Thursday, April 16, 2020

The COVID-19 Hysteria: Danish Study Reveals That Coronavirus May Be Almost 20 Times LESS Deadly Than WHO Predicted! End The Lock Downs NOW!

I am continuing my attacks against this fraud COVID-19 "pandemic" and I am going in guns blazing in wanting everyone to see that this scam has to end right now!

I was out and about just a while ago and again I had to endure the fraud of "social distancing" where gullible idiots and fools that to me are nothing more than wastes of human flesh, lined up like sheep and endured the indignity of having to OBEY the fucking "rules" in regards to how they can shop!  Honestly, it is mortifying now to watch such stupid people allow themselves to be so easily brainwashed and once I got the things I needed, I got the fuck out of the supermarket and came home..

I have always wondered where in the heck the criminals in charge, and especially the fuckers that run that criminal World Health Organization, got their outlandish "numbers" in their claims that this was a "pandemic"?   I have seen a wide range of figures where these fuckers have claimed "millions" of "victims" and that everyone was susceptible to this "virus" that more and more I am realizing does NOT EVEN EXIST as a contagion!   Therefore I have poured over a lot of different articles about these "figures" and what I found today is simply astounding...

I want to present the following report that comes from the Russia Today website, at, where apparently a report has come forward where a new "Danish Study Reveals That Coronavirus May Be Almost 20 TIMES Less Deadly Than WHO Predicted".   I absolutely want to present that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I absolutely do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Danish study reveals that coronavirus may be almost 20 TIMES less deadly than WHO predicted

Danish study reveals that coronavirus may be almost 20 TIMES less deadly than WHO predicted
A medical worker performs a test for Covid-19 in a new tent extension of Danish National Hospital Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark April 2, 2020. © Reuters / Ritzau Scanpix /Niels Christian Vilmann
Research on a group of blood donors in Denmark points to its Covid-19 mortality rate being well below one percent of the number of people infected with the disease, according to a team at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

Tests were carried out on 1,487 samples from Danish blood donors at the hospital showed a mortality rate of just 0.16 percent.

The study also suggested that far more people than the 5,000 figures
currently show have caught the virus with the number possibly being as
high as 400,000.

That puts the Danish scientists' estimates up to 20 times lower than those of the World Health Organization, which is putting deaths at anywhere between one percent and three percent of the number who contract Covid-19.

The test looked for antibodies formed during an infection and found that 22 donors out of the 1,487 were positive, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation reported.

However, medics have urged caution when reviewing the figures, saying they are “complex” while also pointing out that blood donors tend to be healthier than average members of the population.

The head of the Danish Health Authority said earlier there was “a lot of contagion in Denmark” adding that there was a “huge, somber amount” of undiagnosed Danes.
Denmark has so far recorded 6,879 cases of coronavirus and 309 deaths out of a population of 5.8 million.
Danes have been in a lockdown since mid-March but plans to relax the measures came in on Wednesday. As a first step, day care centres and schools for children in first to fifth grade reopened.

NTS Notes: Well, there you have it... Further proof that this 'PANDEMIC' and all of the fear mongering associated is absolutely misplaced and absolutely a fraud.... So again, WHY are we all locked up and forced to be isolated at all???

I am absolutely not shocked at all by the findings in this report, for I have said from day one that this is absolutely NOT a "pandemic" at all, and that this 'virus' if it even exists at all is nothing in comparison to the annual Influenza outbreak that supposedly kills a LOT more people than this scam..

So again... WHY IN THE FUCK ARE WE ALL LOCKED UP??? Apparently not for this laughable "Coronavirus" the is nothing more than one of the greatest lies in all of human history!

Yes, this is a WAR, and it is about time people understood that as fact... We are all at war with these bastards, and we should no longer tolerate their inhuman treatment of everyone... If the gawd damn sheep are too stupid to do anything about this, then it is up to us, the enlightened and knowledgable, to take up arms and defiance against this criminality. We need to take our planet back, and NOW!

Lets get out and protest and absolutely show defiance... End this fucking fraud lock down now!

More to come


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