Sunday, April 5, 2020

The COVID-19 Hysteria: Interesting Video Shows What Is Actually Happening At New York City Hospitals - It Is All A Scam!

I do receive a LOT of videos that are attached to both emails and some comments concerning this COVID-19 scam, and I will over the next while share some of the best that have come my way with all of my readers at this blog.....

This one in fact came from an email, and my colleague that sent it my way said "Hey NTS... Our old friend Peekay out of Australia is back and making some videos about this Coronavirus scam. Take a look and tell me what you think?"..... I looked at the video and replied that it was outstanding... In fact I do absolutely want to share this video entitled: "Coronavirus - This Will Make You Sick" with all of my own readers here... I have that video right here and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have been watching the Jew spew media reports over the last few days claim that New York City has been "overrun" with "Coronavirus victims" and that the so called hospital workers are "overwhelmed" with both patients and those that have "died" from this 'pandemic'.... And yet, the video producer of this fabulous piece of investigation clearly shows that this is  NOT the case at all.

I have indeed watched a lot of videos about what is really happening in and around hospitals not only across America, but here and Canada and elsewhere around the planet, and I am appalled... The criminals in charge are obviously LYING through their teeth and are pushing their lies about this 'pandemic' through the compliant Jew spew media ....

The psychological effect on gullible people is the purpose of this entire exercise, as fear does drive even sane people into panic and thus demanding that criminal governments do something to alleviate that fear... Of course the criminals in charge come out with their planned vaccines and the removal of everyone's rights and freedoms as their "solution"!

I will continue to post up some videos here and there over the next while showing  everyone the bitter truth about what is really going on with all of these reports we see about people "dying" from this "virus".....  The real truth must be seen and told..

One other note.... I got a follow up message just a while ago stating that hospital workers, police, ambulance drivers, firemen, etc across America have now been warned under penalty of  losing their jobs to NOT engage in conversations at all with independent video investigators!   THAT alone should tell everyone that the criminals are now aware that they are being watched and that they have now gone to the extreme of demanding the front line workers in this pandemic scam to keep their mouths shut and to NOT tell everyone the truth that this is indeed a scam..

More to come



torus said...
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greencrow said...

Great video catch by PeeKay NTS. And while they're cheering outside the empty hospitals, chronic diseases are left untreated, the economy is collapsing...and people are being imprisoned in their homes.


Unknown said...

If you look closely at many of the so called "BODY BAGS" in any news paper and most of the pictures posted on the (NONE OF THE BAGS ARE TAGGED) Meaning there is no identification info anywhere on them. There are False Flags everywhere in this. Convid is real but We're being played on a Global Scale.
I suggest everyone read this article posted 2 years ago and it will explain in vivid detail where we are heading for the next 6 or 7 years.
The Article he just posted last week "Ceres at the Crossroads of Civilization" is a MIND BENDER.

Cloud said...

GROSS display of Carnivalrus. How utterly disgusting. This by now should let everyone know that this hoax/drill is what it is...lies, lies, lies. I'm ashamed to be American. What a total display of dumbshit PAID idiots to scam the population. There is no shame anymore. Leave it to Peekay...glad he's still around. Thanks NTS

Cloud said...

One more thought that crossed my mind. To think of the horror that these very same firemen and police went through on 9/11...a REAL TIME HORROR to be reduced into this charade filled circus. I'm surprised they didn't have a marching band with floats throwing candy and necklaces.

Number-Cruncher Man said...

PeeKay did a good job, although I could do without the digs at Americans in general. It's not as if his fellow citizens behave any more commendably.

For my work, I have to "play nice", in that I have to go with the coronavirus flow if I want to keep my job. Such is the life of someone who works in higher education. But, when I'm away from the B.S., I show my true feelings toward social distancing and the rest of the dangerous absurdities foisted upon us. When a store cashier told me a couple of days ago that mini-carts had been taken away because they didn't promote social distancing, I snapped "That's bulls**t!" Boy, you should have seen the looks on people's faces. One of these days, they're going to take me away if I'm not careful (read: obedient).

Thanks for your great work, NTS. Even people like Paul Craig Roberts, usually a reliable source of info and wisdom, have stumbled on this issue.