Thursday, May 21, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Important Video By Amazing Polly - Yes! African Leaders Stand Up! Tanzania And Madagascar

I am continuing to present some amazing videos that have been sent my way over the last few days concerning this pandemic fraud.... One of them has been that "Alan Dershowitz" video where that scumbag has blatantly stated that we have no "constitutional rights" to NOT take any vaccines or to stop being locked up like sheep.  I honestly could never stand that fucker Dershowitz who I have seen as nothing more than a scumbag Jewish prick that would sell out America in a heartbeat, and therefore I will not waste this blog in putting up his garbage or talking about his criminal musings.. However, if anyone wants to watch that video that has not seen it before, here is the link here:

OK, Now onto a video that really matters...  I caught the newest video by Paulina St George aka "Amazing Polly" last night and it covered the recent news about how two African nations, both Tanzania and Madagascar, have been front and center in exposing this entire pandemic fraud.... Here in fact is that video, entitled: "Yes! African Leaders Stand Up! Tanzania And Madagascar" for everyone to see right here for themselves... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Another great video by Amazing Polly....

I have already covered the Tanzanian President coming out and showing how the "tests" for this fraud "virus" are absolutely nothing but pure garbage... That alone should have already blown this entire scam to pieces, but as Polly shows the scumbags in the Jew spew media were quick to attack the MESSENGER rather than the message.. That action by the liars in our media is typical as they have NOTHING to attack the message itself!

And I became aware just over the last few days of the facts presented by the Madagascar President about how his herbal remedy concoction does indeed fight this Coronavirus... I would bet dollars to donuts that the brew that Madagascar has been using on their "Coronavirus" patients contains offshoots of the same chemicals that we see in Hydroxychloroquine that does indeed destroy Coronaviruses!  It is no wonder the fuckers in the WHO want that information to not get out for once again natural remedies do destroy these "viruses" and therefore are against the WHO plans for all of us to be "vaccinated"!

I do hope that readers take Polly's video and make copies, for the criminals behind Youtube will most probably  have it taken down shortly for "violating their standards".... But I will be anything that they will keep the Dershowitz garbage up for it does promote their sick and evil agenda..

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phyllis66 said...

As usual, all of the "controlled media" propaganda pushers are working for the Bolshevik bosses of this world domination agenda. The world has become delusional from watching and listening to the controlled media. This virus is a complete hoax. They developed a perfect plan to have the people "BELIEVE" there is a danger. All they had to do was create the Fear Factor and the rest took off like a rocket. The sheep of this world, hypnotized by the television lies coming across their screens were happy to stay in fear without once using their brains that have long since petrified from non use. Meanwhile the interconnected businesses of the communist creators of this enormous hoax will rake in multi-billions of dollars from the PPE and hospitals and nursing homes and every other imaginable business until the real prize hits, the vaccines! Trillions will be in their pockets and people will die, making their next go round of money to be made from BODY BAGS!