Sunday, April 19, 2020

While We Have All Been Distracted By COVID-19 Bullshit: Greatest Mass Shooting In Canadian History Has Just Occurred In Nova Scotia!

I have been busy today getting dinner prepared for my family, and I just concluded a very long walk tonight to get some much needed fresh air... It was indeed good to get out and exercise, and I do recommend that EVERYONE take the time to do so as well.. Staying fit is so important right now, especially when we are all suffering from the continuing COVID-19 BULLSHIT and fraudulent 'pandemic"...

I just got down to reading some emails and surfing the Internet this evening, when I was alerted to what appears to be a brand new 'mass shooting' that has occurred in of all places, the province of Nova Scotia right here in Canada!   I have yet to get down to a lot of details on this "shooting" so for starters, I do want to present the latest from the Jew spew media outlet, CTV News Atlantic, at Here in fact is that report here for starters just to get people up to speed on the "official" reports about this shooting in Nova Scotia right here:

Gunman killed 16 people in rampage in N.S.; deadliest such attack in Canada: police

Published Sunday, April 19, 2020 10:01AM ADTLast Updated Sunday, April 19, 2020 11:10PM ADT

HALIFAX -- Police say at least 16 people, including an RCMP officer, have been killed in a mass shooting incident in Nova Scotia, making it the worst mass shooting in Canadian history.
The suspect is also dead following the incident.
RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki confirmed the number to CTV News Sunday evening. 
The Nova Scotia RCMP also provided an update during a news conference in Dartmouth, N.S.
“Today is a devastating day for Nova Scotia and it will remain etched in the minds of many for years to come,” said commanding RCMP officer Lee Bergman.
“What has unfolded overnight and into this morning is incomprehensible and many families are experiencing the loss of a loved one.”
Police confirmed that Const. Heidi Stevenson, a 23-year veteran of the Nova Scotia RCMP, died Sunday morning while responding to the active shooter incident.
"Heidi answered the call of duty and lost her life while protecting those she served," said Bergman. "Two children have lost their mother and a husband has lost his wife. Parents have lost their daughter and countless others lost an incredible friend and colleague."
A male RCMP officer was also taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. His identity has not been released.
"He and his family will be supported and we will be alongside him as he begins his road to recovery," said Bergman.

Several people found dead at Portapique home

Chief Supt. Chris Leather said police first responded to a firearms complaint at a residence in Portapique, N.S. late Saturday evening after receiving several 911 calls.
When officers arrived, Leather said they found “several casualties” inside and outside of the home.
“This was a very quickly evolving situation and a chaotic scene,” said Leather, the criminal operations officer for Nova Scotia RCMP.
Officers secured the area in Portapique and started searching for the suspect, but they were unable to locate him.
Leather said the search for the suspect led to several sites in the area, including structures that were on fire.
“The search continued overnight and into the morning,” said Leather. “This morning we actively sought out the suspect through muliple communities throughout Nova Scotia.”
Police provided updates on Twitter overnight and into Sunday morning as they tracked the suspect across the province. Police confirmed that they were responding to an “active shooter situation,” and asked residents to remain in their homes with their doors locked.
Investigators first released the suspect’s identity before 9 a.m. Sunday. They said 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman was considered armed and dangerous and warned that he should not be approached.

Suspect travelled in vehicle resembling RCMP cruiser

Police said that, at one point, the suspect was driving what appeared to be an RCMP vehicle and wearing an RCMP uniform -- though he was not an RCMP officer.
Leather said the fact that Wortman had an RCMP uniform and a vehicle resembling a police cruiser indicates that the incident may have been planned.
“That’s an important element of the investigation,” said Leather. “The fact that this individual had a police car and a uniform at his disposal certainly speaks to it not being a random act.”
They later said he was driving a silver Chevrolet Tracker.
Police continued to track Wortman across the province, warning the public about sightings in Glenholme, Debert, Brookfield and Milford.

Victims were ‘scattered across the province’

Leather said the investigation involves “multiple crime scenes” and that there are victims “scattered across the province.”
“There are several locations across the province where persons have been killed,” said Leather.
He said one person is believed to be responsible for the killings.
“He alone moved across the northern part of the province and committed, it would appear, several homicides,” said Leather.
He didn’t specify where the crime scenes are located, saying the investigation is in the early stages. He also said it’s possible police could learn about additional crime scenes and victims in the coming days.
“Some of these crime scenes we’ve not even begun to process … it is an ongoing investigation that could reveal additional details in the coming days,” said Leather.
“The investigation continues into areas that we’ve not yet explored across the province.”
In Shubenacadie, N.S., there were several burned-out vehicles, which appeared to be police cruisers, along the highway. Witnesses also reported hearing between seven and 10 gunshots.
“I hear the shots and I look out and … there’s a guy running back and forth up beside the, what looks to be a police vehicle,” recalled one witness at the scene. “Then after a short bit I saw fire.”
Leather confirmed that Wortman did exchange gunfire with police at one point during the chase, but wouldn’t say where.

Suspect shot and killed in Enfield

Officers eventually tracked Wortman to the Irving gas station and Big Stop restaurant in Enfield, N.S., where he was shot and killed late Sunday morning.
Leather wouldn’t confirm that Wortman was shot by police, but he did say “officers were involved in terminating the threat.”
He also confirmed that Nova Scotia’s Serious Incident Response Team -- which investigates serious incidents involving police -- is investigating the man’s death.

Witnesses heard gunshots, saw body on the ground

A truck driver from Ontario told CTV News he had stopped at the Irving for a shower and breakfast when he heard an employee shouting.
“She goes, ‘Oh my God, lock the doors, he’s here! And I peek out of the window and I saw some RCMP vehicles and there was four or five uniforms with guns,” said Tom Nurani.
Witnesses told CTV News they saw RCMP vehicles on scene, heard multiple gunshots, and saw a body on the ground.
“All I could hear was gunshots and my wife, I thought I was going to call 911, because she was going into panic, it scared her so bad,” said Glen Hines, who was driving by the Irving when he saw the Emergency Response Team arrive.
“There was multiple, like probably between five or 10 (gunshots). It was steady,” recalled Deon Wells, who lives nearby.
The RCMP had blocked off Highway 102 at Exit 5A and there was a large police presence at the Big Stop all day Sunday. The area surrounding the restaurant and gas station was cordoned off with police tape.

NTS Notes: OK,  I will not call BULLSHIT on this one just yet.. But the details are rather sketchy IMHO, and I have a LOT of questions about this "mass shooting" and am very skeptical, as the TIMING of this one seems rather odd especially when the people everywhere are now waking up to the reality that this COVID-19 'pandemic' is a complete fraud....

And I am not alone in having a LOT of questions about this one, for my colleague out of British Columbia, Greencrow, over at "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" sent me out an email earlier alerting me to this "shooting" and she has been following this one even more closely than I have... In fact, Greencrow does have her own article about this latest shooting, and I  have the link to her article right here:

I am like Greencrow in looking at the timing of this "shooting" to be beyond 'perfect'... And a lot of things absolutely do puzzle me as well...

For starters, Greencrow comes flat out and states that this is absolutely a distraction for the fact that the criminals in charge are now imploding in terms of pushing their "pandemic" agenda... More people than ever are now waking the fuck up and realizing that it is and always was a scam...Therefore it is logical that those bastards would come up with something to keep Canadians distracted and voila they may have indeed conjured up this newest "shooting" to do the trick..

And I am puzzled by how this supposed 'gunman' was able to obtain an RCMP police cruiser ("resembling" an RCMP cruiser my ass!) and of course an RCMP uniform?  That alone caused my skepticism to rise immensely and is an absolute red flag...

And of course, we should all be asking who exactly is this gunman?  What is his background and how did he get his weapons?  What was his motives?  Was he on psychiatric drugs?  So many questions here, definitely....

And then we have the fact that the first reports showed the "gunman" had survived, but later reports showed that he had died at the hands of the RCMP (suspect died after the incident? by whom?)... Perfect, when you consider the famous saying that "dead men tell no tales".... Now with the gunman gone, the criminals that may have run this operation have basically gotten away with their acts of murder..

And this "Heidi Stevenson", a 23 year veteran that was on duty during this 'active shooter incident'.. Where was her  back up?? What was she doing alone in responding to this incident? ..... I have a lot of questions about this one, but as with every active shooter incident we have seen around the world, they need someone to be either a hero or someone to have a tear jerk response from readers or viewers....

And the number of deaths?  Sadly  according to further reports it is now at "17" (as of late April 19th reports) which puts it over and above the previous record number of deaths in a mass shooting in Canada which was 15....  I can bet that number will continue to climb and thus the media can scream that this is the worse mass shooting in Canadian history just to grab attention and keep Canadians transfixed for a while and away from the COVID-19 bullshit....

I will not yet call this one a fake, but there are a LOT of questions and a full public enquiry should be launched to determine ALL circumstances surrounding this "shooting"...  And again THE TIMING in regards to being a 'distraction' from this fraud pandemic imploding is just to me TOO PERFECT..

I will be following up on this one with subsequent articles here at this blog when they do become available.. So stay tuned..

More to come



Tribe of Dab said...

Down here near and around Los Angeles the 5G billboards are up , and Samsung has their 5G phone now available for sale and is running ads especially on youtube.
Spectrum cable is advertising here that 5G is available.
This means that 5G was installed before the Corona Covid19 hoax and is hidden. I would suspect in home appliances , smart meters etc.
How could 5G be available without the saturation of transmitters already in place?

MachtNichts said...

NTS, I read "23-year veteran" as having been with the RCMP for 23 years. Am I wrong? But, nevertheless it will be interesting how often they have to change the original narrative.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks Mach, I did not read the original transcript carefully enough.. My bad..

I updated the article accordingly, but left in the questions as to why she was there and where was her back up??