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While We Have All Been Distracted By The COVID-19 Hysteria: The Forgotten War In Yemen, 100,000 Deaths, A Crisis Ignored By Mainstream Media Due To Coronavirus Coverage!

I do want to turn away from the COVID-19 hysteria and bullshit for now, for I am sick and tired of the Jew spew media still running 24/7 false reports and propaganda that is being used to drive the still ongoing panic that we see everywhere....

There is a lot of other things going on in our sick world besides this COVID-19 "pandemic" including the civil war in Syria, and the push now by the criminals in the US government to once again have the government in Venezuela overthrown...

And of course we still have that murderous war in the innocent nation of Yemen where the criminal Saudis and their 'allies' have continued to rain death and destruction on Yemen's civilians for the last 1/2 decade at least..... In fact, in previous articles at this blog, I have called that war in Yemen the "forgotten war" for the fact that there has been nearly ZERO reports anywhere by the Jew spew media about the reality of what has really been happening in that war......I do want to focus in on the war in Yemen for this article....

I want to present the following report that comes courtesy of the Global Research website out of my home nation of Canada, at, that is entitled: "The War In Yemen, 100,000 Deaths, A Crisis Ignored By Mainstream Media Due to Coronavirus Coverage" and is a must see by everyone for it covers some details of what has been happening in that war in the recent months, including the fact that Saudi Arabia has indeed been losing the conflict to the Houthi forces, and how the Americans, and member nations of the criminal EU, may now be sending their own forces into Yemen shortly to try to help the Saudis "turn the tide" and win the war against the Houthis.... Here is that article in its entirety, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The War on Yemen, 100,000 Deaths, A Crisis Ignored by Mainstream Media Due to Coronavirus Coverage

Global Research, April 03, 2020

The world pays constant attention to the coronavirus, occupying the news agencies with a high coverage of the pandemic. Meanwhile, on the global periphery, geopolitics continues at full throttle, with several conflicts occurring unnoticed by most people outside the affected regions. The case of Yemen is a clear example of what we are talking about here. Recently, the conflict in the country completed five years of uninterrupted fighting, reaching the regrettable marks of more than 10,000 killed in the confrontation, in addition to almost 100,000 killed by the social ills caused by the war, such as hunger, mainly among children. The poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula has become a strategic area in strong dispute and a real geopolitical thermometer for Middle East tensions, especially between the two regional powers most involved in the conflict, Iran and Saudi Arabia, which are increasing their rivalry day after day.
The most noteworthy attitude is that of Saudi Arabia, which, aligned with the western axis, has been taking increasingly aggressive stances in the country, causing unnecessary suffering to the local population and prolonging the terror and fear in the region. Human Rights Watch data show that Saudi Arabia has been behind fundamental rights abuses against the Yemeni population, especially in the al-Mahrah region, since at least June last year, when such crimes began to be investigated. HRW Middle East Director Michael Page stated in an interview with PressTV:
“Saudi forces and their Yemeni allies’ serious abuses against local-Mahrah residents is another horror to add to the list of the Saudi-led coalition’s unlawful conduct in Yemen (…) Saudi Arabia is severely harming its reputation with Yemenis when it carries out these abusive practices and holds no one accountable for them”.
Among the abuses reported by HRW, we highlight illegal arrests, torture, kidnappings and compulsory transfer of detainees to Saudi Arabia. In addition, other international crimes had previously been reported by the organization as being committed by the American coalition against Houthi resistance in the region, including bombing homes, businesses and hospitals. In February, at least 30 Yemeni civilians died from airstrikes conducted by Saudi military in the north of the country, in the district of Jawf al-Maslub. The attack was said to have been conducted in response to the downing of a Saudi aircraft by the Houthi forces. In the words of Houthi movement spokesman Yahya Saree:
“As usual, when the most brutal US-Saudi aggression receives painful strikes in the military confrontation fields, it replies with great folly by targeting civilians.”
In March, a fleet of 450 American soldiers landed in Yemen, in addition to an uncertain number of troops from the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. According to information from al-Mashhad, this was the first stage of a project to send 3,000 American and British troops to Yemen, which will land in the regions of Aden, Lahai, Saqtari, Shabweh and al-Mohreh, thus completing a true siege of the country in all geographical directions. In addition, two American warships docked at Balhaf, Yemen’s main natural gas export port. American movements would be motivated in the region to supposedly “fight terrorism”, but several military analysts have already made it clear that the United States intends to intervene in the Yemeni government and install fixed bases in the region, “stabilizing” the situation in the country.
The crisis in Yemen is a real humanitarian catastrophe, with dimensions similar to those of the Civil War in Syria. However, the attention given to the poorest country in the Middle East is minimal, especially in times of the pandemic. Once again, COVID-19 is being used as a “smokescreen” to distract worldwide attention while illegal and aggressive movements are taking place in specific regions of the planet, as has recently become clear with the Israeli advance in the West Bank and the arrival of thousands of American troops to Yemen.
Yet, another factor that is absolutely ignored, being even more serious than military aggression, is the public health crisis and food insecurity generated by Saudi aggression. Yemeni Health Minister Saif al-Haidri recently warned of the neglect with which international society has dealt with the situation, which he called a “disastrous in the shadow of war”. These are his words:
“approximately five and a half million children under the age of five are suffering from malnutrition (…) One child dies every ten minutes in Yemen (…) 80 percent of children in Yemen live in a state of stunting and anemia due to malnutrition (…) Two hundred thousand women of childbearing age or some of they are pregnant or have given birth to malnourished children, which threatens the lives of children”.
Indeed, while the world is distracted by the coronavirus, crimes against humanity are committed with impunity and millions of people starve to death without any humanitarian assistance. Yemen has yet to record any cases of COVID-19, but what can we expect for the near future when Western troops arrive in the country at all times, since the US and Europe are the regions most affected by the pandemic? What will be the future of the Yemeni crisis? Will the West bring peace or the pandemic to the poorest country in the Middle East?
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This article was originally published on InfoBrics.
Lucas Leiroz is a research fellow in international at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
Featured image: Rubble aftermath of a Saudi airstrike on a Yemeni neighborhood in 2015. Almigdad Mojalli/Voice of America

NTS Notes: A few readers and commentators have asked me why I put a lot of emphasis, especially in my weekend rants, on what has been happening in Yemen... I have been watching that war closely now for years, and I see the reality of it being a massive war of genocide by the Saudis and their criminal allies that everyone should be made aware of in the hope that someone will finally come forward and demand our governments stop their support of such slaughter!

And I have been so amazed that few are even aware that there is a war going on in Yemen... We can thank the Jew spew media for that, for they have either conveniently or very purposely avoided any mention of the reality in Yemen and I find that to be so disgusting.... Millions are in danger of dying from famine and starvation and again we find nearly zero reports about this human catastrophe!

I also do wonder if the reason why the Jew spew media does not report on this war is the fact that the Houthis are presently beating the shit out of their Saudi invaders and have been launching major attacks into Saudi Arabia itself?  Those gains by the Houthis are definitely the reason why the Saudis have been screaming for help from their "American and British allies" and why the American government is now so willing to go into Yemen at this stage of the game to most probably save Saudi Arabia's ass from complete defeat!

One thing that I did notice about this article, and that is where the author claims "100,000" deaths in the 5+ years of the conflict... I find that number abysmally low, and the real number of victims in my own estimations is now well over 1 MILLION and continuing to grow now thanks primarily to the famine that is wiping out the civilian population at an alarming rate...

The forgotten war in Yemen continues... Millions are now dead or about to die from famine, but we cannot let a good "Global Pandemic" go to waste, right?

More to come



RickB said...

It was being ignored before the COVID-19 hysteria. It will be ignored after the COVID-19 hysteria.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

The COVID 19 hoax is a very fast and furious hoax (thanks to modern day tech), but the original psyop/hoax is still alive:


Margaret McGuire
2 hours ago (edited)
@Adrian Chetwynd first off my Lord has an upper case 'L' and his name is Jesus. King of king's, Lord of Lord's & God of god's. Ur welcome to believe what u choose, but in all honesty I'd rather not put my trust in man especially evil men..
Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

U can compare that to the wind if u will. U can't see the wind, but u definitely see the results of it. U can feel it & u can see the affects of it.. & the damage it can do. U ponder that if u will!

Adrian Chetwynd said...