Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Morons Running Costco To Require ALL Employees And Customers To Wear Ludicrous Face Masks Starting May 4th - BOYCOTT Costco Everyone!

I was out and about earlier this evening doing my nightly walk just to get some much needed exercise and to clear my mind for the fact that I have been in "overdrive" recently pumping out article after article about this COVID-19 fraud and I needed a break..... It was nice to get out and enjoy a fine and WARM spring evening for a change, and I do recommend that everyone as well GET OUTSIDE and stop being locked up like caged rats!

I found something startling earlier this evening that absolutely shows how ludicrous this "pandemic" has become... For according to the following report from the Jew run CNN network in the United States, apparently ALL Costco Wholesale locations in both the United States and Canada will force their employees AND customers to wear those ludicrous and most ridiculous "face masks" as of this coming Monday, May 4th!   Here in fact is that article covering this travesty, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Costco will start requiring customers to wear masks Monday

New York (CNN Business)Costco is requiring customers to wear face masks or coverings in its stores beginning May 4.
The company is the largest US retailer to enact the rule, which is aimed at helping prevent thespread of Covid-19. Costco said the face coverings must be worn "at all times" in the store and will not serve as a "substitute for social distancing."
Certain exemptions are applied, including for customers under 2-years-old and people whocan't wear one because of a medical condition. Costco announced the changes Wednesday on its website.
Costco (COST) has enacted a number of changes to its stores as shoppers flock to big box stores for necessities during the pandemic. Other changes include earlier closing times, limiting the number of guests a member can bring and giving first responders and healthcare workerspriority admittance into warehouses.
    Walmart (WMT) said in a statement to CNN Business that customer and employee safety is a "top priority" and it's recommending, not requiring, customers wear face coverings. In March, the retailer began taking workers' temperatures at stores and warehouses before their shifts and also made medical masks and gloves available for employees who want to wear them.
    Several, but not all, US states are requiring shoppers to wear masks when they visit essential businesses. Earlier in April, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended people wear face coverings in public, but it's not yet required.

    NTS Notes: Honestly, when I saw this article, I thought these idiots were joking.. But they are serious, and to me this signals for EVERYONE to boycott Costco entirely until the morons running that corporation come to their senses...

    I could flood this blog site with article after article containing evidence that clearly shows that these "face masks" are absolutely USELESS and actually belong in trash cans... And yet all we see these days are morons out there walking around wearing these laughably ridiculous crap on their faces and believing the bullshit that they may somehow protect them from a "virus" that still has not  been isolated and is not as deadly as the criminals want people to believe!

    I personally will no longer be doing any shopping at Costco until the idiots in charge come to their collective senses... It is bad enough with the fraud "social distancing" bullshit, but now they want everyone to bow down and wear masks on their faces as well?  Enough is enough, everyone and I absolutely want to see a massive boycott of that establishment take place immediately!

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    greencrow said...

    Hi NTS:

    Thanks for the heads up. I can't shop at Costco anymore due to the long lineups and not being able to walk around the parking lot for an hour to get in. But I would never put on a mask that is a true sign of idiocy. Have you seen the morons who drive around in their cars with masks on? Who are they going to get the virus from? Themselves??

    Also, a real virus can enter the body through the eyes and ears so a mask is no real protection. The longer this goes on and the more I read, particularly from doctors and epidemiologists, this isn't even a real's a BIG scam.

    Penny said...

    I don't shop at costco.

    Northerntruthseeker said...

    I have shopped at Costco usually once a week to pick up a few items, but not any more...

    I have been sickened when I passed by the local Costco and watched the idiotic sheep line up like mutton heads and have refused to even go there when those line ups were present..

    But this face mask bullshit is at a new level of stupidity and therefore I will NOT be going to a Costco ever again until they fucking stop this new edict... Stupidity must be stopped!