Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: UK Nurse Explains Truth About "Coronavirus" And How PCR Tests Are Bullshit!

I continue to monitor the "COVID-19" situation here in Manitoba and for good reason.... Manitoba is basically a very isolated province from the rest of Canada and thus if there is in fact the perfect test bed for a lot of this COVID-19 nonsense to prove its validity or not... If there is or was an actual "virus" this province is the perfect "test tube" to test to see if it does indeed spread by human contact and/or "aerial" as the criminals are claiming...  This is why I give these reports for all to see..

And in fact Manitoba has indeed SQUASHED the so called "curve" and shows that this "pandemic" is indeed a fraud... We have now much less than "100" cases of supposed victims and many are on the road to "recovery" from this "virus" if there actually WAS a virus to start with... I will state that many of these so called 'patients' have in actuality probably come down with other respiratory ailments including the common cold and/or Influenza and are NOT suffering from this  bullshit "COVID-19" at all...

And as I have noted already, the hospitals here in Manitoba are ABSOLUTELY EMPTY with nearly ZERO so called 'Coronavirus patients', and are now crying out for ANY patients at all for any ailments....But in spite of this fact and other factors that show this 'crisis' is over in this province, the criminal provincial government here continues to lock down the population like a whole bunch of caged rats, and people are still following the stupidity of "social distancing" and not even knowing that it is all a scam....

I stated in several previous articles that the "tests" conducted for this fraud "pandemic" are in themselves nothing but a scam for the simple fact that they are ALL inaccurate and in reality they are giving "false positive" results to so many patients, meaning they are claiming that many have this "coronavirus" when in actually they absolutely do NOT!..... I also said that with my own yearly bouts of bronchitis and other sinus diseases, I could go and get a "test" during one of my flare ups and I can guarantee the bastards conducting the "test" will claim that I am infected with "Coronavirus"!

Therefore, I do want to present the following very interesting and informative video where a nurse out of the UK comes out and gives in great understandable details the reality of what is really going on in regards to this "pandemic" and how the tests conducted for this fraud "coronavirus" are so badly flawed... Here is that video entitled: "Coronavirus PCR Test - More Flaws Than An Apartment Block" for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I agree with everything that this nurse is stating in this video, as I have done my own homework over these last few months and have learned like everyone else to understand exactly what this "virus" is all about..

And once again we have proof that the "tests" conducted for this "virus" are absolutely flawed and useless... But people are still getting these 'tests' and are now suffering from the anxiety and emotions of being told that they have "contracted" this "disease" when they have absolutely NOT!

I am continuing to rip into this fraud pandemic for I honestly would wish that people would see that they are being scammed and go after the bastards for locking us all down and threatening to permanently take away our rights, freedoms, and liberties....   Hopefully others are also as pissed off as I am and are also willing to fight!

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