Monday, April 27, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Update From Greencrow As To Her Participation In Yesterday's Vancouver Anti-Lock Down March! Updated!

I do of course want to start this article off with the latest update on the situation in Manitoba... As of about an hour ago that criminal SOB who calls himself Manitoba's "health minister" put out his daily "COVID-19 report" to the Jew spew media, and the numbers continue to show that this province is well over the "hump" and has indeed not only "flattened the curve" but has absolutely squashed it!   But of course the fuckers in the Pallister regime have to try to strike fear into gullible and stupid people, and therefore I was not impressed by what I listened to coming out of that prick's mouth...

OK, The numbers..As of today, there has been "ONE new case" (probably someone with the cold or Influenza of course..) in this entire province, bringing the laughably ludicrous number of total "patients" since reports started coming in over 7 weeks ago to a grand total of "272 infected" out of a population of 1.35 Million people!.... And out of that number, we STILL have only "6 deaths" in the last 7 weeks and all 6 deaths were absolutely caused by other "underlying" issues, as well as "205 victims" that have now supposedly recovered from this fraud virus!... And therefore this entire province has a grand total of some "61 cases" still active as the "205 recovered" cases will most certainly grow rapidly now!....

So once again I am so troubled as to how much longer these pricks can continue to LIE about a "pandemic" when there absolutely is NOT one!  Lets put an end to this stupidity and put all Manitobans back to work immediately!  Fuck the Pallister regime and his sellouts to the fuckers in the WHO for continuing this fraud...

Meanwhile, I have been awaiting a word from my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who writes the excellent blog: "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at about her perspective on how that fabulous protest march against this fraud "lock down" went yesterday in Vancouver British Columbia.... I did not see her and her sign that she was carrying in any of the videos released so far, but as you will see in the following report from Greencrow herself, she has her reasons for not being more visible at that protest march..... Here is Greencrow's article about that march, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Monday, April 27, 2020

March for Human Freedom to Walk the Streets and Talk with One Another

Demonstrators getting ready to march

Hi Folks,  It's the morning after the big Demonstration against the Lockdown in Vancouver and I'm still recovering.  I did a short video on the march but thus far, due to technical difficulties, am unable to edit it and upload it to YouTube.  The best video coverage of the march is this one that Northerntruthseeker uploaded earlier this morning.

Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson Video
of March 26, 2020 Anti-Lockdown
demonstration in downtown Vancouver

Unfortunately, I have mobility issues and, due to arthritis in both knees, I walk with a cane.  Consequently, I kept falling further and further behind the other marchers and ended up leaving the march at the corner of Davie St. and Burrard St., before it went downtown.  So I enjoyed watching the whole video above to learn now it went.  Everybody who attended that I spoke with was very pleased with the turnout and the energy generated by the march. We were all totally blown away by the response of the Vancouver Police Department.  The demonstration organizers had got a permit to march beforehand and the police promised protection.  The police provided a full motorcycle crew protecting us all the way.  And we needed protection.  Fearful highrise dwellers. wearing masks even in their homes...were lobbing eggs and vegetables on us from up above.  People were shouting insults and threats at us from the highrises and from the sidewalk.  The average person on the street had a look of terror on their face as they looked at us...marching so openly down the street with no masks on...what a risk we were taking!  They accused us of "spreading Covid-19"!

I live in the suburbs and had to drive about 45 minutes through sparse traffic to the West End for the march.  As I drove down Hastings Street I saw an apocalyptic scene.  The homeless tents on either side of the road had quadrupled since I was last downtown about 6 months ago.  People were lined up for at least a block in front of all the Pharmacies and grocery stores...the only businesses allowed to remain open.  Many but not all people were wearing masks.  They all looked depressed, fearful and beaten down.  Signs were everywhere, warning people about social distancing and lining up. Temporary fences cordoned off the sidewalks.

Once our group of 200 or so marchers coalesced at English Bay for the beginning of the march we were like a whirlwind of energy swirling and buzzing through the streets.  It was shocking, the contrast between us and the other citizens.  As Laura Lynn says in her video...they've managed to divide the population into two groups...the much larger sheeple group and then us recalcitrants.  We had in our group and you will see it in the video, some people I would call "provocateurs".  Some of our group referred to these people as "Antifa".  These are "rent a mobs" that are hired by the perps to destroy authentic demonstrations.  There was one or two of them in our group and they were deliberately verbally engaging with the terrified onlookers, trying to elevate their terror at the spectacle of such audacious freedom.  I guess this goes with the territory.

Talking with my fellow marchers before we got going was like going to a spa.  It was so revitalizing and renewing to listen to other sane people who "got it".  I was almost moved to tears.  And everyone agreed that talking to others with whom you agree andwho are not brainwashed was the best part of the march.  Which is exactly why they don't want this to go on in the War on Humanity.  They don't want us warriors to recharge our emotional batteries and "conspire" to break out of our psychological bondage.

There is another demonstration planned for next Sunday at 2 p.m. beginning at Science World.  I hope to attend this one as well.  This one will not go through neighbourhoods like the one yesterday so there probably will not be the terrified, masked, highrise dwellers pelting us with eggs. But, folks, here is what I do think will happen differently from yesterday.  I believe the alliance between the demonstrators and the Vancouver Police will be "worked on" during the ensuing week.  That alliance and that respect and support was definitely a threat to the perpZ.

I believe orders will come down from on high [CSIS] that we should not be protected--but instead that we should be left to competing marches of opposition/provocateurs, threatened, bullied and provoked into fights and such.  Because, if our demonstrations keep happening and keep growing exponentially, then it's game over for the perpZ--and they know it.

So, watch for enormous pressure being put on the police and on the City of Vancouver to put an abrupt stop to this audacious show of freedom--a couple of hundred people walking down the street.

FOOTNOTE:  Another interesting thing I discovered was how extensive the alternative media is.  I knew a lot of the marchers from their online presence.  People like Dan Dyck and Brian Ruhe.  But nobody knew me.  Nobody knew greencrow.  LOL.  They asked why I was there and I said I was a blogger, greencrow, and was covering it for my blog.  Crickets.  lol.  In that regard, it was a healthy reality check.  Of course, I didn't know a lot of alternative media writers either.  I didn't know the Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson who apparently has quite a following on facebook.  It's a very big virtual world, is the alternative media.  But this War Against Humanity is forcing us to get to know each other real quick.  Stay tuned.

NTS Notes: Honestly, I too am saddened that Greencrow was not more visible at that protest march, but with her health issues and inability to march all the way to the end it is understandable...

And again, the enclosed video is fabulous and full credit has to be given to Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson for her efforts in producing it....

I also agree with Greencrow about the aspect that so many of us do not even know that many others are out there as well trying to reach people with the same message.... And yes, I too am still not well known in the alternative media for my efforts, but I am trying!

I do want to again thank Greencrow for her efforts..... And I do want to thank others that had the courage and the drive to attend that protest march in spite of the naysayers and those who were there to pelt them with eggs and other garbage while they were marching, and to endure the wrath of the so called 'agent provocateurs' that seem to always turn up at these protests to try to raise havoc and destroy the marches!...

The war against this fraud pandemic continues... Hopefully there will be even more and much larger protest marches coming up EVERYWHERE!   We must get the message out that we are all mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more!

More to come



greencrow said...

Hi Brian:

Thanks for posting. The walk was about 20 city blocks in total...up and down hils...and I managed to walk about 12 blocks before I was hopelessly behind. When I was left behind on busy Burrard St., I became vulnerable to some people on the street, who came up to me and threatened me personally. This threatening is caught on my video which I am, of course, due to lack of technological skill, unable to upload. It is a very depressing video [an old lady with a cane being threatened by young punks] so I don't think I'll upload it...unless the situation changes.

LOL we ended up yelling the following things at the insulting bystanders: "TURN OFF YOUR TV!" and "ENJOY YOUR CAPTIVITY!" those two statements seemed to be the most appropriate under the circumstances. Keep up the excellent work you're doing on this crisis, Brian.


AL said...

Keep the great work , please advertise any future Canadian protests . People need to participate.

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