Saturday, May 30, 2020

Racial Tensions In Minneapolis: Minneapolis Murder - Definite False Flag Distraction From COVID-19 Bullshit, As Wheels Are Definitely Coming Off Of Pandemic Bus!

We are now seeing the bullshit "COVID-19 pandemic" collapse at an alarming rate... Most people have finally had ENOUGH of the incessant lies coming from both their fraud governments and of course the incessant lies coming out from the Jew spew media...

The criminals in charge are now so desperate to try to 'save' this failing "pandemic" situation that they would concoct anything to try to keep the public purposely distracted and not able to 'focus' their limited attention spans on one crisis... And therefore I will bet ANYTHING now that they purposely pushed out their "plan B" being that phoney and obvious false flag "murder" that we just saw earlier last week in Minneapolis Minnesota to divert public attention while at the same time try to launch a "race war" in America as their alternative to their bullshit "pandemic"!

And I am not alone in that clear suspicion that may indeed be fact... For several articles were sent by astute readers showing much more clear evidence of the FRAUD that happened in Minneapolis where this 'George Floyd" character was "murdered" by a Minneapolis "police officer"...... I do want to thank those readers and colleagues for their efforts in joining I and others to expose this entire fraud...

In fact, I do want to present here the new report that was just put out by my fellow Canadian colleague, Greencrow, who of course hails from the wilderness of southern British Columbia (Coquitlam!) and writes the excellent blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at www.greencrowasthe Her article is entitled: "Minneapolis Murder - False Flag Distraction From COVID-19 - Wheels Coming Off Pandemic Bus?" and I have it right here for all to see for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Minneapolice Murder - False Flag Distraction from Covid-19 - Wheels coming off Pandemic Bus?

Derek Chauvin - False Flag Distraction from

"Fired Minneapolis police officer charged with 3rd-degree murder in George Floyd's death"

Many in the alternative news community are now saying that the Minneapolice murder, the cause of the  unleashing the now formulaic black/white race riots in USrael, was yet another in the never-ending series of False Flags.  The clues are absolutely the same as in countless other episodes:  The public spectacle/terror, the coinkydynks--the two men--murdered and murderer--knew each other.  In fact they both worked at the same nightclub forgawdsake.  Please watch the video and read the post in the two links above for the evidence so far collected that the Minneapolice murder was a planned event.  Another clue, IMO was the time it took to arrest the police officer and the paltry charge of 3rd degree murder laid against him when everyone in the world has seen the deliberate, first degree murder that took place.  Deliberately incendiary--and as provocative as the provocateurs who were sent in to fan the flames of the riots.  The Police Officer, like an endless string of other police officers will get off lightly or be found guilty and then pardoned a short while later after the heat has died down.  This is the way it always goes.

But the clearest indication that the incident is a False Flag is, of course, the timing.  It is neatly timed to distract completely from the Scamdemic/Plandemic.  Revelations and analysis during the past week or two have been brutal against the Globalist/Eugenicist/Fascist Perps.  Chief Perp Bill Gates has been himself put under the microscope of the alternative investigative journalists and came up stinking like a week-old corpse.  Please watch the video below for just one example of the Vaccine Industry being on the ropes.

Del Bigtree - Flu Vaccine more Dangerous
than Covid-19

According to the statistics provided by the vaccine companies themselves, people who get the annual flu shot are dying at rates higher than the Covid-19 death rates YET there's no lockdown for the flu!  Are the Covid-19 death stats being beefed up by the deaths resulting from TAKING THE ANNUAL FLU SHOT?!!!

This is supported by the empirical evidence I provided in my previous post where a front-line worker in a care home disclosed she and her co-workers frequently came down with the flu after having been given the flu shot.  All this evidence was putting the eighteen-month set-in-stone deadline for the mandatory flu vaccine in jeopardy.  The GEF [Globalist/Eugenicist/Fascists] were in desperate need to buy time for a review of strategies and a re-set.  In war [which this 'War on Humanity' is] it's called a "strategic retreat".

Folks.  You know the vaccine plandemic caper would not be happening at all without the support and connivance of the Usual Suspects in the MosCIAd/FBI.  I would like to know if Mr Chauvin had any prior gonnections with the CIA/FBI/military.  That's what I would like to know.

Oh, and one other necessary component of the False Flag formula is present in this Minneapolice murder.  The police in many large cities are now involved in de facto "drills", controlling demonstrators/rioters.  Won't this recent 'real time' police training come in handy when the anti-vaxxers take to the streets a year from now?  It's a Drill, folks.

It's a Drill, It's a False Flag, It's a Distraction and finally, like ALL false flags, it's a pre-text for something else.

NTS Notes: I do want to give kudos once again to Greencrow for this excellent article that summarizes exactly what I and others are seeing happen right now...

And some other readers have already sent me the links to the videos that Greencrow has in her article as well... The first one as shown above is a fabulous work that expose so much real truth about this Minneapolis fiasco...And Del Bigtree does his usual fine work in exposing the entire Pandemic fraud once again...

I have continued to pour over the evidence that shows that the Minneapolis "murder" was a complete set up... And one fact that many have overlooked from the "murder video" I want to show here absolutely blows the entire fraud wide open..

Police cruisers everywhere across both Canada AND the United States have exclusive number and lettering plates, and that is granted as reality, but NOWHERE does any police department issue a car license plate with the word "POLICE" on it except for possible cruiser cars used for shows and parades... And yet here we have that Minneapolis police cruiser in that "murder video" with the license plate "POLICE" right and blatantly there for everyone to see... THAT alone shows that this video is a fraud as that active duty police cruiser would not have 'POLICE' on it at all!   When I saw that in watching the video not the first time, but the second time to find anomalies, that absolutely raised an immediate "RED FLAG' and being a pessimist I automatically rationalized that the video was a COMPLETE SET UP!!

But there are so many other KEY anomalies that have come up about that "murder video" that I will be touching on in  future articles as well.....

Meanwhile, I agree with Greencrow that their "scamdemic" is now falling to pieces... They have basically "shot their bolt" now and the criminals behind that fraud MUST pay the price for what they have done to our economies, our planet, and the lives of those who have or will commit suicide due to the lies......

I am asking everyone to NOT give up their pressure and efforts to fully expose these criminals and to make sure that they do NOT suddenly disappear from sight to prevent their arrests for their crimes against humanity..... We are winning and we must NOT back down one bit now!

More to come


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