Saturday, May 23, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: I Was Saying That The Suicide Numbers Would Be Horrible Due To This Pandemic Bullshit, And I Was Right!

Constant readers to this blog are well aware that I have been looking for some information about the number of suicides that people have committed due to the FEAR generated by the Jew spew media and our evil governments in regards to this fraud pandemic.... I have stated in several previous articles that I was worried that the numbers would be a REAL pandemic and would probably be even greater than the true number of "victims" from this fraud virus....

Well, thanks to the investigative work done by my astute colleague, Greencrow, out of British Columbia, I am able to report that both her and I are right about the number of suicides EXPLODING in numbers due to the propaganda of fear and anxiety generated by this fraudulent pandemic.. For according to the following article that comes from Tyler Durden through the "Zero Hedge" website, at, apparently a trauma doctor is now reporting that the number of "post lockdown" suicide numbers have indeed exploded!   Here in fact is the link to that troubling article for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


The evidence presented by here is so overwhelmingly bad, and shows that the fuckers in our governments and especially the fuckers in the gawd damn Jew spew media are definitely to blame for this real 'epidemic' of suicides that are only now being talked about.....

And NO surprise to me, for most people did indeed swallow the pandemic bullshit and thanks to the sheer idiocy of being locked away in isolation in their homes coupled with the fear of an uncertain future, I would say that the reported "75000 deaths due to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and even suicides" is actually a fraction of what is really taking place right now!

I also want to present the link to Greencrow's own article about this travesty here, for she also has some important thoughts about this travesty:

If there ever was a reason for everyone to get ANGRY and to finally take action against the criminals that have fucked us up thanks to this pandemic fraud, this is it....

Stop sitting in fear and isolation and GET OUT THERE NOW and get people woken up now... This fraud pandemic is now REALLY KILLING PEOPLE through suicides and anxiety, and we must stop this madness NOW!!!

More to come


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