Monday, May 18, 2020

Awash In False Narratives

I am absolutely continuing to blast away at this pandemic fraud.... I was once out earlier today taking my better half to work and I could not help but to notice the absolute BRAIN DEAD in our society that were out walking and even DRIVING while wearing those fucking retarded face masks!  

My better half has noted herself about how she has been stuck having to deal with people wearing those masks at her work and all she can do is also shake her own head in disgust.... It has been thanks to my work that she herself woke up a few years back to the evils on this planet and she has become a close ally and confidant in my efforts in this war..... But she too has had difficulty in trying to reach some of her coworkers and even clients and I can see the effect on her as she says that I am right when I say you cannot fix stupid.....

Meanwhile, I have been in contact with John Kaminski ( via Skype calls about once a week over the last while... John and I have discussed a wide range of subjects and he has been a great confidant in giving me some interesting facts and even articles and links for my own research into this fraud pandemic.....  I do appreciate John's own efforts as he has written a wide range of essays at his own site and I am always pleased to put those articles up at this blog when they become available...

And just earlier today, John did indeed place a new essay at his blog, and I absolutely want to present that article here for my own readers to view for themselves... This one is entitled: "Awash In False Narratives" with the subheading of: "Humanity Losing Consciousness - Protest Now, Or Never! " and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Humanity losing
Protest now
— or never!
Terror trance
Layers of propaganda obscure the truth,
twist our destiny from life toward death
While Trump continues to invade Venezuela and Israel openly bombs Syria, everyone is now focussed on the criminality of the previous administration trying to hook Trump into being exposed as a Russian employee. Documentation of the actual lies told by Obama, Hillary and their Commie allies are now gushing forth everywhere, even as the mainstream media fire department tries to extinguish all the flames.
Almost forgotten is the government’s fake epidemic that shut down the whole world. Now, like so much peeling paint this fake veneer of world politics decays into meaningless but embarrassing dust. The world has suddenly turned Communist and everybody is wondering what to do.
Given the recent overt abuse of the U.S. government by its Jewish-controlled leadership, and the increasing encroachments on the personal liberty of everyone in the world, I think the new pertinent rules for society are two basic ones, and this is not a joke — Duck and cover. And. If you need it and you have it, take the shot.
Based in Israel with financial advice from London and unlimited armed assassins from Washington — and infested by disingenuous Jews at every level — this total terror trance our leaders have imposed on us is merely tightening the noose around our subservience to the New World Order.
But this is only one aspect of conclusive proof that humanity as we have known it is collectively losing consciousness. Those who still watch the news and read the papers haven’t noticed a thing as the progression has been subtle and gradual, but ultimately convincing to those who rely on deceitful propaganda rather than multiple perspectives of issues that affect their lives.
Those who wear masks watch TV; those who won’t don’t. Apply your own percentages to each category. The uncontested result will be that over all, humanity is losing consciousness. Awash in false narratives, they spin toward their own oblivion, prattling one false story or another, until they realize no one is listening, because they’re all blabbering their own false stories.
The message in all this is . . . protest now — or never! Very likely, in the final pre-vaccine moments of the conversion of humanity into centrally controlled robots, this is the last chance you will get.
The same sinister shadow
Have you noticed that all the nations of the world have been destroyed by their own governments?
They have achieved this universally by the bribery of your own leaders by a fabulously wealthy foreign power.
The only reason to wear a mask is to rob a bank. In all cases it is harmful to the wearer, reducing his oxygen intake, harming his vital organs and eliciting suspicion from others, but also a crime of deception against all others, furthering the deadly process of alienation. As well as the preferred costume of stick-up men.
Why won’t people simply say, “We object . . . !”
We object to the ubiquitous corruption in government when nothing any one of them says can be trusted.
We object to the exclusion of political voices not owned by the banks.
We object to this current attempt to change human DNA by stealth vaccinations.
We object to shutting down society over a hoax.
We object to creating so much money that our money is now worth nothing.
They must have thought they could get away with this stupendous scam because of all the other lame excuses they have used to get away with all those previous crimes they committed.
That’s recent American history — from the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to the Great Coronahoax of 2020, which ushered in our New Age of “voluntary Communism” which starts out at least with the government paying its citizens NOT to work. Subsequent checks will doubtless be contingent on certain vaccinations and mastery of new braintraining techniques.
The terror trance has been used as a weapon against the population throughout American history, most recently and shamefully in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they go back really to our long ago invasion of Mexico. Scapegoating the enemy for exhibiting the very behavior we ourselves are practicing is a ruse used for unjust war about as old as time itself.
Put your faith in government and be culled along with the herd.
The misunderstandings of belief
Religious particularism is a particular practice that fragments the opposition to the forces of evil.
My god is better than your god, and I’ll kill you to prove it. That sort of thing. It is demonstrable proof of the sociopathic nature of regional religious beliefs all claiming to be the one true creed and ready to fight to prove it.
Differences in dogma are deliberately installed in these rituals to create friction and kindle strife. These are the poisoned fruits of someone’s ego and need to be filtered out of religious practices.
These gods are regional powers, and none of them are environmentally sound. In fact one of them, the g-d of the Jews, is downright harmful to everyone, especially to its own adherents, because in their pursuit of vengeance for their own mistakes they choose not to see the beauty of life in everyone.
The turning of everyone else into prey instead of neighbors is the chief and very likely the only cause of warfare in the world. And we can see this most clearly in the behavior of the United States, chief soloist in the world choir of the synagogue, which has conducted these phony wars of so-called justice for nearly 250 years.
Bark now or forever stifle yourself
The last chance we’ll get to protest? Well, now many people are being paid more money to stay home than they ever made going to work. Small business owners I happen to know who were forced to lay off employees during the lockdown now can’t get them back because they’re making too much money from unemployment benefits.
This is the very beginning of a long slow somewhat comfortable slide into Communism when the government will pay everyone simply to be citizens in exchange for letting the government decide what foods you can eat and what drugs you MUST take. Roll up your sleeves, cowboys, and get ready to turn off your mind.
The world’s fate hinges on the decisions of the uneducated who are exposed to only a predetermined fraction of the knowledge available. It is the propaganda they receive that determines their decisions, and their decisions determine the fate of the Earth. What they believe is therefore what they are made to believe and following the English, the Jews have mastered that dark art in capturing the mind of the world.
Will the Remnant fade away?
Religious people just might be the only remaining types of humans in the world with a functioning conscience. More’s the pity then that all these hidebound creeds couldn’t get together and manifest the spiritual power to correct corruption in government. Their inaction in these matters betrays the inauthenticity of their own claim to represent humanity dealing with higher authorities, and the foolishness of insisting communication with the divine is only valid through them alone.
There is probably a specific psychological term for this affliction. I’ve struggled to find it, have entertained many suggestions, but I’m still not sure of an accurate label. Something less than human is the best that I can guess.
The history books say we went to the moon. Shoot first and ask questions later, they said. The trick is, later never comes. Or when it does, if you’re still around, you won’t like it. Don’t take vaccines.
Be very cautious about what you believe. Demand proof. Pay attention only to your own voice in your heart. Don’t let it be spoiled by the crimes of the intellect. Political correctness makes you turn your back on mass murder. Every day the psychic sewage creeps further out into the suburbs.
Soon your mind will be turned into a park, a pleasant park, full of birds and ponds. You’ll be happy there. But you’ll no longer ever be able to see the world, if you ever could.

NTS Notes: John is right about how the criminals in charge are so busy in trying to get wars going and focusing in on pure fluff while this entire pandemic scam is still running wild.... And at the same time they have indeed been busy destroying our rights and freedoms and turning us into Communist dictatorships right before our very eyes!

It does appear that mankind is indeed losing consciousness, and sometimes I do think that it is because of those gawd awful face masks cutting off vital Oxygen supplies to the wearers' brain cells and thus making them bonafide idiots and morons....

I too have wondered why more and more people are not out there protesting and pushing for a peaceful revolution to have the bastards that have locked down our nations and destroyed our economies arrested and charged for their crimes against all of us.... 

But sadly I saw it for myself only last Saturday when I was at that protest rally in Winnipeg that was an absolute disaster and a dud..... People attending that rally had to run the gauntlet of not only the police but now GOONS and thugs hired by the Criminal Communist Pallister regime as a scare tactic to stop any protests from occurring... Sadly it worked last Saturday, and I almost have to cry as I am watching the last vestiges of real democracy and freedom disappear here in my own province, and the dumb asses out there actually allowing it to happen!

John knows my views on organized religion... But he may be right that truly religious people might be the only remaining people on this planet with some forms of conscience, for the rest have all been mesmerized and lobotomized by the crap they are getting from our corrupt leaders and of course the Jew spew media propaganda outlets.... 

Overall, a pretty good essay and one that hits home again.... I will of course present future articles by John here for everyone to see and spread to others.... So stay tuned..

More to come


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