Friday, April 17, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit! Protests Against Lockdowns - Here They Come, And It Is About Time They Did Happen EVERYWHERE!

Living here in central Canada these days, I simply do NOT get it at all..... This province, Manitoba, has already gone well "over the curve" and has not only flattened it, but squashed it entirely!   I found out late yesterday that the actual number of "supposed" cases here sits at  "250" at the time of this publication...That "250" includes some "11 supposed cases" of this fraudulent "virus" that are still in question... AND on top of that, the number of those who have "recovered" from this bullshit virus are at "121" and rising now very rapidly..... That "121" figure may soon inflate to at least "132" as those "supposed cases" will probably be added to that category.....That means if you take the "132" out of the "250" cases here, we have a grand total of 118 "victims" sitting in either quarantine or in the empty hospitals ( I am not kidding, for I have seen the empty hospitals for myself.).   That means 0.00874% of the people in this province of some 1.35 Million are now suffering from any forms of this "disease" and in most if not all cases are absolutely NOT!  Yes, less than 0.01% of the people here are suffering, which is FAR less than the annual "influenza season" and yet they shut this province down???   Am I the only one that sees the problem here?

And we have the number of supposed "deaths" from this 'virus" in this province holding steady at 5.... But I have looked closely between the lines of the "official" (bullshit) reports put out by the liars in the local Jew spew media and all 5 HAD an assortment of other diseases such as Cancer, Severe Asthma, and Heart Conditions, that had weakened their immune systems to the point that even the common cold or Influenza would kill them!   I therefore have to ask the hard question about whether THOSE diseases actually killed these people and not this fraudulent "coronavirus"?  I would not doubt it at all that is the case....

So.... I have to ask WHY in the fuck are we being locked down in our homes and told not to bother trying to work for a living?   The provincial government here in Winnipeg has had the nerve to state that they are "listening to health officials" (criminals) and that they are awaiting to get the "green light" (from whom? The Canadian criminal version of the CDC?) and ONLY then will they put Manitobans back to work!  This is beyond a travesty and is absolutely insulting to anyones' intelligence!

Now, to top it all off, I have been seeing a lot of anger in my fellow Manitobans... But many are now not only locked up in their homes, but cannot even go to the Manitoba Legislature and PROTEST, for the Pallister COMMUNIST regime passed several draconian laws banning "gatherings" (against the Canadian constitution of course..) and limiting all 'get togethers' to less than 10 people at a time!  That I would not doubt was brought forward for these criminal bastards knew that eventually people would wake the fuck up and try to protest, and thus this stupid 'law' prevents that right of the citizens under freedom of speech... Yes, this is indeed a Communist dictatorship now!

BUT luckily the message is getting out world wide, and people are finally waking the fuck up and seeing what is really at stake here....And I have some articles and videos about this world wide surge for protecting our freedoms, rights, and liberties that I do want to present in this article....First, I want to present the newest report from Jon Rappoport, via his website at, that is entitled: "Protests Against Lockdowns: Here They Come", and shows definite evidence that people are indeed 'mad as hell and are not going to take it any more"... Here is that article:

Protests against lockdowns: here they come

by Jon Rappoport
April 17, 2020
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“The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” — Edmund Burke, 1784.

The Chinese regime broke the ice by imprisoning 50 million people at the start of Operation Fake Pandemic. It sent a signal to the fascist CDC and World Health Organization that they could command huge imprisonments in other countries.

Well now, in America, a different kind of ice is being broken. —The resistance against the imprisonment, against the economic devastation, against the loss of freedom.

The governors of American states are behaving like the governors of the original colonies, taking their orders from a foreign power. In this case, the power is the CDC, the World Health Organization, and by extension, the United Nations, of which the WHO is a branch. 

Yes, a bloodless coup has already occurred. 

The UN, in particular, has stated in a thousand different ways that it wants the US, and every nation, to bow to a world authority. The current strategy is medical. If climate change didn’t do the trick, try another angle.

“This will teach the Americans a lesson.”

Americans may have their own lesson to teach.

The last time I looked, Bill Gates hadn’t bought off the whole country yet. 

The Telegraph, UK, April 16“Release us!’ Anti-lockdown protests break out across America, with some featuring flags and guns”

“Four states see protests with more to come as critics target governors and demand their constitutional rights”

“In Kentucky the protesters chanted ‘we want to work’ and ‘facts over fear’. In Michigan some carried rifles with their US flags as the snow fell.” 

“There were Trump caps visible among the crowds gathered in Ohio, while in North Carolina a woman led away by the police shouted ‘God Bless America’.” 

“Right across the United States, a country now in its second month of tight restrictions to stem the spread of Covid-19, small but vocal protests have begun to spring up.”

“These anti-quarantine gatherings, emerging amid unprecedented surges in unemployment, are happening at state capitals and often targeted at governors.” 

“The common thread is a demand for orders keeping people at home and businesses shut to be loosened, thereby helping a US economy choked off by the lockdowns.”

“Many of the signs and shouts accuse the state governments of overreach – a clue, perhaps, as to why such protests are being seen in America but not yet in Britain.”

“Suspicion of big government is deeply rooted in a country born from revolution and a point of pride on the Right, where many of the protests appear to be emanating from.” 

“It may also reflect frustration voiced by Donald Trump, who has made no secret of his desire to lift restrictions and at times bemoaned scientific advisers pushing social distancing rules.”

“On Wednesday the US president was set to share with governors his administration’s guidance on how to open back up society after the ‘Great Lockdown’.” 

“In recent days Mr Trump has stuck an upbeat tone, talking of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and saying on Wednesday that America had passed its peak of Covid-19 cases.” 

“One of the biggest protests occurred in Michigan, whose governor Gretchen Whitmer is a rising star in the Democratic Party and has clashed with Mr Trump in recent weeks.” 

“Thousands of people descended on the Michigan Capitol in Lansing on Wednesday, many sitting in cars and honking horns in what was dubbed ‘Operation Gridlock’.”

“One poster read ‘hands off our citizens!!!’. Another declared ‘I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery’. A third just had two words written: ‘Release us!’”

“Some of those present said Ms Whitmer’s stay-at-home order was too restrictive, stifling the economy and unfairly undermining personal liberty.” 

“[A] woman who spent some of the protest waving the stars and stripes from the back of a pick-up truck had been impacted by job losses.” 

“’Our community is struggling. My husband is on unemployment [benefits] for the first time in our life,’ she said. ‘We want to go back to work’.”

“Michigan has been one of the US states hardest hit by the financial deep-freeze caused by the coronavirus pandemic, with a quarter of the workforce filing for unemployment.” 

“Right across America record job losses are being recorded. On Thursday it was announced 5.2 million people filed for unemployment benefits last week.” 

“That takes the four-week total up to 22 million, or around one in eight people working a month ago. It is unlike anything seen since the Great Depression in the 1930s.” 

“In Kentucky, another Democratic governor, Andy Beshear, was the target of criticism as around 100 protesters voiced their disapproval at the state Capitol in Frankfort.” 

“They chanted ‘open up Kentucky’ and ‘you’re not a king, we won’t kiss your ring’, sometimes through megaphones, as the governor tried to brief the press on the outbreak…”

—For one of their International Youth days, the United Nations cooked up the slogan, “Change Our World.” Through their World Health Organization, they’re trying all right. But the phrase is so weak. Maybe I can help them out.

—Workers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains. 

Remember that one? Doesn’t really gain traction when the first step is firing all the workers from their jobs. How about one people, one country, one leader, Hitler’s contribution. No thanks. There’s always Stalin’s gem: a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. No, let’s leave Joe and Mao and Adolf in the dustbin of lunatics. So what else?

I like the simple: LIBERTY.

It ripples. It has waves. Far reaching implications.

Those protestors in Michigan and Kentucky and Ohio and North Carolina. 

They’re peculiar. They’re not behaving like robots wearing medical masks. 

They’re acting like… live humans. Humans who are free.

Next, I want to show those readers that have not been aware, and to reiterate to those who have seen it already, what a REAL protest looks like from an aerial drone... For several days ago, there was indeed a massive protest in Lansing Michigan, USA, in front of the Michigan state legislative building, with cars and trucks creating a massive traffic jam for MILES AROUND to protest the criminal state Governor Gretchen Whitmer's 'edicts' that was muzzling and destroying democracy and the rights of the state's people to rightfully demand an immediate return to work and an end to the bullshit lockdowns,  under the guise of this phoney "pandemic"... Here is that video:

And some may ask... What about elsewhere around the planet?  Are people actually protesting and fighting back as well?  Well, I Indeed have been wondering myself as to the impact of this FRAUD virus elsewhere around the world, and the criminal and horrific steps being taken by criminal governments there to attack and destroy freedom and liberties in some nations.  To help answer those key quesitons, I want to present the following video that is entitled: "What In The World Is Going On?" that definitely shows how this fraud has impacted everyone negatively across the planet and the need for everyone to protest and REBEL!

NTS Notes:  There is a very old saying that absolutely rings true in regards to this fraud pandemic and how the criminals in charge have absolutely been destroying what is left of freedom and liberty across the planet... The saying goes: "When peaceful revolution becomes no longer possible, violent revolution quickly follows"... I will state that is exactly the point we are at right now, as people are indeed trying to protest peacefully, as they should, but are being crushed...The time therefore may be now for violent revolution and the overthrow of governments to protect our freedoms, liberties, and our very futures..  I personally would prefer to see peaceful approaches to force criminal governments to back down and restore our rights and freedoms, but apparently those governments have their agenda and are NOT listening to the people at all!  Therefore the people have a choice, either to accept their enslavement or remove those governments!

Stand firm, everyone.. We are now at WAR against these criminals, and we must resist with every means at our disposal to fight back against this tyranny.... Force these criminals to listen or have them removed from power immediately.   Our very freedoms and the freedoms of our children are at stake.

More to come



Cloud said...

NTS...the disturbing meme I'm getting from these protests is the antiNAZI, Hitler et al. Even Jon has the meme. I'm getting the feeling that there are many jews behind this to keep the Hitler/Nazi lie alive not only to keep the sheep brainwashed but to the end game of what happened to Germany by the allies and what is waiting for all of us. Jews are behind these protests because everyone has a slipped in anti Nazi flag/placard/words etc.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Wallflower... The KEY is to make sure the protests are NOT led by the gawd damn fucking Jews.... If they are, then they should be exposed as being pushed by those criminals..

The facts are that something has to be done and right now against this push for our enslavement.. And the only method open right now is peaceful protests.... The idea is to make sure that there are NO criminal Jews involved in those protests, period!

Cloud said...

To your American readers PLEASE sign petition:

["What is OTARD and Why We Must Take Action
The FCC is about to expand its ‘Over The Air Reception Devices’ (OTARD) rule (WT 19-71), to allow wireless companies to install 5G and other cell towers and transmitting devices (not only receiving devices as the name suggests) on homes. The wireless companies will be allowed to enter into a contract with your neighbor to install a cell tower on their home, without the need for a permit, without asking for neighbors’ input or permission and without any considerations to a neighbor’s disability, property values or other needs.

The OTARD rule expansion will allow a “Wireless Wild West” for 5G infrastructure and antenna deployment which will include the 1,000,000 antennas to provide the ground infrastructure for the satellites. The expansion of the OTARD rule will violate the Constitution and upend long-standing common law personal and property rights. The FCC does not have the authority to override people’s rights to bodily autonomy and their property-based rights to “exclude” the wireless radiation emitted by third parties from their home..."]
A message by RFKjr Children's Health Defense :