.

Number-Cruncher Man said...

Another day, another set of outrages. I did a search for "the psychology of disregarding social distancing", and here is what appeared near the top of the first page:

Title: "Ignoring COVID-19 distancing means you might be a narcissist"

That's right, if you don't behave yourself as your betters tell you that you ought, you are likely suffering from narcissistic personality disorder! Yes, you, prole, are mentally ill! Callous to the needs and concerns of others, emotionally immature, the whole nine yards! It's the same trick the Soviets used: define what constitutes "deviant" behavior, then pathologize those who don't conform.