Friday, May 8, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Fabulous New Video Shows Proof That The Tests Being Used For COVID-19 Are Indeed Complete And Utter Bullshit!

Well, another day.. And more of the same... Taking shots at this fraud pandemic in the hope that more and more people are FINALLY getting the message that it is a complete fraud and nothing more than "fear porn" to scare the most gullible people out there into the false belief that they must OBEY ludicrous "rules" such as "social distancing" (welcome to the upcoming surveillance system, you morons!) and of course wearing ridiculous face masks that will only DAMAGE THEIR OWN HEALTH! (How do you like breathing in your own germs that your body is naturally trying to eject, you idiots?)....  AND we cannot forget the ultimate goal of the criminals behind this fraud pandemic, which is to indeed have their poisonous and deadly "vaccines" injected into our bodies.....  Honestly, after nearly 10 weeks of trying to knock some sense into people, I have come to the sad conclusion that the majority are BEYOND HOPE and the dumbest people imaginable...

Two days ago, I put out an article at this blog that showed a most interesting report from Jim Stone's blog at That article showed that the TESTS for this "COVID-19 virus" were absolutely pure garbage, as the Tanzanian President provided "health care officials" with "samples" from a wide variety of different objects, including swabs from goats, sheep, fruit, and even motor oil... And guess what?  The majority of those materials sent in actually 'TESTED POSITIVE" for "COVID-19"...... Since that time of that report, I have had a few ask for "further verification" of that information as some said that the article from Jim Stone was a "fraud and hoax"....

Well, I want to blow those naysayers who claimed that Jim Stone's article was fraudulent right out of the water right here and right now... For I want to present a video that shows the President of Tanzania himself at the podium and explaining in full detail about how the Tanzanian government did indeed send in those materials for "COVID-19 testing" and many of those materials did indeed "test positive" for that "virus"!  Here is that video, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have been doing this blog for 12 years now, and I absolutely VERY RARELY presented any material here that is not verifiable and factual..... I can understand that there are some who will deny anything and claim that I and others are posting lies and falsehoods, but with this proof  we can safely say that those naysayers are absolutely wrong with this one..

So, there you have it... Tanzania has now shown that the "tests" for this 'Virus" are absolutely ludicrous and laughably ridiculous... It also verifies what I have stated for the last two months that a LOT of the so called "tests" are indeed coming back with "false positives" and therefore the MAJORITY of those who have been "tested" are most probably not infected with this "coronavirus" at all...

I again only want to provide facts and evidence in my articles to show everyone the truth about what we really dealing with here.... Panic and anxiety are indeed the weapons of choice being used by the criminals who have an agenda of evil as their ultimate goal for everyone, and I and others in the real truth movement will not stand by and watch peoples' lives destroyed...

More to come



Unknown said...

I have had enough of it as well! I have already
commented about the uproar SC Negroes are in over
this "pandemic." Beginning to look like our own
Caucasian people are following them over the edge.
They have no excuse. They should have the IQ to
know better!

Sunil said...

You have great info always and a clean conscience. Thanks