Sunday, April 26, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: This Is Now Getting Ludicrous As Idiots Are Now Claiming Coronavirus Can Be Spread By Passing Gas AKA Farts!

OK, I guess it is back to blasting the fraud COVID-19 pandemic.... First I do want to give my daily report on the pandemic bullshit here in the province of Manitoba... And supposedly today's "daily" report by that idiot health minister for this province was canceled (no shock here, as he has nothing to say...) but according to a "news release" there are supposedly 4 "new cases" of this 'virus" bringing the total for the last 6+ weeks combined since that idiot announced it was a "pandemic" to a grand total of 271 patients....

Now the breakdown of that '271' number, as supposedly there are still ONLY 6 that have 'died' from this 'virus' which to me is utter BULLSHIT as those 6 most apparently died by the underlying diseases that they were already suffering from.... And the province has announced that the number of 'recovered' patients is still sitting at "199" (strange, for there should be a LOT more recovered which means they are fudging that number as well...) meaning '66' patients are supposedly in isolation or in the empty hospitals at this point for the entire province.... I again have to ask WHY IN THE FUCK do they continue to "lock down" this province when the 'curve' has already been flattened and squashed and this 'pandemic' if there ever was one is long gone????   Honestly, fuck the Pallister regime and its adherence AND subservience to criminals behind the WHO!

OK, Now that I have that off my chest onto the matter at hand... AND today I was sent another email by another astute colleague that said "Hey, NTS,  you want a good laugh??  Read this one!" and after I read the article in question and literally fell off my chair again laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes, I knew I wanted to share it with my own readers here...

You all will have a good laugh with this one...For according to the following report from the idiots who write the Yahoo News reports, a moronic "doctor" out of Australia came out earlier this month with a "claim" that you can catch "Coronavirus" from of all things... Passing gas or in layman's terms, FARTING!... I absolutely do want to share this report with my readers right here, and I do have my own sane thoughts and comments to follow:

How you could catch coronavirus from someone's fart

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

19 April 2020

Evidence has suggested COVID-19 can be transmitted via faeces, begging the question if the same is true for farts.
The proposition was put to Dr Norman Swan, an Australian physician, in an episode of ABC’s Coronacast podcast, during which he explained farts weren’t entirely innocent when it came to spreading the virus.
To avoid potentially transmitting the disease via faecal particles, people should not pass wind without their underwear and pants on, Dr Swan said.

“Luckily we wear a mask which covers our farts all the time,” he said, referring to clothing.
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“A policy on the entire population should be, don’t fart close to other people and don’t fart with your bottom bare.”
The question came after Health Minister Greg Hunt announced the government would begin community wastewater testing for coronavirus to help detect areas where the disease is prominent.
CSIRO Chief Executive Dr. Larry Marshall said the testing should identify infection hotspots without needing to test every individual in a specific location.

“This will give the public a better sense of how well we are containing this pandemic,” Dr Marshall said.
Mr Hunt said the surveillance pilot program was extremely encouraging.
“A national program based on this work could add to the broader suite of measures our government can use in the identification and containment of COVID-19,” he said.

NTS Notes:  Honestly, the fucking idiots that concocted this entire fraud "pandemic" are now reaching into the files of absolute absurdity when they come up with crap like this!

And Youtube video producer, Peekay Censored, out of Australia picked up on this one as well and has a laughable video about this nonsense that I do want to share with readers here:

Calling this one bullshit is putting it mildly..... These ass clowns are doing this just to once again promote the fucking ridiculous notion that everyone must wear a ludicrous mask over their faces!  And their latest excuse for wearing a mask is so that when someone passes gas from either farting or "taking a dump" cannot spread this ludicrous Coronavirus to themselves or to others....

I honestly did not know whether to laugh or to cry when I read this one.... Once again we are stuck with absolute morons and idiots out there that probably know that this is all a scam and are digging for anything now to continue to scare the public into the belief that this is somehow a "pandemic'!

I am truly sick and tired of this 'PANDEMIC' nonsense, and I do hope that others are as well... We must do something right now and revolt against this madness as the criminals are now searching for any excuses to 'extend' this fraud 'LOCKDOWN' by the most insane methods ever!  Put an end to this now and lets get everyone back to work and back to their normal lives immediately!

More to come



Penny said...

If we can't call it bullshit can we call it human excrement masquerading as reality
As hubby and I continue in "lockdown" he did show me that "news"
A fine example of the idiocy that passes itself off as information.

Vasaire said...
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Northerntruthseeker said...

Vasaire, I want you to understand that I do not know you, and thus until I do and can actually trust you I will not give my personal email out... And I do want you to understand why..

I used to be more open with a lot of those whom I thought were trustworthy in the alternative media, but many of them proved to be "agents" who only wanted to do harm and to destroy my efforts... I therefore had to shut down a lot of contacts to avoid personal harm and harm to my immediate family..

Over time I have grown to trust those who have shown themselves to be real and not members of my "favorite fan club" including Hasbara/JIDF agents who would love to reveal to the world exactly who I am and thus destroy my efforts...

I do hope you understand that I keep my friends close and associates I trust close as well..... Therefore giving out my email to you as I do not know you (yet) would be folly....

Thanks anyways.... I do hope you understand..


Northerntruthseeker said...

And to protect yourself as well, I removed your comment but will keep your email in my list for eventual contact...