Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Fabulous Video By Amazing Polly Further Exposes The Criminality Behind This Fraud Pandemic - BOOM! Guess Who Is Calling The Shots On Human Experimentation?

I am continuing my attacks on this fraud pandemic, as I absolutely do want every single gawd damn criminal behind this entire fraud exposed so that everyone will know them all by name and when the time comes to have them all face charges for their crimes against humanity, they will not be able to escape justice!

And in doing so, I once again want to turn to a brand new video that was just released earlier today by a fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Amazing Polly, who hails from southern Ontario and has been hard at work exposing in some amazing videos the links between all of the criminals involved in this horrific fraud pandemic and scam against all humanity.... Her latest is entitled: "BOOM! Guess Who Is Calling The Shots On Human Experimentation?" and I have it right here, with of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Is it so amazing that the more you dig deeper into this fraud scam-demic, the more you discover a massive network of criminals that are ALL INTERLINKED!!  And every single one of these evil pricks and scumbags all have their own agendas as well as their ultimate links to the master psychotic criminal behind this entire scam, Bill Gates himself!

I too was shocked to find out that this most evil woman, Christine Grady, who apparently has NO ethics is indeed married to none other than that evil SOB that has been destroying America, Anthony Fauci..... But it makes sense, for this evil and twisted tribe of psychopaths are all in it for the money and the power and of course are all linked both as friends, colleagues,and even married partners!

It is so sickening that people are still out there that simply do not get it... They have had their minds destroyed by the propaganda and will BLINDLY be the idiots that will line up like dumb ass sheep and take the horrific 'vaccines' when these monsters have them ready for "human trials".....

Amazing Polly has done fabulous work, and I will continue to present her videos here for all to see... And of course I can see the time that the fuckers at Youtube will have this and other of her videos removed due to the fraud of "violations against their standards".... Hopefully this and other videos that expose these fucking criminals will be put over on Bitchute so that more people will be able to access them to see the real truths...

More to come


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