Saturday, May 30, 2020

Racial Tensions In Minneapolis: Fabulous Video Exposes Exactly WHO That Agent Provocateur Was That Started Some Of The Fires In Minneapolis!

I am continuing to get some GREAT articles, and especially some fabulous videos, sent my way over these last few days by astute readers, emailers, and colleagues, that absolutely blow holes in that entire Minneapolis Minnesota "murder video"as well as showing clear evidence that it was indeed a set up to invoke a new 'race war' in America because the criminals' attempt to destroy us via their "plan-demic" has come unravelled.....But one interesting video caught my attention and I do want to present that one in this article....

As many are aware by now, there was indeed an "agent provocateur" that was running around in Minneapolis after that "George Floyd murder video" came to light, and that SOB was definitely smashing windows and set fire in some Minneapolis businesses in an effort to start the riots..... There have already been some great videos presented showing that "agent provocateur" that was dressed in black, and wore a full face mask to hide his identity and many have indeed wondered who the fuck was that evil guy?.....

But that SOB has obviously failed, for I want to present the following video that comes from Youtube user "JonXArmy" that is entitled: "The Video That THEY Don't Want You To See" and absolutely shows exactly who that agent provocateur was and even presents his real name...  Here is that video for all to see here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: OK, Now we have a name for the agent provocateur that was sent out to whip up a frenzy in the crowd and tried to fuel the riots themselves by setting the fires in Minneapolis, and his name is 'JACOB PEDERSON' and supposedly is or was a Saint Paul Minnesota Police Officer to boot!

The one thing that I find annoying in this type of video is where the people discussing these criminal actions do NOT name the REAL criminals that seem to always be behind these acts, and they of course are JEWS... These two in this video are calling them "Masons" but anyone who has studied enough by now knows that the "Masons" aka "Freemasons" are nothing more that patsies and low level criminals that get their orders from their JEWISH masters...

And we cannot forget that the name "George Soros" keeps popping up in regards to this Minneapolis incident and the subsequent riots... That master criminal is actually really named "George Schwartz" and is a Hungarian born JEW....  And George Soros definitely has his fingerprints all over this action in Minneapolis as well as further evidence has come to light that he has financed the flow of buses supposedly that arrived in Minneapolis just before the "George Floyd murder" took place to have his criminal provocateurs in place to launch the subsequent riots!

Overall, a pretty good video, as it does name the key agent provocateur and does talk about the  truth behind the subsequent riots... I just wish that these people would have a reality check and see that the master criminals behind this and other riots across America are and have always been the Jewish criminals..

More to come



Cloud said...

Hi NTS...I've been having serious issues with my computer/tech so I don't know if I can get this to you before I lose connection.
The amulet and hanging symbol on and behind the woman (who is called a 'dude'(?) in the video) is an object of magic/curses used by Jews/Kabbalah, India, Turkey and the ME. Is it by MISTAKE that 'Nazi', 'Adolf', 'Hitler' is mentioned or written in approx. 90+% videos, blogs, etc. since this plandemic? This woman/dude made sure everyone watching witnessed a double image while she spoke and casually mentions the three 'curse' names mentioned. It only takes 1% of a lie to spoil the whole basket of supposed truth. IMO this whole thing INCLUDING THE VIDEOS BUSTING THIS THING OPEN are part of the whole string of manipulations and deceptions. She also mentions 'her people/her intel connections'...
It's all to send watchers and readers down the rabbit hole looking for a rabbit that has long been gone. The internet as a whole has become (for me) a slop trough to pick and choose from lies and truth all mixed together...which does only one thing...create chaos.
In this marketplace called 'Onetribeapparel' gives a short definition of the 'evil eye' symbol: [Was it a coincident that she called everyone 'united' and 'one people'?]
Here's a bigger picture so you can go back to the video and see it hanging behind the woman's head and hanging on her neck:

THIS IS WHY THEY USED THE WORD 'MASONS'...because most 'masons' are white gentiles! Take a look at MOA title today:

Read it! The Mayor (who is a Jew) said that most of the people arrested were from outside the city. NOT TRUE! I watched a video covering the cop/arsonist and the black people called him out as a 'COP'! How would they know that unless they could i.d him? To catch the anti white agenda in everything going down is a common denominator. After all poor Adolf was a white gentile. I won't comment on the idiot dude calling a woman 'DUDE'...when the shit happening is in-your-face obvious drama to get something started...another civil war.

Cloud said...

One more thing I forgot to mention:

Derek [Chauvin]

Learn to pronounce
a person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism.
showing or relating to excessive or prejudiced loyalty or support for a particular group or cause.
"a chauvinist slur"

Chauvinism is a form of extreme patriotism and nationalism and a belief in national superiority and glory. It can also be defined as "an irrational belief in the superiority or dominance of one's own group or people". Wikipedia

Isn't THIS the 'charge' given to 'white men' when using 'NAZI' in commentary/video? Is it by ACCIDENT this ACTOR has this name? The hidden messages given in plain site tells us all who are behind this! JEWS and ISRAEL! It is this very definition that RULES ISRAEL AS A JEWISH STATE! But they cast their own guilt upon deceased Adolf Hitler and anyone rallying behind NATIONALISM...because they want COMMUNISM.

Tribe of Dab said...

Where are all the secret crowd control devices?
20 years ago the rumor was that satallites could see your license plate,and Google was watching you.
It was a factual impossibility but many bought it anyway.
Now when looters and rioters are burning parts of Minneapolis the magic gadgets that everyone spoke of don't seem to be available.
Point is we have more power than we think , and they don't have nearly the power we thought they had.
Their single real power is the Media theater. We attack that and take it from them then things change.

Tribe of Dab said...

Wallflower makes a great point here.
We are chasing our tails.
We can't reason with the jews, And we can't reason with blax either. They riot and destroy not because of George Floyd or anything that happened to him. The bolsheviks have been destroying whites for thousands of years . It's what they do.

RickB said...

The blacks are a ready weapon for the ruling jewish elite. You can demonstrate that this murder was a fraud and hoax. It doesn't matter. It's served as the pretext for what's going on now. Now it's on to the inequality of white and black worlds.

Just tuned into MSNBC. The meme is that it's time to dismantle the white supremacist system of inequality.