Monday, May 18, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Important Video - One On One With Doctor Judy Mikovits, Truth About Her Arrest And The One Issue Media Can Not Debunk!

I have put up some videos over the last two months that focus on Doctor Judy Mikovits and her seemingly unending war against the criminals behind the American CDC and WHO.... Judy has been in a battle now for years against these monsters and has been a valuable ally in exposing the truth about this entire pandemic fraud..

I have received over the last while a lot of 'hate comments' coming from several "Unknown" authors who have tried to blast me for supporting Doctor Judy Mikovits' work.... I can always tell when those ass clowns make their appearance, for their comments are so laughable and absolutely NOT based on any facts at all....

Meanwhile, I was sent an email earlier for myself to look at a video that came out 3 days ago, where Youtube user and host Ben Swann did an amazing interview with Judy Mikovits to discuss the facts behind her 'arrest' from almost a decade ago as well as to show that everything that the Jew spew media and even that criminal site called "Wikipedia" are saying about her is absolutely false....  I do want to share that video right here for my own readers to see for themselves, and as usual I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have indeed noticed how much the Jew spew media and even the liars in the alternative media have been going all out in attacking Judy Mikovits....And the reality is that they have NO choice for what Judy is saying about the criminals in the CDC, the WHO, and especially about that sinister Tony Fauci and Bill Gates of course is absolutely the truth....

Basically, this has turned into a fight online now as the criminals are trying to inundate sites such as Wikipedia with constant lies to try to sway opinion away from what Judy is stating.... And sadly there will be some fools out there that will fall for this trap and believe those lies...

And Judy is absolutely right about Big Pharma and how so many 'doctors' out there have sold their souls to the devil just for profit and "prestige"....  It is no wonder our medical profession is such a mess and how doctors these days cannot make a decent living unless they agree with Big Pharma and push their poisons on all of us...

I will continue to bring forward any videos or important information about Judy Mikovits in more articles to follow.... Her work in exposing this entire pandemic fraud is priceless and hopefully more and more people are now listening!

More to come


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Tribe of Dab said...

Two folks that I know have turned the corner on this Covid crap.

One even directed me to the Judy Mikovits video .
They are pissed too.
There is a major difference between this Scam and 911 . This time the people are on to it.a lot of people.
this scam is backfiring on them.