Monday, April 6, 2020

The Men In The Little White Trucks

I recently was flooded with a lot of emails and comments concerning my stance on 'viruses' as a whole... Many are claiming that this fraud "pandemic" is NOT caused by a supposed "Coronavirus" at all and are sticking to the notion that 5G electromagnetic fields are the real culprits... I have been leaning in that direction myself for a long time but I look at 5G as a catalyst that drives the sickness that so many can get as their immune systems are weakened thus allowing 'diseases' to take hold in our bodies when readily under normal circumstances and normal conditions they cannot.....  And of course I have had some send me links showing evidence that "viruses" actually do not exist or are the RESULT of the poisoning of our bodies through the environmental crap that we are subjected to on a daily basis.....

The debate about if viruses are real or not will have to wait, for this article focuses once again on the dangers of 5G electromagnetic fields, and how the criminals in charge are now going all out in wanting the implementation of 5G antennae arrays and equipment everywhere while everyone is forced inside due to this fraud of "self isolation"!

 And therefore I do want to turn to the following article that just came out earlier today from my colleague in the formerly free nation called the "United States", John Kaminski....  John of course writes his essays over at his website at, and his latest article is entitled: "The Men In The Little White Trucks"..... I have that article right here for everyone to read for themselves, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

They’re coming to take you away — permanently
We are now all refugees from the terror government that rules from Washington and all the banks of the world.
Who gave Donald Trump the right to suspend our Constitution? Answer? We did!
It happened because we failed to question the official story. Which official story? There were dozens of them, each one a fictional government fairy tale that was covered up by a self serving lie which deceived the people into thinking they knew what was happening when they didn’t. All were based on the mistaken perception that the government was here to help us. Wrong answer. Very wrong! Likely fatal.
Now we’re locked in our houses, fearful of getting any closer than six feet to the ones we love. Has there ever been a more effective mind control scheme?
Note to American dummies: Viruses don’t cause anything. Viruses are our body’s response to the poisoning of our body’s cells. Viruses are generally good things, reflexive biological substances that purge poisons from our bodies.
Coronavirus is therefore an oxymoron, like Army intelligence or political morality. The two descriptions can never go together, unless you’re a dupe eager to be fleeced. Or murdered.
And about that vaccine you were contemplating?
Maybe you should trust Bill Gates. After all, he's very rich.
And about those men in their little white trucks?
Stop them. Get them to stop in any way you can. But be careful. Most of the time they have a protective cop nearby.
They are installing 5G, mostly in the schools but also in your own neighborhood. They’re making good money, especially with all that overtime. Too bad they won’t have much time to spend it.
When they ultimately turn on it this new Internet of Things system, yes, you will be able to download your favorite trendy video in an instant, but you are just as likely to drop dead in place, just like all those unfortunate people did in Wuhan. And Milan. And Seattle. And New York City.
Blow up the cell towers or burn them down before they start killing the next generation of schoolchildren with the horrendous diseases they will deliberately trigger to make the world plantation a more comfortable place to live for trillionaires like Bill Gates and his conscienceless clone conspirators who have no regard for the sanctity of human life, nor for the religions people need to feel happy.
The reason why all these people have died, many of them perfectly healthy, simply couldn’t have been a virus. In addition to the fact that viruses will never cause such reactions, there is no way any disease could spread around the world so quickly and start killing all these people at precisely the same time. It is mathematically and logistically impossible.
As Arthur Firstenberg has documented, ably and amply, in his book The Invisible Rainbow, altering the electrical properties of the atmosphere by some new electronic device or practice always results in mass death that is quickly blamed on some other flimsy reason used by the powers that be.
I’m no technologically savvy biologist but the perception is growing that 5G changes the character of oxygen. That’s the great secret they’ve been keeping from you. Under the influence of 5G the oxygen won’t bond with the hemoglobin in your blood. You will drop dead in place. That’s what happened to all those people in Wuhan, China the day they turned on the 5G. I’m a betting man, and I’d bet on that.
Welcome to 9/11 all over again. Only this time it’s much worse. The entire world is at risk. This is the great population culling the conspiracy theorists have been talking about for years.
The emergency rooms are now all empty. Hospitals are laying off personnel because they have no business. Yet on television, plastic pitchmen continue to prattle that the death toll is rising and that long lines of victims are stressing out our beleaguered medical profession heroes. They’re backing up giant trailer trucks to the ERs to cart away the corpses.
Until you talk to some of these overworked healthcare “heroes” or watch the growing profusion of videos that show all the hospital parking lots are empty.
So last night around midnight, I was clicking away at my computer, watching videos from Dana Ashlie and other heroes trying to defuse the scamdemic, when suddenly I heard a familiar rap on my window. It was my wheelchair-bound friend Greg, who mostly only comes out at night. So I popped outside for a chat.
It wasn’t more than a few minutes later when a helicopter appeared overhead and began circling our location. On about the twelfth circuit it clicked on its powerful spotlight, trying to illuminate these two dangerous characters who were clearly in violation of the governor’s recent dictum of his enforced curfew to stay in your house at all times and practice social distancing.
Now the world is realizing that this edict is exactly the distance between us and our lost freedom as we cringe in constant fear of our own government perpetually lying to us about the nature of the world while insisting it is acting in our own best interests.
Either the quarantine breaks or we break, in which case everything we have worked for all our lives will be lost to the lies of phony politicians and deceitful doctors who clearly cannot be trusted with the health of the people.

NTS Notes: I personally have been blasting away at this 5G implementation that we are being subjected to for the last 5+ years, for I have studied and through my science background in electromagnetic fields understand how truly deadly the high Gigahertz and Terahertz frequencies are to our bodies.....

I do agree with John that the installation and implementation of this horrendous 5G technology MUST be stopped, but I abhor the idea of using violent measures such as burning down or destroying antennae arrays... That type of action will be used against us as the compliant Jew spew media will simply label those who have done such destruction as 'terrorists' and through the gullibility of the general public that does not know any better, most of the dumb ass sheep will accept that lie from the liars in the Jew spew media and it will be detrimental to our efforts....

I look at the idea of getting EVERYONE who reads these reports to do their own research, read the facts about how the microwave frequencies employed by this dangerous 5G network will KILL, and have everyone get out there to educate others... I am also asking everyone to contact their 'government officials' and hope that they have not been bought off or have stakes in this 5G crap and demand they put a halt to this implementation... Further, everyone must get out there and demand action by either voting against 5G in their communities, or PROTEST and demand an immediate halt to such implementation.

Get out there and actually talk to people and tell them the truth about what is happening here!....If and I do mean IF all the measures I have listed above do fail, then sadly the most stern action of taking matters into our own hands may be necessary, but again ONLY as a last resort...

Be ready everyone, for the bastards are indeed out there  and rapidly putting their 5G into place under the cover of this fraud "pandemic".... Make others aware that this is indeed happening!

I will continue my battles against the implementation of 5G networks.... And again as I have said many times before;  With 5G you will all be dying, but you will indeed have kick ass telecommunications services!  What a great trade off, right?

More to come



Tribe of Dab said...

After this past month to forty days , starting with the overdramatic Wuhan as they moved the psyop to Europe and the Americas , the layoffs , and the progressive build of mainstream media fear I am now starting to see people feeling under the weather. Not Stupid19 or any virus in my opinion , but the nonstop and building psychological stress has people getting colds , flu symptoms , bronchitis etc. I think they knew very well that this would happen , and I can see them blowing it even further out of proportion, I think you all know the "Drill".
We all seem to know the direction they want this psyop to the way I went to a hospital near me , and it is completely empty , no cars , and roped off , with white vans parked in the back out of sight . Been like that since february . The people in the area say two white tents were erected in front two weeks ago.

Cloud said...

I can understand your call to nonviolent action NTS...but since 9/11 (and before), protests go on deaf ears just as John and his wheelchair bound friend was met with a chopper and flood lights for Gods sake. You can't fight a goliath with a protest sign, just ask the Palestinians or Yellow Vests etc. I agree with John as I witnessed last friday an amazing amount of white Verizon trucks (I counted almost 10) in driving on just a few roads not more than a few miles. That's the truth. The only way to stop this 'plague' is to destroy it anyway possible. I surely don't know how that is achieved because these towers are monstrous. When I heard that it happened in London(?) or wherever in the UK I was happy to hear it (if it was true). The beast is a serious threat to all of us and in my thinking we have the right to fight against it just as SAA, HEZBOLLAH, IRGC et al have been doing for years.

quar·an·tine - : the situation of being kept away from others to prevent a disease from spreading. quarantine. verb. English Language Learners Definition of quarantine (Entry 2 of 2) : to keep (a person or animal) away from others to prevent a disease from spreading : to put or keep (a person or animal) in quarantine.

They have reversed the definition into isolation of all of us! That is war by medical mafia/coup and is cover for 5G warfare against us and our will. We can not be obedient to a lie...and I will never be. It's pretty lax here where I live...people are all over the place, having get togethers with 0 police anywhere. They put up idiotic signs at the walk path 'stay 6 ft apart'! I will take my handy black spray paint or trash the damn sign. I'm sick and tired of this farce and I will silently fight back anyway I can...I've heard some groups are suing their state/city. I have never had a response from a senator without a form letter never addressing my issues. Never can you talk to them either. They are as off-limits as they can get and worthless. So shoot down the giants however we can...disable them and keep doing it until we prevail. I wish I had a missile for every chemtrail plane overhead and wishing assassination for one billygoat m*therf*cker NOW!

RickB said...

Of one thing you can take solace these days. You can count on any idiot wearing a face mask staying six feet away from you.

If that weren't the case, I might've slapped a few people grocery shopping my last time out.

But I'm afraid that by law and policy, we may all be required to wear them in order to do any business.

Cloud said...


Can't believe you just said when I went to CASH out from the self checkout a problem came up (as it always does) and so here comes the cashier with a heavyduty mask on telling me right off to backup. I looked at her and said that this is really ridiculous. When I didn't go far enough, she said BACK UP 6 FEET! I looked at her and asked if she needed a tape measure...or maybe I'll just go to the other isle! She fixed the computer and went away. Talk about wanting to slap someone. As I was leaving the store a woman was sitting on a chair that was just sitting there on the walkway. One of the managers came up to her and scolded her that in no way can she sit there because of the virus. So she got up and left. I almost blew his head off with WHY IS THE GODDAMN CHAIR THERE THEN? A day is coming when everyone will snap and have enough, which IMO is why they've called up 1 million reserve assholes to come against their employers (us!) Can't believe this nightmare. I'm at the point where I don't care what happens to these brain dead 6 feeter idiots. The magic number SIX!