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The COVID-19 Bullshit: Protest Rallies Slated For May 1st In America - If You Can Attend, Please Do So!

Well, back to more COVID-19 fraud pandemic news....

First of course I want to give my daily "report" on the status of this fraudulent "pandemic" for right here in Manitoba... And I want to start off by the reports that YES the criminal Pallister regime is going to allow some "non-essential" businesses to re-open this coming Monday, May 4th... Many people that I have spoken to both today and yesterday evening about this important news are actually quite happy that we are stepping forward and wanting to get Manitoba's economy rolling once again.

But HOLD ON everyone, for this is not an "end" to this fraud "pandemic" by a long shot... For apparently the criminal Pallister regime has put out a massively long list of 'requirements' for each business to have "in place" before they can re-open that to me is BEYOND ludicrous!  The list of requirements includes the continuation of "social distancing" within the confines of those businesses, as well as requiring all businesses to have "constant cleaning" requirements including hand sanitizers (good luck in getting any!) and floors marked with 'tape' and "please stand here for social distancing" markings.... Insanity is the word of the day, as the psychos in the Pallister regime will have their jack booted "blue force" out in even LARGER numbers starting Monday that will "report" and even FINE businesses for not "complying" with the new "rules".... IMHO, fuck this nonsense and stop the fucking bullshit!  Allow businesses to return to a  REAL normal and stop strangling their ability to get our economy working!

OK, Now to the numbers of the "victims" for this province.. Today that gruesome looking health care minister for Manitoba reported that Manitoba's "COVID-19" total number of "patients" since this fraud pandemic started nearly 2 months ago had risen to "276", which means that there were 3 "new patients" (probably Influenza, or the common cold as usual..) of this "disease"....But he had to reluctantly report that there has been ZERO new "deaths from COVID-19" for yet another day, meaning that essential number has been stuck at '6' for nearly a week!   And this cock sucking criminal ass clown had to "reluctantly" report that there are now "220 cases" of this fraud virus the have recovered!  That means that there are ONLY 50 (!) supposed cases of this COVID-19 bullshit virus for the entire province that are still active!  Yes, you stifle and shut down an entire  province of 1.35 Million people for what? 50 people!  And apparently from what I have found out there are now less than 5 people in all of the hospitals in Manitoba with 'COVID-19 related' problems AND the vast majority of those who are still "infected" with this 'disease' are in just a few long care nursing homes to boot!  

Honestly, fuck you Brian Pallister and your stupid henchmen!  Quit the bullshit lockdown immediately and lets get everyone back to work and without your ludicrous "restrictions"!  You have fooled the people long enough with this bullshit pandemic and it is time to either pay the piper and resign or admit that you and your cronies were wrong fro fucking things up royally!

Yes, I am pissed off.. But I want to get onto the business at hand, and that is to give readers the following important article from Jon Rappoport's blog at, that is entitled: "Protests Nationwide Scheduled For May 1st" and does indeed contain the links to several sites that have the lists of cities across America that will indeed have protest marches and rallies for EVERY American to get out and march for their freedoms from this bullshit pandemic.  Here is that article, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Protests nationwide scheduled for May 1

by Jon Rappoport
April 26, 2020

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A growing number of groups in US states are preparing protests against the lockdowns on May 1.

I’ve found two sites that are publishing information on the protests.

Check out your state and see what’s upcoming.

As far as I can tell, this is not a top-down single-leader movement. It’s a state by state proposition. That would be a good thing. Groups in each state should run their own operations.

Here is a quote from American Revolution 2.0:

“Governor Executive Orders violate the United States Constitution and negate the responsibility of individual citizens for their ‘Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness’. The precedent set by removing these Constitutional Rights is staggering and to date unheard of.”

Of course, agencies like the CDC and the World Health Organization appoint themselves the “new global governance.” Their job is painting as bleak a picture as possible, making it seem that, without their top-down control, the population of Earth would be decimated.

This is always the way of tyrants. How else can they justify their criminal actions?

The endless invention of enemies is a strategy as old as the hills.

Peace and prosperity are stakes through the hearts of vampires.

For the CDC and WHO and Bill Gates, the idea that someone somewhere might be living free and healthy on his own accord…THAT to them is the virus which must be conquered.

To accomplish this victory, they enlist the help of public and private meddlers and gossipers and snitches and censors, whose only thrill in life is finding “rule-breakers.” Therefore, the more rules the better.

The culture of society is becoming more infantile every day—wash your hands, wash them again, don’t touch your face, stay indoors, wear a mask, wear gloves, stand six feet apart, wait in line, don’t breathe on your neighbor, be polite, watch TV for marching orders—but those people who still understand what freedom means are under no obligation to cater to that “culture.”

Lowest common denominator is not a principle contained in the Constitution. In fact, wherever the principle is found, it’s a cover for dictatorship. For example, the ubiquitous “we’re all in this together” is a massage for the brainless.

Translation: “You’re all one giant cheese glob, and we, the World Health Organization, with Bill Gates money, are pressing the two pieces of toast together and making the sandwich.”

State by state, the protests against unconstitutional insanity are scheduled for May 1.


NTS Notes: I first do want to apologize to my American readers for not getting this article about the upcoming protest rallies out sooner... May 1st is indeed tomorrow and I absolutely request that ALL of my American readers and friends do their utmost to get out there and rally for your very freedoms and liberties...

Sadly thanks to the criminal act of the Pallister regime here in Manitoba, we can NOT have such a rally or protest march here in this province in central Canada due tot he fact that these bastards had passed DRACONIAN legislation early in this fraud 'pandemic' that disallows ANY gatherings of more than "10 people" under the bullshit guise that "larger gatherings can spread COVID-19"!    This was obviously done for the fact that this province has a long history of protest marches on the Legislature in Winnipeg and those fucking criminals want to avoid such protests!  

Get out there, everyone, and attend those marches... And PLEASE send me any links and videos about those rallies tomorrow and I will do my best to post as much as I can to show the world that Americans are no longer going to take their enslavement and want to get back to work immediately!

More to come


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Tribe of Dab said...

Hey hey NTS.
OK ,the yay-hoos at Yahjew are running a front page about how the US INTEL debunks the man made virus conspiracy theory.
OK this is the deal. I agree with them. The CIA , Gates , CDC/WHO , AND all the US MILITARY might be trying to come up with the perfect Bio weapon and have been trying for 100 years , but they are not that intelligent , because if they were they would have quit before they started. Yes that's right , these Fuchs are failures.
Not only in field of bio weapons , but mass surveillance is a big fat failure too. Yeah, I know that Hollywood (CIA) showed everyone how totally awesome the satallites , and electronic tracking systems are , but what they show you is a big factual impossiblity.
They don't have what they say they have , but they do have HOLLYWOOD.