Monday, May 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Even Further Alarming Evidence That They Are Absolutely Killing People Just To Drive Up Their Fraud Coronavirus "Victim Numbers"!

I do not subscribe to "Twitter" at all... I look upon Twitter and Facebook as personal data gathering spy programs and will never allow criminals to get any personal information about myself via those "social networks"...

However that said, there are a LOT of people using both of those social media platforms and many 'users' are using them intelligently to get the REAL TRUTHS about this fraud "pandemic" out for others to see...

And in fact, I was sent the following "Twitter feed" link earlier today, with that sender saying that I should put this one up on an article to show definitive proof once again that the pricks behind this entire "pandemic scam" are indeed fudging their numbers by basically having people in hospitals suffering from OTHER illnesses other than this "COVID-10" put to death just to drive up their bullshit "coronavirus" numbers!!

Here is the snapshot of that "Twitter feed" sent my way earlier today for everyone to see for themselves.. I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

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 (We are being MUTED)
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Doctors told family members that there beloved had died from Covid19. The family didn't believe them, so they stormed the hospital morgue to find her still breathing inside the body bag. This is what's really going on....
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5:49 PM · May 10, 2020Twitter Web App

NTS Notes: Honestly, nothing about this fraud pandemic shocks me any more!

I always knew that the criminals in charge of this scam would do ANYTHING just to get their "numbers" required to scare people into the false belief that this is somehow a "real" pandemic....

Basically, this entire "pandemic" from the very beginning was a DUD.... If there really was a "killer virus" as these bastards claimed from the beginning, then it absolutely did not do the "damage" that they had hoped.. But again, thanks to their "Event 201" and other drills in preparation for this "pandemic" they were ready to go and after their trial run, they decided to go for broke and lock down the whole world claiming that this pandemic was REAL...

Now readers can see the proof that they are indeed killing innocent people and trying to claim those deaths from "COVID-19".... And honestly I am not surprised at all, for these sickos truly are this evil and would resort to this type of action in a heartbeat...

And one last note... I honestly do not give a FUCK that both Facebook and Twitter have "shadow banned" me and therefore have disallowed links through those bullshit "social networks" to this blog... I had expected such action years back and have always said that if people do want the real truths just look at those sites that these criminal enterprises purposely block!

More to come



AL said...

Great work NTS , without order takers we would never have heard of Hitler , Mao Zedong , Mussolini, or Stalin .

John said...

Thanks for the heads up about Twitter. I came very close to setting up an account earlier today for the sole purpose of ripping into illegal aliens that were gushing about a Colorado University giving all their illegal students $1500 since they weren't getting any recovery money.

Cloud said...


Read this...welfare state being proposed. Reminding anyone that it's bribe money to take away rights. Also just where does all this money come from with many out of work and businesses gone from this PLANdemic. My guess...SS
Meanwhile, Andrew Yang’s Super PAC Is Expanding Its ‘Case Study’ Of Monthly Payments.

["His opponent in the primary, Ed Markey, has partnered with Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Their legislation, if enacted, would provide $2,000 per month for each person, regardless of age, immigration status, or income level."]

Can we say 'open the gates...more'?
Can we say 'inflation'?

I've already seen prices hiked double in grocery stores because of the last dole out...even on Ebay.

Catti said...

I jettisoned both Farcebook and Twatter because both are echo chambers for brainwashed sheeple to confirm their programmed biases. That's also why all of the mainstream "news" media uses Facebook's plugin to manage their comment sections. Both Farcebook and Twatter are full of paid trolls whose job it is to silence dissent and ensure conformity with approved opinions. Sadly, there are far too many worthy groups and organizations wasting their time on Farcebook trying to impart sense into the brainwashed, mostly because they fear not having access to a large enough audience. Little do they know their chosen audience is too far gone to accept anything that doesn't come from corrupt politicians and fake "health experts". I'm on the Fediverse now, it's relatively uncensored and a great place to share information with the open minded from all over the world. In fact that's where I found out about your blog, from a Fediverse user on Freespeechextremist.