Friday, April 3, 2020

The COVID-19 Hysteria: Jon Rappoport - The Creation Of A False Pandemic

Lets be honest here... This forced "isolation" and forced 'social distancing' SUCKS...... I have been doing my best to defy those levels of stupidity every chance I can, but all I get is a lot of people screaming that I am somehow defying the "law" and that I must OBEY the orders demanded by our governments.....

I was out and about earlier today to get a few extra provisions for this phoney isolation, and when I was at the local grocer I ran into a security guard (Yes, they are now hiring security guards to ENFORCE the stupidity of 'social distancing'!) and I had a short conversation with that young lady where I flat out called all of this bullshit exactly that...Bullshit!.... And guess what?  She actually agreed, but informed me that she has no choice but to follow the "rules" or she would lose her job... Yes, readers, this is what this is all about, which is to have us all forced to adhere to new 'rules' and "laws" at the cost of our very freedoms and liberties....

Well... I and others in the real truth movement are of course doing our best to blast away at this "pandemic" fraud and to try to reach everyone with the real reasons and truth behind this entire fraud.... And I am presenting as much evidence that I can with my continuing reports here at this blog to try to make some sense of this entire sham....

And with that in mind, I do want to present the following report that comes from Catherine Austin Fitts' website: "The Solari Report" at, where none other than Jon Rappoport has presented a fabulous group of three audio podcasts that blow this entire COVID-19 "pandemic" fraud to hell.... I do want to present that Solari Report article right here for all to see for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

The Creation of a False Epidemic with Jon Rappoport

"A step‐op is one in which the bad guys keep going, one intrusion after another. It isn't just West Nile, it's West Nile, then SARS, then Bird Flu, then Swine Flu. It"s all one package, with the idea, in this case, that they'll slowly wear down the resistance and people will buy in, will buy the story, the lie. They want to people to OBEY. That's the whole essence of this op. OBEY. It isn't only about fake epidemics and getting vaccines. It's about operant training in OBEYING. Get it? In general. Obey us. We command, you go along." ~ Ellis Medavoy in interview with Jon Rappoport, from The Matrix Revealed
By Catherine Austin Fitts
Jon Rappoport has been covering the allegations and events regarding the coronavirus and Covid-19 since they first hit the headlines. Check out his columns at his website
Jon just recorded three episodes that he wanted to make available to the public. Here they are!
Listen to the Interview MP3 audio file
Download the Interview MP3 audio file
Listen to the Interview MP3 audio file
Download the Interview MP3 audio file
Listen to the Interview MP3 audio file
Download the Interview MP3 audio file
Jon has been busting lies of the medical cartel for many decades and has built very significant evidence regarding the use of medical phenomena to engineer control and a fundamental change in our governance system and to centralize wealth.
Jon Rappoport's Website:
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NTS Notes:  Just in case anyone has problems opening up  the audio files, here they are right here:

Part I: How It Started:

Part II: The Medical CIA, Covert Ops:

Part III:  The True Goal Of The False Pandemic:

I have listened to all three parts, and I do again recommend that everyone do as well, for Jon does in deed lay it out as straight forward as possible...

I will be honest with everyone here... I have been watching how the criminals in charge have been locking down our entire society now for the last several weeks, and all I see is so few people actually standing up to that criminal action...

It does appear that too many people now have indeed swallowed the "koolaid" and have fallen for this entire scam and are so willing to watch their very lives change as well as losing their personal freedoms and liberties based on the lie of being "necessary" to fight this 'pandemic' that is NOT a pandemic at all.....

I have felt at times that this is a losing battle and that we that know the truth will lose this fight..... But I am NO quitter, and I will continue to do my best to try to reason with anyone who actually reads this blog and hopefully reach them that they themselves can reach others as well....

Please continue this fight for the real truth.... We need to reach more people and try to stop this madness for the alternative is to see our very freedoms and liberties, as well as the possibilities for a bright future for our children, be taken away forever!

More to come



Penny said...

I'll catch these tomorrow North
thanks for making them available!

Tribe of Dab said...

HI Brian , thanks for the links.
Will give them a listen tonight.

As for the average Joe swallowing the kool-aid I have some good news .
I too ran into a security gard also while Ignoring the bs lock down (I am in no way obligated ) .
The gard said something else was in the works before I could .
Two ladies were also running around mocking the official narrative by wearing full on bio warfare gas masks and laughing it up in the store.
The US knows it has a big problem , and Bill the Shill Gates is getting nervous , and I bet he faints at the sight of rope.
But.... my opinion is that most people do know it is horseshit because when I hear them talk they all want the Bennys that big Corp US is dangling in exchange for vaccines , tracking ID'S ,etc. In other words they really don't give a sheit who the crown and it's cohorts bomb , burn , and rape just as long as there is something in it for them. To be clear The People are rare , but citizens are voluntary slaves.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

I was already under the opinion that vaccinations were responsible for the so called "Spanish flu" long before John Kaminski spouted his 5G related BS that it was because of radio transmissions: