Friday, May 22, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Canadian Doctor Talks About How This Coronavirus Scam Has EMPTIED Hospitals!

I was at the local supermarket yesterday, walking down aisles and of course disobeying the fucking "arrows" laid out on the floors (I will not conform to stupidity..) and as I was going down the dairy aisle, there was someone stopped in front of the cooler so I walked right by him....  That person then raised their head and screamed "You are not practicing Social Distancing".   I turned my head around and just glared at the guy and then walked away shaking my head... I almost said back to the moron "OK Karen.." (which more and more people should do!) but I figured I did not need an argument for you cannot argue with STUPIDITY!

That incident ticked me off, and I decided to blow off a  bit of steam in watching and seeing stupid people in action (I lost count as to the number of sheep at that supermarket wearing fucking masks!) and took a very long walk last night as the temperatures here were at an ideal 21 Celcius (Ok, for you Americans that is 70 Fahrenheit) and with the low humidity, the walk was excellent to help exercise and clear my mind....

I decided to walk by the nearest hospital just to see how EMPTY that facility was and to laugh about how much the Jew spew media is continuing to fucking lie their asses off about how "overworked" our "health care workers" were.... And my suspicions were correct for as I sat at the nearby park bench and just observed for about 15 minutes, there was ZERO traffic with NO ambulances to be seen in sight... In fact there was ZERO vehicular traffic at all!   No wonder the last report from those fuckers running this province about the state of this "pandemic" showed only ONE (!) unlucky person in ALL of Manitoba right now sitting in a hospital from this "virus"..... Overworked health care workers my ass!!!

Which leads me to the following video that was sent my way from a commentator named "Rosie".... This one is by "Rebel News" and contains a most interesting interview with a doctor out of Ontario that gives clear evidence that this "Coronavirus" has indeed EMPTIED all of our hospitals, and has in fact done a lot of damage to those patients waiting for REAL medical work to be done.... Here is that video for all of my own readers to view for themselves, and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Honestly, I just do not get it with people these days?  Are they truly this brain dead to not see the reality for themselves?  I have said so many times that if you want to see evidence of this scam just go over to the local hospital in your neighborhood and see the truth for yourselves!

And this doctor is so right... If there really was a "virus" then it is NO more deadly than the common cold or Influenza... And the real numbers of deaths absolutely reflects this as being so true!

And sadly we do find so many people that do require hospital care cowering in their homes right now suffering from real illnesses that will probably kill them... I find this to be  the most revolting aspect of this entire scam right now and something that more people MUST be made aware of!

Well, there you have it... It is about time that more in the medical industry had consciences and came forward to tell the truth about this entire scam.... Sadly, the vast majority of our health care professionals have been warned to shut up and not tell the truth or else lose their jobs!  That is how sick and twisted this entire scam has become...

More to come



Tribe of Dab said...

warning to medical professionals-
You are now caught in the middle.
The consequences for not speaking up are 100 times worse.

greencrow said...

Great video North.

People are waking up and people [doctors] are speaking out. This is a good sign.