Sunday, May 10, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Sunday, May 10th, 2020

Well, it is the 10th of May, and I do want to give my daily report on the bullshit pandemic for right here in my province of Manitoba...

However, I was alerted earlier that there would be NO "official update" coming from that lying sack of shit who calls himself Manitoba's "health minister" for today!  Apparently the live at the podium report for today was 'canceled'!

Anyways, I still want to tear the stated official numbers for Manitoba for today apart, so here is the latest status of this 'pandemic' from official "sources" and I will again list them in alphabetic order here:

(a) 3 "new cases" of this "Coronavirus" thus raising the total to "287" since this "pandemic" started back at the beginning of March.

(b) 4 people still in hospital, with 1 moved into  "intensive care'  today.

(c) Number of dead still at 7, unchanged now for a week..

(d) Number of 'recovered" steady at "247" and supposedly unchanged from yesterday.

(e) "active" cases now risen to "33".

OK, now to rip each part of this 'report' to shreds...

(a) I honestly want to question those '3 new cases' and their entire validity of course since the tests have been proven to be fraudulent.  The proof that the tests are frauds came late last week in Tanzania where the government sent in a wide variety of materials, including tissue swabs from goats, sheep, fruit, and even motor oil, and the majority of those materials came back testing "positive" for "COVID-19"!..... I will state here that I suspect that the criminals in charge here in Manitoba have indeed grown desperate and are now searching for ANYTHING to increase the 'number of cases' of this entire fraud and I suspect that these '3 new cases' are actually negative for this fraud virus!  A few  cases of either Influenza, or the common cold, I suspect.

(b) I did notice how they had to reluctantly admit that there are ONLY 4 people in ALL OF THE HOSPITALS across Manitoba with this bullshit 'virus'.... And they of course had to move one over to "intensive care" to also continue with the bullshit as well.... Again, it is no wonder our hospitals here are ghost towns and health care workers are being laid off!

(c) NO change in the number of deaths should be telling Manitobans that this "pandemic" is indeed a fraud as there are absolutely NOT nearly as many that have 'died from Coronavirus" as the criminals had hoped for Manitoba alone.  In fact, I would bet EVERYTHING that the number of deaths in Manitoba from SUICIDES from being locked up and put into states of fear and anxiety over these last few months is far greater than this reported number of "7"!  But of course the bastards will not talk about that type of harm that they are actually doing to people in this province, right?

(d) The criminals in charge will definitely want to keep this number down as long as possible, for they need to keep the number of cases and victims inflated just to try to push the propaganda that this is still a 'pandemic' for as long as possible.... I will bet that this number will once again increase this coming week, however, as the number of recovered will continue to outstrip the fraud number of "new cases".....

(e)  And they cannot keep this number this high much longer.... Even with the 2 week bullshit "incubation period" this number has to fall... That and the fact that the majority of this '33' are 'suspect' should tell everyone that Manitoba is way past this period of fear, and that we not only 'flattened the curve" but actually crushed it a long time ago!

Well, there you go.... Every one of those figures put out by criminal 'health professionals' are to me sheer and utter bullshit.... You can NOT justify shutting down an entire province of 1.35 Million people over a laughable 'pandemic' that has affected supposedly '287' people, when the seasonal Influenza, and even the common cold, or even Pneumonia affects FAR GREATER NUMBERS.

I again have a message to Brian Pallister and his cronies... Enough is enough, and finally accept your defeat in trying to  push this  pandemic scam on the people of Manitoba... Either admit you are and always were wrong and open this province up, or we the people may take this matter into our own hands (which we should be doing right now) to force your government to back down and open things up to back to normal ourselves!

I may not be a revolutionary and honestly I do not like the concept of violence... But Manitobans are sick and tired of living their lives like prisoners, and we must take action in defiance and get out there and show civil disobedience and attend protests now... The criminals in charge must not get away with destroying this province!

More to come



Unknown said...

SC clowns are no different from Canadian clowns.
I have learned such from following your blogs.
Little wonder they have "accepted Christ" as
their "personal savior."

Yup. That has been the official line for quite
some time now. It is truly amazing how easily
led they are. Unfortunately for us, the Jews
learned about this ages ago.

Cloud said...

Sharing this for your readers from RickB @ ww3zionism (before it gets taken down)

from Amazing Polly

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