Sunday, May 24, 2020

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, May 24th, 2020

Sunday... And time once again for my weekly rant..

Ok, After a full week of blasting this pandemic fraud, I am troubled.... I periodically do check my 'numbers' for this blog just to see if people are actually reading my articles, and honestly I am deeply disappointed....

I have been trying to get the steady message out for the last two full months that this COVID-19 bullshit is indeed a  massive scam, and at best I have had several hundred reads to each of my better articles covering this fraud!   I decided to try an experiment and just google "COVID-19 Bullshit" and I got ZERO links showing up to any of my nearly 200 articles over the last 2+ months that start off with that title..... Apparently what some readers and commentators is true in that I have been "shadow banned" and have been "censored" by the criminally run search engines, and that is being done on purpose of course as they do not want anyone that is exposing this "Pandemic" for the fraud it is to be linked to.....

It therefore is back to the way I reached people for the last decade, and that is through word of mouth or giving people the direct links.... I again do want readers to take ANY of the material that I post at this blog about this scam-demic and send the links out to everyone that they know... And as I have said many times, I honestly do not give a crap if anyone takes my material and removes myself as the author if they deem that as a necessity... This WAR that we are in for our very futures is too important and I just want to be able to reach others with the basic truths....

But I am not going to stop, for as of yesterday this entire 'pandemic' scam has taken a much more DEADLIER meaning as we find those who are suffering from intense depression and others that are simply brainwashed by the Jew spew media reports to fall into deep despair and anxiety and actually either contemplate committing suicide or have already done so!   Yes, this means that this entire fraud has now entered a new dimension of evil as people have swallowed the bullshit and are actually now so overwrought with misery that they are indeed killing themselves!  This is why the message MUST be put out there NOW to awaken everyone, for in doing so we can all do our parts in saving a life!

And about this COVID-19 scam itself?  I honestly just do not get it with people these days.... I was out this morning once again getting some grocery shopping done at the local supermarket and I was down an aisle looking at a few products when I heard a familiar voice saying "Hey, Brian".... I turned and there was my younger brother standing there with a GAWD DAMN FACE MASK ON!!!!  I looked at him and I said bluntly "WHY are you wearing a face mask?" ..  His answer to me was "Why aren't  you??".... I then told him "You do know that you are cutting off  vital Oxygen to your body by wearing a mask?"  and then I went further with "And you are asphyxiating yourself with the Carbon Dioxide you are exhaling as well as breathing back in your own germs your body is trying to expel".... He looked puzzled, and said "Where have you been reading that nonsense?".... I said to him "Do you have your cell phone?"  and when he handed it to me, I quickly opened up the link to my article about the stupidity of wearing a face mask and handed it back to him saying "Here, read this for starters".... He then stood there and started reading.  He then turned around and went to the end of the aisle with his cell phone in hand still reading... I turned around and shook my head and walked down the aisle so exasperated thinking "My own fucking brother is a fucking idiot!".....

BUT that story does have a happy ending, for about 5 minutes later I was at the dairy fridge and my brother approached me and he was NO LONGER WEARING HIS FACE MASK!.... I looked puzzled and he said "I had never seen that information before?  Where did you get it?" ... I could not reveal to him that I was the author as I still prefer to be a "ghost" and especially to my siblings...  I just said "I was sent that material and also links to some great doctors' articles in the US about the dangers of "face masks"..... He then said "Brian, thanks so much... Most of the people I work with are all wearing masks and I thought it was ludicrous, and now I can see why!" ....  I did not grin or try to make any facial expression, other than to feel a sigh of relief that I have reached another person about this face mask bullshit!..... I walked away and proceeded to the check out and noticed so many other sheep out there still wearing face masks but thought to myself "One small victory a day and hopefully my brother will spread the message as well.."

Look, I want to make it clear that face masks should ONLY be worn by those who have compromised immune systems and feel that the face masks will protect them from some germs... But society including those within our societies have gone on for centuries being exposed to every germ possible that swims in our atmosphere... Being bombarded by those germs is what is necessary for our own bodies to  fight off infection and to strengthen our immune systems through the idea of "herd immunity"..... I therefore do not condone by any means wearing gawd awful face masks, just that if you are a perfectly healthy person, why the fuck are you wearing one that will damage your immune system???

I again was disgusted yesterday in seeing NOBODY now at the Manitoba Legislature walking in protest against this fucking bullshit "pandemic" that absolutely NEVER EVER came into being in this Canadian province.... The fuckers in the Pallister criminal regime that runs this province and has been destroying its economy through the fucking lockdowns have indeed clamped down and imposed ludicrous "laws" banning such protests, which of course is a clear violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.... But of course these fuckers are banking on using FEAR by having their Goons in place at the entrance to that legislature to SCARE people from congregating... And sadly it has worked..... I for one do wonder how much that fucker, Brian Pallister, was paid off to sell his own soul to the devil and run this province into the ground in the process... I for one want to see that when the real truths are finally revealed to even the most gullible out there in this province, that Pallister is  FORCED to both apologize to the people of Manitoba for fucking us grandly and then resign...

And Manitoba is indeed entering what the criminals in charge are calling "phase 2" of their agonizingly slow return to some type of "NORMAL" by introducing new "laws" for businesses such as restaurants and bars to reopen here... But those new "laws" aka "restrictions" are in themselves impossible for restaurants and bars to even remotely try to run their businesses on... The fuckers in the Pallister regime are demanding restaurants and bars to operate at only '50% capacity' that is beyond ludicrous..  They are also requesting restaurant and bar tables be repositioned for the fraud of " social distancing" and that everything be wiped down constantly during operations... Honestly this is fucking beyond revolting as restaurants and bars cannot possibly even try to police the fucking social distancing bullcrap, and restaurants themselves have at most a 5% margin of profit for their operations even at full capacity... How the fuck can any respectable restaurant even try to cope with these fucking ludicrous restrictions is impossible, and it is no wonder that may restaurants here in Manitoba are now beginning to announce that they are permanently closing and thus throwing so many people out of work..... Pallister must pay for this insolence and be thrown out of office and anyone coming in must remove ALL fucking bullshit restrictions and allow businesses to actually operate and be sustainable!

One other thing that I find so ghastly about this bullshit pandemic, and that is how the fuckers in charge are now destroying our education system for our children by bringing in such Orwellian demands for schools to allow students to return to classes.... Social distancing, no intermingling, no recess, no allowances for proper lunches, etc, etc.... I said in a previous article that our schools are turing into prison camps, and I was not kidding.... Parents everywhere should unite in protest and demand that our children be allowed to BE CHILDREN... .This aspect of this entire fraud has gone on long enough and to make sure that our children actually do have a future and be allowed to  socialize and play with other children, these restrictions to their proper development must never ever be put in place!!

Well, I could fill this entire rant with COVID-19 horse shit material, but there has  been a lot of stuff happening across the world while this fraud has filled the Jew spew media on a 24/7 basis.... I want to cover those other news instead of going into any more detail on this fraud pandemic...

The situation in Venezuela has turned dire as the criminals in the US have further turned the screws on Venezuela's economy in the hopes that by crushing the people economically that they will turn on President Maduro...But instead, the US actions have further galvanized the Venezuelan people and other nations such as China and Russia are absolutely supporting the Venezuelan cause by sending in as many food items, and other materials the people there so desperately need..

In fact, just this last week the Venezuelan government requested their ally, Iran, to sent out some tankers to bring in vital refined fuel supplies for the nation to continue to survive... Those tankers have now in fact made port call in Venezuela and have been unloading their vital cargo... The US did in fact threaten to sink or destroy those tankers enroute but were most definitely warned off by both China and Russia that have stated that they would support and guard that vital convoy if necessary.... The facts are that this is indeed major news and only thanks to the threats of Russia and China did the US have to 'blink'..... But the US is still bound and determined to strangle Venezuela into submission and future vital supply convoys may yet come under  their dastardly attacks...

The situation in Syria continues to be basically static with no major battles reported between the US run terrorists in Idlib province and Syrian government forces... In fact there was a major announcement just put out the other day that the vital "M4" motorway linking Latakia Province to the key northern city of Aleppo would finally be open fully for supply and even military convoys.. The Russians and the Turks have basically kept their Astana Agreement in place that called for this and the M5 motorway to be open to the Syrian people to use and they have kept their part of this bargain.... It will be interesting to see what the US run terrorists will do, and we may yet see some clashes occur this coming week on or near the M4 motorway itself in a vain attempt to once again close that motorway.

Meanwhile over in the eastern Homs desert areas, the Syrian government forces have been launching clean up operations to remove the last threat of the US run "ISIS" forces that continue to operate near the vital Palmyra to Deir Ez-Zor highway.... This operation has been long in coming, as the US run ISIS forces have continued to be armed and reinforced through the illegal US base at Al Tanf and have recently done 'hit and run' strikes against Syrian convoys on their way to Deir Ez-zor itself... And what this indeed does show is the evidence that the US has indeed continued their illegal operations out of Al Tanf to arm, train, and then deploy their fraud "terrorists" to continue attacks against Syrian positions in southern Syria..... No shock to me, as I have been saying this for years now!

Of course, under the cover of this entire "pandemic fraud" the psycho state of Israel is absolutely proceeding forward with their evil plans to annex ALL of the occupied West Bank and thus eliminate any chances for a Palestinian state and a future for the Palestinian people forever... And of course the fucking Drumpf regime in Washington has given those psycho bastards the 'go ahead' for this annexation that may take place as early as July 1st of this year!   I have been wondering where in the fuck is the United Nations in all this?  Apparently the Jew run poodles in that "organization" are seemingly doing NOTHING to stop the sickos in that twisted state of Isra-hell from pulling off this action, and even if they tried, the Jew poodles in the US will simply veto any UN resolution in support of the Palestinian people!   I for one am horrified by this action by the sickness of Israel, for with annexation the Palestinian people in the West Bank will NO longer have a future and will NOT be citizens in the sickness of Israel at all for the apartheid state of Israel only considers "Jews" as citizens!.... People that have read this blog for years now know about my support for the Palestinian cause as I can see no future for those people as they have been fooled by fucking bullshit "peace processes" that were never for "peace" but to hand Palestinian land to the fucking Israeli bastards in pieces..... I saw the only future for the Palestinians was to fight these maniacs and I am absolutely right!

I said in last week's rant that Saudi Arabia has definitely lost the war in Yemen, as that nation itself is now fighting its own war at home for its very economic survival.... The criminal Saudis have thrown away BILLIONS in war materials in their vain and idiotic attempt to conquer Yemen, only to see their armies now in tatters and fleeing for their very lives... The good guys, the Houthi fighters, are now systematically destroying those Saudi forces and are launching even more strikes now directly into Saudi territory as well..... The Saudis can no longer afford their war, as their economy is indeed on the brink of collapse, and should have already sued for peace....However, the criminal House of Saud is of course run by psychotic Jews and they are still being propped up by the criminal US government as well..... Even more billions of dollars in wasted war materials will be thrown away in Yemen, and thousands of even more Yemen civilians will die in the process, until Saudi Arabia does indeed admit defeat and has to answer to Houthi demands.....  I for one do hope the Houthis get everything they demand, for the Saudis are responsible for the genocide of more than 1 Million civilians in that nation and must pay the price for those murders!

Well, I figure I have insanely ranted enough for the moment... There are still other issues that I have not discussed out there, and I will of course cover them right here in my closing "last minute tidbits"...  There is still the question as to whether Kim Jong-un is either dead or alive out there, and I have looked a bit into this sideshow from COVID-19 bullshit, and I will say that he is still alive......The US continues to posture against China in the South China Sea near Taiwan, and decided this last week to poke the Chinese giant once again with a stick by announcing more weapons for Taiwan's 'defence" against a still very possible Chinese invasion...... And the US is once again trying to get trouble going in nearby Hong Kong to piss off the Chinese as well.   Honestly, I do wonder if the US is indeed contemplating war against China for the fact when this pandemic finally goes bust, the US economy could as well and the fuckers in charge may indeed think that WAR could be the only way to save that economy!.........After nearly 3 years of "ceasefire" in Ukraine, there are rumblings that the Ukrainian forces are now preparing for all out attacks against the breakaway republics in the Donbas.  But considering such attacks could bring the Russian Federation into the war, are the Ukrainians this stupid?  I would say yes, for the Kiev government is still a US run puppet regime!......... I have looked at some of the Joe Biden dementia material and I have to howl. Honestly, I do strongly believe that Joe Biden will NOT be the Communist Demon-rat candidate for the November 3rd vote and they will have a surprise candidate announced very soon.  Hopefully it will not be that demon, Hillary "Killary" Clinton!.......OK, WHY is that little bitch Greta Thunberg back in the news at all?  And the idiots in the Jew spew media are somehow claiming that Climate Change moron is suddenly an expert on this fucking COVID-19 pandemic fraud as well?  Just more evidence that the Jew spew media is nothing but fake news!.........Space X is about to launch the first US based manned mission to the International Space Station this week.  Some are heralding this return to space as the 'first step to returning to the moon, or going to Mars'.  Well, even though I applaud Space X for this venture, they cannot go beyond low Earth orbit at all due to radiation in space.........And speaking of space, I saw a few articles about that new space based surveillance system that is now about 50% ready as more space launches continue for placement of satellites in low Earth orbit.  Some have even gone as far as to call this system "Skynet" which I think of in horror for with AI such a system could be the ultimate surveillance and control mechanism for our enslavement.  And thanks to the stupidity of staying '6 feet apart' in bullshit social distancing, the gullible people out there are going to allow this to happen!......Saw a few articles showing that "Wikipedia" stated for a long time when anyone looked up "Teresa Tam" (The bitch put in by the WHO to fuck up Canada through this pandemic scam..) that she/it was absolutely BORN AS A MAN in 1965, but that interesting detail was removed from that site soon after (on purpose of course..).  And that makes sense, for that ugly thing definitely has all the trademarks of being male, and thus I am NOT surprised that it is a transsexual freak!........And speaking of transsexual freaks, I saw a joke out last week that said that Joe Biden, thanks to his dementia, is more confused than Michelle Obama's gynaecologist.  No shock here, for Michael Robinson aka "Michelle Obama" is still out there and the freaks in the Demon-rats are still thinking she/it could be their surprise candidate to replace Biden!........NO shock to me at all when I saw reports that the Demon-rats are wanting to assure that any freak they throw out there to run against Drumpf come this November will be a shoe in thanks to their attempts to 'stuff the ballot boxes" through their diabolical "mail in votes".   Watch what happens once again when the fix will be in, as usual, and the Demon-rats win this November against Drumpf!........ I had to laugh when I saw the idiocy of the American Jew spew media going after Drumpf for his taking Hydroxychloroquine to  prevent himself from contracting COVID-19, and I have to laugh.  The fuckers running the entire pandemic fraud absolutely will do anything now to ruin that drug that costs only pennies while they promote other drugs that cost thousands and do NOT work at all against any Coronaviruses.......The criminals up here in Canada are now beginning to roll out their heinous 5G networks in my neck of the woods here in central Canada.  And with people still restricted from protesting this heinous action thanks to the criminal Pallister regime once again, all I can do at the moment is try to educate and get people angry.........Saw news articles showing that former Prince Harry who is now nothing more than a useless eater and Oxygen waster, is actually as dumb as a fence post!  NO surprise here, as this ass clown and his useless partner Meagan are indeed both useless in our societies and will have to sadly live off of their millions in southern California.  What a tough life, right?...........Soccer is agonizingly slow in returning, with players in Germany and elsewhere playing in front of empty stadiums.  I say fuck that bullshit and let the fans return and let ALL sports return to normal as this pandemic is and always was a fraud to begin with!..... And finally, I was informed this last week that this is the 16th (!) season of the criminals over in skankville trollop land called Kardashian on the idiot boxes for people to have their brains melted!   Yes, 16 years, and still going with these brain dead trolls, and I for the life of me still cannot figure them out?   Here I thought Meaghan and Harry were useless trolls, but I guess those two have the blueprint of these skanks to thank for their present situation of being useless to society!

More to come



Catti said...

>>"I decided to try an experiment and just google "COVID-19 Bullshit" and I got ZERO links showing up to any of my nearly 200 articles over the last 2+ months that start off with that title..... Apparently what some readers and commentators is true in that I have been "shadow banned" and have been "censored" by the criminally run search engines, and that is being done on purpose of course as they do not want anyone that is exposing this "Pandemic" for the fraud it is to be linked to....."

What's happening is that you're paying Google's "free" blog hosting tax. You get to publish a blog on their "free" servers, the tax is that you give up your autonomy and free speech. You can write what you want, Google just makes sure nobody will find it. Google controls the search rankings, ergo they control whether your blog comes up in a search.

One solution is to move your content to a paid blog host who won't censor your content in exchange for your yearly hosting fee. The bonus is that you get direct control over your own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using SEO software of your choosing. I have a privately hosted blog and I've found my articles ranking pretty high on search results in the past. I use an SEO package that includes tutorials to increase your ranking. For my privately hosted blog I pay about $300 per year, this includes my hosting, security software, tracking software, SEO package, and blog theme. That's fairly high, I pay for services that you may not need and I use one of the more expensive hosts. I'm on a fixed income, so I've timed my renewals so that they fall on different months.

There are many free ways to increase your search ranking including your writing style and use of keywords. If you research SEO you will find articles that tell you how to increase your visibility to the bots that scrape the internet and determine search rankings. These methods can be used with free as well as privately hosted blogs. This might also help your search rankings.

In the meantime I've been posting links to some of your articles on the social media I use, Hopefully that will help to bring you some extra readers.

AL said...

Great work NTS , just one note , the Un is part of the same kike cabal

Northerntruthseeker said...

Gee... I have only been saying that about the UN for years now, Unknown!

testing said...

Been reading you a long time. Agree with much you write. Some people are waking up due to lockdowns. They can now see the BS, especially people watching Dem gov states. Much work to do to wake up others. Knew official 9-11 story was BS. Figured it was traitors in gov. One day I discovered "the missing link" and then a lot of the lies unraveled. Maybe the Covid hoax will function like that for many people. If so, we'll be OK. Fear not, you are doing good. As per comment 1, look for more ways to link to your site/info. Student of Bible, and I think God will (at some point) put a stop to the "globalists." Maybe destruction of Mystery Babylon in Rev. is the end of their power.

cmp said...

Read your Sunday blog. 1st time responding, figured you needed a lift. Your words are not falling on deaf ears so buck up, the world needs you. When I was young(er) I read VT Today religiously. Then Gordon Duffs wife, Carol, jumped in the site w/her vaccination bullshit (she's a nurse) and one by one all bloggers were banned, me included. The response to her pro-vaccine stance was incredibly overwhelming to the contrary of what she was preaching. Not one blogger agreed w/her. She, Gordon and Ian all think we are traitors because we investigate, listen to REAL scientists, have our own tragic stories of vaccine damaged children, and we're crazy?

It is sooooo obvious what's going on here since that fake Pastuer started his germ theory. People need to get ahead of the curve. Read Eustace Mullins Murder by Injection, learn about the Rockefellers, the satanic Rothschilds, AIPAC, who owns the media, turn off the friggin TV and get some real news while you still can. 9/11 was my wake-up call and I haven't slept since. Since 9/11, the amount of sites that have disappeared is astounding. Now, they're big, bad and bold about telling us anyone who disagrees w/the state narrative will be banned. They don't even hide their censorship policies.

If you want real news, honest reporting come here. Go to The Corbett Report, TTAV (now banned on youtube but not bit chute) RFK jr Childrens Defense Fund, Solaris, the Vineyard w/the Saker, David Icke etc etc. Go to the people who have been banned. These are the people who need a voice and our support. THINK!! Why would someone be banned in a democratic society where freedom of speech prevails? My only suspicion would be because they are a threat. Because they speak truth.