Thursday, May 14, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Thursday, May 14th, 2020

Well... Manitoba has definitely 'flattened' the so called "COVID-19 curve" and the "pandemic" has now fully passed this province entirely... The numbers of active cases are dwindling rapidly and the ass clowns in the Pallister regime are desperately now trying anything to artificially inflate the number of cases to keep this fraud alive for a "bit longer"......

But before I get on to how the criminals in the Pallister regime have gone into their "bag of tricks" to try to pump up their bullshit pandemic numbers, I do want to take a close look at today's "COVID-19 pandemic" report for Manitoba... As usual, I will lay out each part here in alphabetic order, and then subsequently rip each part to shreds:

(a) 289 total "cases" in total for ALL of the 10 weeks of this pandemic.. A decrease (!) of one from yesterday's '290" number..

(b) 4 'victims' in ALL of Manitoba's hospitals... With 1 still sitting in "intensive care"... No change in over a week in this number..

(c) Number of "deaths from COVID-19" is still locked in at "7" for the entire 10 week period of this "pandemic"....

(d) 252 patients have now "recovered", an increase of "1" from yesterday's 251 total...

(e) 30 "active" cases for ALL of Manitoba, a decrease of "2" from yesterday's 32 figure...

OK, Now to tear this fraud apart once again....

(a) OK, how in the fuck have the "health officials" got this number so convoluted all the time and continue to try to desperately have it rise only to see the number now definitely flattening out?  And "289" IS THE TOTAL for the entire last 10 weeks time for this entire province of 1.35 Million... Honestly, is it just me? Or does everyone else also see how ludicrous it has become for these fraud health care "officials" to still have the nerve to call this a "pandemic" for Manitoba, when it absolutely was NEVER a pandemic at all!

(b) I continue to just howl at this number, and yet we have the Jew spew media continuing to hammer the fraud that the health care industry needs our support as they are "overwhelmed"(!) with bullshit COVID-19 patients!!!!  I have no trouble in supporting our health care for this province, but not for them standing around and doing nothing during this fraud pandemic!

(c) Another laugher.... Only 7 deaths in TOTAL for all of the last 10 weeks.. Heck, more people have died from either auto accidents, injuries in their work place, or even by being shot, than this ludicrous "7" number.... And during the last 7 weeks, I will bet anything that the total number that have died due to Pneumonia or other respiratory illnesses is FAR FAR greater than this "7"!

(d) The criminals in the health regime for this province are still trying to keep this number of "recovered" down as long as possible, but they can no longer control this rise in "recovered" patients... And I would bet again that the majority of these "recovered" did NOT even contract this "virus" at all!!

(e) The real laugher.. For this "30" does not even take into account that there are at least a DOZEN cases here that are only "suspect" and may not even have this supposed "virus" at all.... And 30 people in a province of 1.35 Million, and Pallister continues to have this province's economy go to hell????  This is beyond ludicrous..

Well, there you have it.. NO pandemic at all for this province, for the numbers simply tell everyone otherwise...

And Brian Pallister as Premier is stuck now and is desperate to come up with a way to pump up the numbers and obey his 'masters' to keep this province locked down as long as possible... And therefore the criminals came up with a diabolical solution that I will explain here...

Yesterday, the Pallister regime put out a news report that they would OPEN all of the deserted "COVID-19 testing facilities" right across this province to ANYONE that wants to be tested and states that the people going to be tested no longer need a 'doctor's referral'!  This is truly diabolical, for now the criminals in charge of this fiasco are going to take those new suckers aka "patients" that mostly will have nothing more than the common cold or even minor bouts of asthma or Influenza and classify them as 'testing positive for COVID-19"!  

I can guarantee thanks to this latest scam of opening up all testing to gullible and stupid people that are so ignorantly willing to go to those fraud "testing sites" that they will shortly have an "upswing" in terms of the number of COVID-19 "patients" and that "289" number will rise up once again to well over "300" by early next week...

Honestly, that heinous Health Minister and even Brian Pallister have to go and be booted out of the Manitoba Government for lying about this pandemic and now looking for any excuses to continue to destroy this province's economy!   Manitoba deserves so much better and we are not getting that from these fucking assholes!

More to come



John said...

When I looked at the infection rates for Manitoba they were coming in at 0.02%. This is very much in line with the infection rates of the entire US of 0.03%.

At those rates, your chances of getting hit by lightening are significantly higher. I use these stats whenever the subject of the need for all these precautions comes up.

For additional validity, I make a point of saying that the infection number I use is the most recent one available from a web page on the Johns Hopkins university website that they update several times a week. So far, everyone has heard of Johns Hopkins but I also have yet to have the conversation with a person of color. And I probably won't.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

Similar applies to Poland:

"The total number of deaths since the beginning of the year has also been low. Since January 1, around 139,000 people in Poland have died. In previous years, the figure at the same point was 145,100 (2019), 151,300 (2018), 148,000 (2017) and 143,600 (2015). Only in 2016 (135,800) was it lower."


This is a pre-planned reset of world finance and politics.

Viruses are not contagious and there is no test for the imaginary COV-ID 109 (Hoax virus).

Note how the MSM constantly switches between using the name " Coronavirus" (CV)and COVID-19 (CV).
C= 3
V= 22


Tribe of Dab said...

Adrian , I was just wondering what those numbers were. Thanks .
Over in the US Corporation they are really looking hard for any dead bodies hiding under rocks , in cemeteries , dogs , and cats to stamp Covid19 on to get the numbers artificially inflated up to the normal death rate to this point.They are way behind. They forget (really they are just plain stupid) that every time they pull the ole Switcharooo , the numbers lower for other causes.
I'm telling you guys that they are not all powerful , all seeing , or any other kind of omnipotent.
They are jackasses , every one of them.