Thursday, April 16, 2020

The COVID-19 Hysteria: Great Video - WHO Are You?

I will say it... I am at WAR with the criminals that are still out there scaring the dumb down sheep half to death with their fraud "pandemic"..... I have had it with trying to reason with the stupid and gullible idiots out there that are now basically 'too stupid to live' and deserve their loss of freedom and liberty..... Reasoning with them has now become virtually impossible, and I am stuck with the sad statement of "WHY am I even bothering with these morons?:.....

Yes, it is WAR now for our survival... And just earlier today, Greencrow over at Greencrow As The Crow Flies put out a great article at her website that I want to put the link to here:

Greencrow does indeed bring forward some very interesting points in this article including the FACT that there are now fewer and fewer supposed "Coronavirus" patients in our hospitals right across Canada..

And in fact, the number of supposed "victims" of this "pandemic" right here in this province has absolutely leveled off at some "246" with ZERO, and I do mean ZERO, new "cases" of this "disease in days!  In fact, the number of those who supposedly "recovered" from this "illness" has steadily increased and now is almost 120 out of the whole "246" number!  Therefore I again have to ask WHY IN THE FUCK ARE WE STILL LOCKED UP LIKE RATS????

And Greencrow has unfurled what apparently is the "universal flag of war" that I too want people to see for themselves here:

A most interesting flag indeed.... I will try to incorporate it more and more in some future articles at this blog as well in regards to the WAR against the criminals who have been pushing this fraudulent pandemic..

Now, onto the business at hand... Someone earlier today sent me an email and said that I should have this video at my site....It comes from Youtube user "Slave New World" and is a take on the original "Who Are You" song written and sung by the British band "The Who" back in the 1970's...... I have that video right here for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: A pretty good video, especially where it takes shots at that hideous "Lady Gaga" and her sickening promotion of the entire Pandemic fraud....It also takes shots at that Fauci character, that to me is nearly as evil as Bill Gates and has been the bastard behind the shutting down of the United States thanks to his idiotic assertions that this is a real 'pandemic'!

The end part that shows that heinous Bill Gates and his evil insane want to have all of us vaccinated is so telling, and his sitting there with a syringe in hand and a bottle of his vaccine poison in the other is very telling...

But the message from this song should be heeded by everyone... For these  bastards are indeed absolutely wanting everyone to have to have mandatory vaccinations by "Law", and everyone should be prepared to be armed and ready to resist when they try to force that "law" down our throats....

This is indeed a WAR for our very survival now.... Again, I have given up on those too stupid to see that this "pandemic" is a scam, and will only try to reach those who still have "critical thinking skills".... Everyone else are basically nothing more than cannon fodder now for the evil and sick bastards that want to see everyone vaccinated..

More to come



greencrow said...

Thanks for the H/T NTS. I spent about two hours last night going through flags on the Internet before I chose this one after "sleeping" on the decision overnight. The symbol at the upper left is a Viking war symbol. The circular symbol in the middle represents "the gears of war/chaos" but I actually believe it looks like the coronavirus depictions in the MZM...but the circle is being attacked from all sides by the intersecting cross.


FreakedOut said...

This video from RitchieFromBoston needs to go viral as it is an appeal to soldiers and all LE:


With them we can easily turn this War around!

Unknown said...

Americans have fought and died to keep the Republic ,I suppose it is headed that way again.

Laika von old Monkshusen said...

Must read article by F. William Engdahl, who takes a closer look at "The Remarkable Doctor A Fauci" (at New Eastern Outlook, finally an article at NEO worth reading).

It completely confirms what Northerntruthseeker has been saying about this fraud "pandemic."

No doubt these sick and evil bastards (the Ashkenazi mafia) have been planning this monstrous fraud for decades, to be implemented at the very moment their biggest monstrous fraud (i.e. private central banks owned by the Ashkenazi mafia) was at the verge of total meltdown, and no longer sustainable. (as explained by one of Germany's foremost Finance Experts, Ernst Wolff)

Cloud said...

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