Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: California Hospital Records MORE Suicide Deaths Than Coronavirus Deaths During Lockdown!

I have always been a real truth seeker, and I am not going to back down from my claim that we are going to see FAR more deaths due to suicides and anxiety during this bullshit "lockdown" than ALL of the "deaths by Coronavirus" that are ever going to be reported....

I personally have been watching right here in central Canada so many people suffering from massive anxiety and panic thanks to the fuckers in the Jew spew media that has been filling their heads with incessant lies about this fraud "killer virus"... And that coupled with the vast number of people out there that are suffering from Depression, it creates the "perfect storm" that will cause FAR more deaths via suicides and anxiety than from this bullshit 'virus' ever could!

I have been watching as more and more reports are finally coming out showing me to be absolutely correct about this real travesty... And I found one today that once again shows proof positive that I am absolutely right!  Here in fact is that article, from the Blacklisted News website, at, that states that a California hospital has recorded MORE deaths due  to suicides than ALL of the "coronavirus deaths" recorded during this lockdown... Here is that article, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Published: May 25, 2020
“I have never seen so much intentional injury.”

Doctors at a hospital in California say they have recorded more deaths from suicide than coronavirus, with a year’s worth of suicides and suicide attempts being recorded in a 4 week period.
“Doctors at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek say they have seen more deaths by suicide during this quarantine period than deaths from the COVID-19 virus,” reports ABC 7.
Dr. Mike deBoisblanc, the head of trauma at the hospital, said that he’d never seen suicide at this rate and that the numbers were “unprecedented.” He now says its time to fully end the lockdown.
“I think, originally, this (the shelter-in-place order) was put in place to flatten the curve and to make sure hospitals have the resources to take care of COVID patients.We have the current resources to do that and our other community health is suffering,” said Dr. deBoisblanc.
A veteran nurse who has been at the hospital for 33 years also sounded the alarm bell.
“What I have seen recently, I have never seen before,” said Kacey Hansen. “I have never seen so much intentional injury.”
However, the hospital itself gave a statement saying that it was still in full support of the Shelter-in-Place order.
The suicides emphasize the potential scale of the untold impact the lockdown has had on mental health as people are further atomized and ostracized from friends and family.

NTS Notes:  I am absolutely not going to gloat or feel vindicated by this report, for I find it to be a very sad and disturbingTRAVESTY and one that the fuckers who created this scam pandemic must be held accountable for...

THIS once again proves that this "virus" is really killing people.. But NOT from the bullshit virus, but from the psychological effect on the weak in our societies!

And this is ONLY THE BEGINNING...  For I can guarantee that we will see far more reports about this real travesty coming out over the next while... And sadly until we can get this lie of this pandemic stopped and get peoples' lives back into some kind of  REAL normal, these cases of suicide will only increase!

I have no predictions as to the actual number that will be dead from suicides or anxiety thanks to this crime concocted by Gates and his minions.. But I will state that it will be several times greater in magnitude than the number of patients that may actually die from this "virus".... THIS in fact is the real 'pandemic' and again the bastards who created the COVID-19 fraud should be held accountable and put on trial for ALL of these deaths...

More to come



Tribe of Dab said...

It is beyond imagination . Many of us have not let it sink in yet.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

NTS Why didn't add a disclaimer when referencing to a PJW document?

Reason why:
"Watson: I don’t … People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence. I mean, I read the news everyday, I track narratives that the main stream media comes out with. I don’t see a big Jewish influence. I mean, Jewish people are not really that present. I don’t really notice them anywhere. I don’t believe in this Jewish conspiracy because nobody presents any real credible hard-core evidence that it’s taking place. So I mean- it is an obsession. I mean that’s why people avoid it, let’s be honest, because it’s an obsession you don’t want to be associated with; neo-Nazis and white supremacists. And even just- you know, if I saw actual evidence where it was a grand conspiracy then I would talk about it, but I just don’t see it"...


Adrian Chetwynd said...

Please forgive my typo, I meant to say: why didn't "YOU" add a disclaimer.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

Well done for dumping the Trump worshipping controlled opposition website "Natural News" as I advised you to do.

I'm sure that you have heard about the new one world religion, so I recommended that you put Henry Makow next on your list for being removed from your recommended list of websites ASAP, because it appears to me that Henry is pushing for the new one world religion:


Northerntruthseeker said...

Adrian... I am surprised.... I will NOT shoot the messenger on this one, as the message itself is so important...

I do not give a crap if this information came from buffoon Alex Jones himself... I am wanting people to see that people are DYING here that should not be, thanks to the fuckers running this scam..

And I had been thinking about dumping Mike Adams for a very long time as he is trying to profit from this scam-demic by selling his snake oil crap.... That was bad enough...

And I have sent out feelers to Henry Makow's group of writers, saying that if they wanted to show their legitimacy, they should be blasting the JEWISH problem rather than keep calling the problem "satanists".... The tribe itself is evil and not just a "certain part" of it!