Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba To Begin Reopening On May 4th, BUT With Bullshit "Restrictions" Still In Place (!)

Well,  I do have some "good news" if anyone can actually call it that, as apparently the Pallister regime that has put this province into ludicrous "lock down" over the last month thanks to a BULLSHIT pandemic and a "virus" that has still not even proven to exist, has announced earlier today that they will begin "phased reopening" of Manitoba, but with most of the bull crap "restrictions" including the ludicrous "social distancing laws" still in place!   I first want to present here the link to the report about this 'news' for everyone to see right here:

OK, My thoughts???  This has gone way too long and this pandemic has turned into nothing more than a laughable insult to everyone including the citizens of this province... I mean, to shut down an entire province and do irreparable damage to its economy based on "273 cases" over the last 7 months is PATHETIC at best!

So why now?  And why are they announcing this so suddenly now, today?  The answer is obvious in that they could no longer pull the wool over the eyes of the people of this province as people are finally awakening to the fact that these fuckers did indeed almost destroy Manitoba's economy over a "virus" that did not do the damage that the fuckers in the WHO had predicted or expected!

But it gets even better, for that asshole of a Health Minister (again I will not share his name in public..) has had the nerve to raise his poker stakes in this fraud on a "busted flush" once again.. .For that idiot has had the audacity to claim that with or without the fucking ridiculous "social distancing" fraud and other "measures" that there would have been some "6250 COVID-19 patients by year end (!)"... Yes, this moron actually said this, and here is the link to an article that shows this lunacy in all its glory here:

OK, Once again, my thoughts... WHERE does this moron get this '6250' figure?  Did he pull it out of his ass and fling it against the wall hoping that it will stick???  And to claim that this figure is a "projection" is so laughable, for did not these same idiots predict "tens of thousands" of people dead in this province alone if nothing was to be done, and made that "prediction" several months back when they first pushed this pandemic fraud???

And about those "projections"?  This moron says that without "measures" in place such as bullshit "social distancing" that number would have probably been exceeded?   Must I remind everyone that countries such as Sweden have NOT implemented any "social distancing" or shut down their nation and their supposed "COVID-19" numbers are almost at the exact same level as nations that stupidly shut themselves down?

Sweden and other nations show that the entire concept of locking up healthy people over a fraud "pandemic" was absolutely the wrong thing to do, and yet we have this idiot Health Minister lying his ass off to try to claim otherwise!

What we have here is idiots caught in their lies and are now trying to cover their tracks by still claiming that this threat is real and yet throwing Manitobans a bone by having "limited" openings.... Honestly, fuck this madness and end the fraud once and for all and put this province back to full work..... People are finally sick and tired of the lies and to perpetuate this fraud will only come back to bite the criminals in the Pallister regime in their asses!

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greencrow said...


I believe your social activism on this blog may have "inspired" the government to back down
: ).

"...there would have been some "6250 COVID-19 patients by year end..."

Read today's post on my blog..."That Rock is Protecting Us from Tigers" says the same thing.


Penny said...

We're still locked right down in Ontario as elders continue to die in eldercare due to government negligence. Well known deficiencies North. Long known.