Sunday, May 17, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Another Great Video By Amazing Polly - BARDA Whistleblower Links To Health Mafia!

Well, by my last count this is now my 160th article, not including my weekend rants, dedicated to destroying this pandemic fraud.... I had hoped by this point that more people would have awakened to the reality that this is such a horrific con being conducted by some of the most evil creatures on planet Earth...

BUT from what I saw earlier when I had to go shopping for some last minute food items for my barbecue feast in honour of that Jewish bitch known as "Queen Victoria", I saw the best and the worst of humanity as there was a combination of those who wore their face masks and had looks of anxiety and fear, and there were others that showed NO fear at all and a few were just like myself and could only shake their heads in disgust when they passed the morons with the masks....  I therefore can see some hope for humanity yet as I will assume that the number of people that are now aware of this scam are growing....Well, I can at least hope, can't I????

Anyways, onto the subject at hand... And I want to present Paulina St George's newest video from her "Amazing Polly" Youtube channel that once again exposes the real criminals behind this entire pandemic fraud and how they are indeed all interlinked with each other and have ties to Bill Gates and his horrific World Health Organization of crime.... Here in fact is Amazing Polly's video, entitled:  "Barda Whistleblower Links To Health Mafia" and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Honestly, I am so sickened when I see how bad these bastards truly are and how they are all 'interlinked' with the diabolical goal of fucking us all up with their surveillance system and their horrendous vaccines...

I also have to hand it to Polly for the fact that she is able to  get the information shown on these video and and also sort out all of the pieces showing how diabolical these bastards truly are..... She does one heck of a great job in her research and her presentations..

I do recommend that people make copies of this video ASAP...For we are all well aware by now about how the bastards over at Youtube are censoring anyone who shows the truth about this fraud pandemic...  Hopefully more people are able to watch this and other Amazing Polly videos and show them to as many people as possible before Youtube suddenly yanks them under their fraud of "violating standards'....

One other note.. I was sent an email earlier by someone claiming that I must be in this fight for personal "fame and glory"... And my reply was "Are you fucking serious???" And so, I will reiterate right here what I have said in so many articles before....

I have already stated in previous articles that I get no joy in posting this type of material for I find this entire pandemic scam so revolting and dehumanizing.... I am one that will not sit around and stupidly cower in fear, but will fight back by every fucking means available....  I have never sought personal glory or fame in my writings and have noted like a broken record that I do NOT accept gifts or money from anyone.... I do in fact find it disgusting to see some Internet sites out there asking constantly for hand outs and financial support when many do not need them.... If you want to see who is in it for the money, take a look at those sites before you come here and assume that I am!....Heck, I have even said again and again that I do not give a shit if people take this material and use it on their own sites or social media platforms and not give any credit to me for that is exactly what I want to see, if necessary, to get the messages out....The message is too important here, for we are at war with these sick freaks and they must be stopped....Therefore take anything you want from this site and use it the way you want just as long as the message gets out to others... NTS dearly thanks you for that!  And to the naysayers out there, they can go fuck themselves!

More to come


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Tribe of Dab said...

do you ever wonder about the thought processes and psychology of ProCovid/Pro Vaxxers?
I think their whole world would evaporate if it all stopped tomorrow.
Think about it
it would mean that
Drumpf was at minimum a baffoon.
Or that he's a Conman,kind of like the pope.
That the mashiach still ain't ready to appear.
Another false start for bible churchees-
Jesus is postponed another year .
But really it comes down to this.
The Covid believers have a deep seated and intense fear of the natural world. They have in common a need for governments,preachers ,popes and rabbis to keep them safe from reality.
If the Covid Bubble pops , then so does the whole fictitious world of government (religeon).