Saturday, May 30, 2020

Racial Tensions In Minneapolis: Total Frame Up As Arrested Cop Is NOT The Same As In "Murder Video"!

I have been wanting to close the book here on that FRAUD "murder" in Minneapolis, for the evidence is now crystal clear that it was indeed a set up and done to unleash new race riots across America.... The criminals in charge have failed with their PLAN-DEMIC and absolutely tried their "Plan B"  which was to unleash new race riots across America to try to rip the nation apart... But they have indeed failed so miserably...

I was sent an email message just a while ago by a colleague of mine who has been looking closely into this entire fraud in Minneapolis, and what he sent me is so ludicrous.. .For according to the following article that comes from Jim Stone's website, at, apparently the fuckers in charge of the entire fiasco in Minneapolis are trying to protect their "crisis actor" that put his knee on the neck of "George Floyd" in the infamous "murder video" by having an entirely different individual take the fall for the crime!   Here is that article from Jim Stone here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


WTF, was he an investigator that got the goods on the wrong guy, or WHAT?


AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is hard to tell from a front shot only, but it really looks like the framed up cop does not have a hook nose!

NTS Notes:  I have looked closely at the pictures of the supposed "cop" that "murdered George Floyd" and there are so many differences between that person and the person whom they have 'arrested' that it is beyond ridiculous....   And the criminals that pulled off this false flag actually think people are this stupid that they will swallow this without any thought?

What we have here is clearly desperation... These bastards have probably awarded that crisis actor that "murdered" that "George Floyd" 'with guaranteed immunity from any real justice... And therefore they had to find a "reasonable facsimile" for the 'arrest' but have failed on all counts.... This is absolutely turning into a complete fiasco for these criminals indeed...

But watch as they pursue having their "man" now go and face "justice" in an American court of law, claiming that they got their man and justice will be 'served'... Meanwhile, they pulled off the entire scam and the real perpetrators will now disappear until they are called upon once again  in the future for another "incident"..... You really have to love the usage of crisis actors for these frauds!

The bottom line is this... Everything about this 'murder' in Minneapolis stinks to high heaven, and the criminals pulling this one off are banking on the sheer stupidity of the average American to accept what they put out there without any thought.... People in America truly do need to wake up and wake up now!

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Sallie Ann said...

When I saw the shot of the supposed arrested cop I was very suspicious of the fact that he didn't look the same. This is NOT a mug shot. And if you actually kneeled on someone's neck for a full 8 minutes Floyd would BE DEAD on the scene....not die in the hospital!!!! You ARE correct. This is just another false flag. I don't think Floyd IS DEAD either!!! It's amazing that during the Covid lockdown that ANTIFA was not active....and now all this chaos, arson. Why would an on duty cop have a pinned CROOKED badge on his uniform? Also calling in Dr. Michael Baden who is doing an investigation on this death. Baden investigated Epstein....and he is well known to be bought off easily due to his fame and his track back record.

This is JUST ANOTHER FALSE FLAG to make race riots happen in America courtesy of George Soros' MONEY. He is obsessed with taking America down and making us a Communist Country any way he can.

phyllis66 said...

Something is terribly wrong with this entire George Floyd event the more we look. This would fit the bill of America being deceived AGAIN, just like on 9/11 with what a moving image shows the world and then they react accordingly. The fraud of the Bolsheviks coming right on top of the fraud of the virus!

RickB said...

Truth doesn't matter at all any more. The jewish elite just present something via the media as a trigger and on we go. Everybody knows it's a fraud. Doesn't matter. What matters is the presented pretext by the media. Whatever the TV tells you that matters is what matters.

Cloud said...

Cloud said...


Sallie Ann said...

This is another FALSE FLAG done by crisis actors paid by Soros. Why would an officer have a crooked badge pinned to his uniform? Why would it take 3 men to hold down on the ground one man who is handcuffed? Why would Derek pin him down for 8 minutes without Floyd losing consciousness? Why didn't they just put him in the back of the car? Derek knew George as they worked at a strip club together!!! Why would they allow this to be filmed in it's entirety for 8 minutes? Why at the end of the video does it get all blurry and the filmer move around a lot? Why is the photo of the arrested guy not match the guy in the video? This is one huge HOAX perpetrated on America to foment a race war and an excuse to commit arson and murder on the cops. This is all paid for and orchestrated by SOROS who has an intense hatred of America and wants America to be Communist run.... Violence is always a Communist playbook agenda to get people to be afraid and want someone to help them and keep them safe.....the Bolsheviks did this same thing in Russia in 1917 and introduced Communism there too easily....the same thing is happening now. THIS IS A HUGE HOAX!!!! WAKE UP. George did not die "in public" but in a hospital where no one could see him convenient .... this is all a lie. His family is not showing much if any emotion to his death....and they have the SAME attorney that Travon Martin and other HOAXES had.... Smell something rotten here? I do.

All Democrat cities in on this HOAX to ensure Communism is ushered into America now. How convenient is this? Why no Republican cities? Because the Democrat cities are easily ran by corrupt mayors in on the gag. This is all one HUGE HOAX to really hamstring America and make us even MORE broke and hungry and homeless. Where are folks going to go shopping now for food, etc. if all the stores are looted and burned out? Only provocateurs hired by Soros in Democrat cities have access to the local anarchists and crisis actors to go into a city and burn it down giving blacks a bad name...effectively fomenting a nifty RACE WAR and a war against authority and the government. Remember violence is the hallmark of's one of their favorite tactics against a people..... Why no Republican cities involved? This is a SET UP BY SOROS TO DESTROY AMERICA and turn it into a Communist GULAG. Mark my words with all the media's excessive coverage of EVERY SINGLE CITY rioting is nothing more than a complete brainwash of the American people....they are in on it too...the higher ups that is....the reporters on the street are just doing their jobs like good peons.