Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Doctor Andrew Kaufman Full Interview With Brian Rose At London Real - Blowing This Fraud To Hell!

I am finally getting over this bout of sinusitis that has hit me hard over the last few days.... I had hoped that this would be the year that I would not come down with that infection, but thanks to the horrible weather we have had over the last while here in central Canada especially with the "unusual" cold weather (Gosh darn that Global Warming thingy!!) I started to have swollen sinuses on Sunday and it flared up badly on Monday..

And there was no fucking way in hell that I was going to see any doctor about this sinus attack... I can guarantee that those bastards would have probably had me tested for their bullshit "COVID-19" and knowing how badly the tests are flawed, those same bastards would have probably said that I "tested positive" for that bullshit disease!  So fuck them all and I just laid up for the last few days and fought this thing off using natural methods and lots of rest...

OK, onto the subject for today... I was sent the link to a fabulous interview that was recently conducted between Brian Rose, the host of the "London Real" podcast that had previously had that astounding interview with David Icke, and Doctor Andrew Kaufman.... This interview that I have right here in its entirely (as long as Youtube does not "censor" it again!) blows the entire COVID-19 "pandemic" to hell and exposes a lot of most interesting facts about this scam and about who is behind it all... .Here is that video interview, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I am so glad that Brian Rose has been bringing in some fabulous guests to his show... And it does explain why the pricks out there behind Youtube and other networks have been not only censoring the London Real, but had actually attempted recently to have it shut down completely!

Almost EVERYTHING that Doctor Andrew Kaufman talks about in this interview I have already covered in great detail over the last few months... I just find it so fabulous that many doctors and experts are coming out and working with all of us to expose this fraud!

I do hope that this video survives... And if the fuckers in Youtube do "remove" it for their ludicrous "violation of standards" bullshit, I will repost this article with the Bitchute link enclosed... The truth must be told and to hell with the fucking censorship...

More to come


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