Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The COVID-19 Hysteria: Fabulous Interview With David Icke Exposes Some Real Truths About This Fraud Pandemic And The REAL Criminal Agenda

Ever since I started writing at this blog over 11 years ago, I have been constantly asked about "David Icke" and whether the man is "legitimate"..... I have periodically gone over to his website at, and read some of his articles... I personally am NOT sold on the idea of a master "reptilian" race that runs this planet and I have found other articles there to be a bit of a stretch...

However, periodically the man does put up some interesting articles, and with this COVID-19 fraud pandemic running amok and causing so much havoc across the planet right now, David Icke did in fact predict that this type of occurrence would indeed happen in some of his previous articles, and thus many are now paying a bit more closer attention to his works overall..

Just the other day, someone sent me an email asking my opinion of several David Icke "interviews" that were conducted by Brian Rose who is a host at a show out of the UK called the "London Real".... I watched the video twice over these last few days, and realized that David Icke is indeed onto something major in regards to the entire COVID-19 fraud and its DEFINITE links to the ongoing push to ram 5G spectrum radiation telecom "services" down our throats!

 I also found out that this video presentation from the "London Real" has been BANNED from the Jewish criminal site "Youtube" and thus so many people around the world are not even aware of this video at all... However, I did find the link to the video from "Bitchute" and I want to present that link right here for all of my own readers to have a look for themselves... The video interview with David Icke is just over 2.5 hours long, but it is worth the listen..... Here is that Bitchute link, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I can understand why the criminals that are running this COVID-19 scam do NOT want people to watch this video, for it does indeed blow the whole scam to hell!

It must be pointed out that Brian Rose is indeed Jewish... But I will not have that interfere with the facts that he did allow David Icke to speak fully and speak clearly exactly what his stance is on this entire pandemic charade...

And again,there are still a lot of naysayers in regards to David Icke.... I am one of those myself for I have found a lot of his views to be outlandish and in some cases ludicrous.... BUT I will give credit where credit is due, for he is almost 100% spot on in the facts that he presented in that interview!

Please take that link to that video and put it up at your own sites, and/or spread the word and get everyone that you know to watch the video and see the truth that this pandemic is part of a sickness that we all must stop immediately.

The fight against this entire pandemic scam will continue... As of today in fact, the Canadian government is once again about to go overboard and clamp down even more on my fellow Canadians, and myself's, own rights and freedoms and is considering MANDATORY 'face masks' and even further banning a lot of people from getting outdoors which to me is essential for our health....

More to come


*Important update: There has been some criminal attempts to shut down the Bitchute link... The audio is presently working for that interview ONLY.... I am attempting to have that fixed by finding a "clean" link to that interview where you can see David Icke as he is speaking about this fraud.

*New update: Found a clean link, with the visual restored.. Thanks for your patience!


Unknown said...

Hi, NTS long time stalker first time posting a comment. Keep up the battle mate
As the Aussies say. David Icke always beats around the bush.

Cloud said...

Listening to David Icke when he finally got to the 5G connection was a comment posted at Jon Rappaport article:

LOOK at the video posted in this comment:

Pisces says:
April 7, 2020 at 3:10 pm
Millimeter-wave microwave radiation is highly destructive to all biological beings, especially when the density of its frequency is high, and 5G emits ultra high frequncies. Our bodies are mostly water and the molecules of the water can absorb microwave radiation and the vibration of the molecules creates heat, just like how microwave ovens cook things, when the concentration of microwave radiation becomes high when it’s circulated. Here’s an example of how humans react when they’re exposed to highly dense millimeter-wave frequencies and notice the deceptive message about they’re not dangerous to our bodies. (I’m claiming that, If these people just stood there, while being exposed to the mm-wave frequecy, the oxygen will be deprived from their bodies and their blood will boil.) 5G is a directed energy weapon. Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS)

Thanks for the video of David Icke interview. He connects everything in a brilliant way (without notes bytheway) especially the NWO foundation/agenda. We all need to spread this info as much as possible. Right now all I witness is the psychological fear porn that has completely consumed the population. When I try to point out a minute possible reaction to propaganda...they get angry and treat me like a fool. There's only going to be a small percentage of citizens who are going to receive this because they operate in the 'conspiracy' :) realm anyway. It's a sad reality.

Cloud said...

Here's a recent comment from Jon R. post:

Tricia says:
April 8, 2020 at 3:03 am
Some Videos of 5g Towers and Masts on Fire from the last few days

5G Tower Set On Fire Just 2 Days After Its Installation! “It’s 0G Now”

5G Towers Set On Fire Across UK Amid Coronavirus Fears

UK Citizens Burn Down 5G Hell Towers

BREAKING NEWS! Another 5G Tower on Fire this time in Birmingham!

5G Tower Fire In Liverpool

Birmingham 5G tower set on fire Acocks Green

Many many more here: 5g towers on fire

Number-Cruncher Man said...

Just visited a small convenience store in my tiny town of 2,000. By order of the health department, no more than two customers can be in the store at any one time, and they must be six feet apart! The cashier, at the behest of the owner, is wearing rubber gloves! The lunacy is heightened with each passing day!

Here's my out-of-left-field thought for the day: How do we know British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is really sick? He goes from shaking sick people's hands to the ICU in a few weeks - even though he may not have gotten sick from his action (assuming he's ill), according to the speculation that's out there. How do we know his situation isn't a two-pronged warning to the rest of us: It can happen to anyone, and don't think for a moment that you can continue to live your life the way you want to!

Fear is indeed the mind killer. But I'm not growing more fearful with each passing day - just angrier. Unfortunately, for every person like one of us, there are a hundred Chicken Littles who will readily submit to any dictate, no matter how tyrannical, without a peep of protest. Holding forth the banner of freedom grows more daunting by the hour.