Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: So It's A Hoax? White House FOX News Hot Mic Claims Fatality Rate Is 1/10th Of What's Reported!

I am continuing to follow the rapid fall of fraudulent COVID-19 "cases" here in Manitoba very closely... As of yesterday, the total number in this province was at "254" with some 143 "recovered" (This number is expected to rise very rapidly..) and 6 "deaths" where every single one of these deaths were caused by OTHER underlying diseases and sickness.... Manitoba has not only "flattened the curve" but has in reality squashed it!  So I again have to ask why in the fuck are the people here still not allowed to go back to work and getting their lives back????

But anyways... I was sent via email earlier today a link to a short video that just came out late yesterday.... And this video is very startling and could be labeled a "bombshell".... For according to this video, a "hot microphone" was left on, either accidentally or on purpose, in the White House Press room and several people were overheard talking about this FRAUD 'pandemic'.... What was said is a must listen to by everyone, and I have that video right here for all to see and listen for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Well, what can I say???  This vindicates so many in the real truth community that have been screaming for WEEKS now that this entire "pandemic" is nothing of the sort, and that the "numbers" and especially the "numbers of victims" has been so badly distorted and LIED about just to propagate this entire "pandemic" scam!

This is definitely one for everyone to see and listen for themselves... I therefore do recommend that people pass it around and copy it to their own web/blog sites as well..... The truth is definitely leaking out that we have all been conned (well, at least most of the suckers out there...)...

I will say it again.. We are at WAR here for our very futures.... If we lose this battle or allow the criminals to win, then the future of us and our children will be one of darkness and despair..... Therefore the fight now must be taken up by everyone....

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