Saturday, April 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Hysteria: Fabulous BANNED Dana Ashlie Video Exposes Truth About 5G And Coronavirus Link!

Well, another day in "paradise", as I had to once again go out and get a few extra provisions for tomorrow's Easter dinner.... Cooking has long been one of my passions, and I do enjoy that hobby especially now with everyone being locked up and put into bullshit "isolation"!

As I said I was out and about and having to go to the local supermarket to pick up 5 items... And after being subjected to the "social distancing" bullshit and having to follow ludicrous "arrows" around the store like a dumb ass sheep following a sheep herder, I was so disgusted.... I once again could not help but to observe how others were reacting to this travesty, and most replied 'I am only following the rules'...... I could only shake my head and thought to myself "This is how our freedoms and liberties die, not with a bang, but with a whimper!......

In my last article, I posted up a fabulous video by Dana Ashlie who presented an interview with a Utah hospital ICI nurse of 30 years.... In that interview, the ICU nurse laid it out as to what exactly has been happening in the so called 'Hospitals" and how this entire "pandemic" is indeed a massive fraud... I do again ask readers to look at that video and heed what that nurse is saying..

But someone did send me an email, saying that I missed Dana Ashlie's video from almost a month and a half ago that takes a close look at the linkage between 5G and this fraud pandemic.... I also found out that the bastards that run Youtube have "conveniently" banned that video claiming that it violated their "rules"...No doubt the reason it was "banned" was due to it exposing the TRUTH about how there definitely is a link between the implementation of  5G networks and this sudden rise in this ''Coronavirus" fraud....

Luckily, I found the video through Mike Adams' "Brighteon" video site, and I do want to present the link to that important video here.  I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes, I have been blasted by many that are "disgusted" that I still have Mike Adams' Natural News website in my "best bloggers that I know" list on the right hand column of this blog.... But as I stated, even though Mike is so WRONG about  this "pandemic" and has been pushing it as being 'real', he still has a lot of important health news and other reports, such as that video, for everyone to see..... I am indeed hoping that Mike eventually "gets with the real game here" and eventually realizes like the rest of us that this entire scam is exactly that.. A scam!

Dana Ashlie once again has some fabulous videos, and I will be following her works here at this blog from now on.... She and others that are exposing the truths about this scam deserve our attention..

And about "5G"?  Most readers at this blog are fully aware of my stance on that criminal technology as I look at it as a horrific method of destroying so many lives, especially the fact that  5G at 60GHz does indeed block the body's ability to properly absorb Oxygen (O2) in our blood stream's hemoglobin.... People that are susceptible to that damage are indeed being asphyxiated when exposed to 5G electromagnetic radiation!

I have also long said that with "5G" you will indeed be dying, but you will have "kick ass" telecommunications!  What a great trade off, right??

I have also been watching all of the reports about people out there going out and destroying 5G towers.... And of course the Jew spew media is out there screaming that those individuals are now "terrorists".... I have long said that I do not condone such action as I would wish that people would take the route of alerting others, going after governments, going after the telecom industry, and getting out there in protests...

However, with this "lockdown" of our societies at the moment, the criminal bastards are indeed using that lockdown as their green light to go out there and put up their 5G towers and antennae arrays while everyone is locked up and  unable to properly take civil action or protest against their work.... I look at the fact that the criminals are indeed doing the criminal act of installing their criminal 5G garbage under this bullshit lockdown and our own criminal governments are condoning this criminal action!...Thus when legal and civil actions are impossible and not viable, citizens do have the right to react and retaliate against such criminal actions..... Am I therefore condoning acts of violence? Sadly,  Only when it does become a last resort and all other options are tried and found to be impossible... "When peaceful revolution is no longer possible, violent revolution becomes the only viable option".    I just want those who are against the installation of these 5G towers, and are believing that stern action needs to be taken, to be very careful and be aware of the consequences of their actions.

Once again, we are stuck watching our freedoms and liberties disappear under the guise of this fraud "pandemic"...... I can see years from now when my grandchildren come up to me and ask me what the 'good old days" were like, how I will have to look in their faces and talk about how we used to have freedoms and liberties, and we were not "microchipped" to be permanently surveilled by criminals.... It will also be sad to have to inform them how so many people had the chance to save themselves from such evil and perpetual enslavement but did NOTHING.......

We still have our chances to save this planet from a future that will indeed be a new dark age.... People do need to see what is really happening out there, and I do hope that my works and the works of others can be the weapons for that to happen!

More to come


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