Monday, May 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Monday, May 11th, 2020

I honestly KNEW that the pricks involved with this entire pandemic bullshit would do anything here in Manitoba just to create the false impression that this "pandemic" is real... And I was right as that reflects in the latest numbers from today's "official" report put out by that ass clown "health minister" just about an hour ago..

Here in fact are the figures for Manitoba for today, May 11th, 2020:

(a) 289 cases overall since this pandemic started at the beginning of March of this year.

(b) No changes in the numbers in the hospitals, with 4 active cases and one of the four in "intensive care">

(c) No change in the number of deaths "from COVID-19"  and that is steady at 7 in total.

(d) 35 "active" cases, an increase of 2 from Sunday's number of "33"

(e) Number of "recovered" cases is still at 247, and no change from Sunday.

Now, I have looked that these figures and I see some glaring inconsistencies... I will tear each one of these apart right here:

(a) 289 cases in now nearly 10 full weeks overall?   I honestly would LOVE to have these pricks put up the number of Influenza, Common Cold, Pneumonia, and other REAL respiratory illnesses as a comparison to this number just for the last 9 weeks, for I can guarantee those are FAR FAR greater than this "289" number...

(b) We have a general but very small increase in the total number of "patients" suffering from this fraud COVID-19 "virus" and yet the number in the hospitals is rapidly DWINDLING???  Now, is it just me, or does this not seem very strange???  And I am still seeing ALL of the hospitals here in Manitoba basically empty of ALL patients, and not just this COVID-19 bullshit!   AND the propaganda continues non-stop over the Jew spew media screaming about how "overworked" our health care officials and nurses are when in reality they are doing diddly-squat!

(c) No change in the total number of deaths since the beginning of March from this fraud virus, and that number is absymally low at only 7!  You shut down an entire province and lock up people over SEVEN deaths over a nearly 10 week span, Brian Pallister???   And again as I stated before, this "7" number pales in comparison to those who have died from SUICIDES or other mental issues just in the last 9 weeks alone!  I find this aspect most troubling of all...

(d) Number of active cases has "increased" by 2 and its more obvious "booga booga" as there are probably a few more "suspect" cases, raising the number of "suspected cases" to probably at least 1/2 of this "35" number.... And considering how invalid the "tests" are, this number is basically anyone's guess when most of these cases are obviously NOT suffering from this "virus" at all!

(e) I found this one most troubling for the fact that the number of "recovered" cases should be changing on a daily basis since those under "quarantine" after 14 days are supposed to be automatically released from their imprisonment... I would not doubt that they are holding back on the number of "recovered" cases purposely just to keep the other numbers 'fudged' and to create the false impression that there is still a "pandemic" out there...

And again... I am especially troubled for the fact that the criminals in the Pallister regime have locked up a province of 1.35 Million people over a "virus" that is far far weaker and less lethal than even the seasonal Influenza outbreak.... Even "289" cases since the beginning of March is such a bad joke, for the fact that thousands are suffering from other respiratory problems during this same time frame and those other problems are not even posted as comparison!

The bottom line is this... This entire pandemic has long disappeared in Manitoba and evidence shows that it was probably not here at all to begin with!  Locking down people over a fraud pandemic is so criminal, and when this is all over and people sit down and rationalize the numbers, there should be hell to pay and Brian Pallister and his cronies should be forced to resign for basically destroying this province's economy..

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Are you sure of this stat?

If this is true then government lying and power grabbing here is just insane and grossly criminal.

What the hell....