Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Full Vancouver April 26th 2020 Lock Down Protest March Documentary!

Before I get onto the subject at hand... Here are the latest numbers from the Communist dictatorship that now runs Manitoba with full tyranny.... The so called "Health Minister" announced just over an hour ago that there are NO new cases of "COVID-19 bullshit virus" here in Manitoba, and that the number is now locked in at 272 over the last 7+ weeks!   I did not bother listening to that troll and his bullshit and was only awaiting the word as to when the fuckers in charge would finally open this province fully as the "curve" has not only been flattened and squashed but now has been obliterated as well!  Sadly all I heard was the usual "wait and see" bullshit, and all I can say is "STOP WASTING THE TIME OF MANITOBANS AND LET US ALL GET BACK TO WORK IMMEDIATELY!!"..

Anyways... I want to once again breakdown the numbers.... The "272" figure has ZERO increase as stated, and we have ZERO new "deaths" from this fraud virus (The 6 deaths ALL had underlying issues, and therefore this "Coronavirus" was most definitely the real cause of those deaths!)...AND Manitoba now has 209 cases that have "recovered" from this "virus" meaning a grand total of "57" active cases in a province of 1.35 Million!  Yes, only 57 people still "sick" from this fraud virus and the province is still locked down???  Fuck this nonsense, and stop the bullshit you fuckers in the Pallister regime...Put this province back to work immediately!

OK, Enough of my angry rant against the lockdown in this province... I was sent the following Youtube link that an emailer said I should post at my site... This one is the FULL 2+ hour "Lock down march" in Vancouver from April 26th, and is produced by Brian Ruhe.... I want to present that video right here for everyone to watch for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I do want to thank Brian Ruhe for this amazing documentary, and  I want to again applaud those brave and intelligent people that went to that protest march and walked for supporting our freedoms and liberties....

AND one of the major reasons I wanted to post this video is for the fact that my fellow Canadian blogger, Greencrow herself,  was seen in the video!  I do not want to be a spoiler, but she was the lady with the hat walking with the cane..... I again am so proud of her for walking as far as she did considering her major health issues....

The facts are that we ALL need these marches everywhere!  I have been informed that some organized marches are indeed slated for this weekend in cities across the United States, and when I get further detail of those marches I will try to post them up here for all to see and hope that readers will make sure they participate...

More to come



greencrow said...


Thanks for posting the video documentary of the March. Brian Ruhe captured the energy of the demonstration. I didn't bring my "signature sign" as a compromise with my husband. He didn't want me to go at all...so we compromised that I would bring one of our dogs [as if I were just out walking my dog] and forget the sign.

Ya gotta pick your battles in this war...lol.

AL said...

Please post all planned protests , Canadian and American.

Unknown said...

APPLAUSE APPLAUSE! Thanks to the protestors and thanks to all that allowed this video to be made and be shown!

Brian Ruhe said...

"it's all in a day's work" for The Brian Ruhe Show, at:
Thanks folks!
Brian Ruhe

James said...

Good to protest this nonsense. Lot's of food being wasted. Dire circumstances lie ahead if this is not stopped.
Yesterday at my local health food store, I dropped in for some vitamin D3. 3 customers max. A chalkboard sign out front stated: 'We're all in this together.'
Um OK. Inside many aisles were cut off so consumers couldn't go down them. The vitamin aisle was cut off so I couldn't see the types of vitamins they had. It's good I knew exactly what I wanted.
On another note, at a local shop about 4 weeks ago, I got too close to someone in line. He got nasty. He asked me if I knew how to read etc. Of course I gave back and said that no, I never learnt how. I got more mouthy and got tossed out of the shop for being a loud mouth. Ah well. Cest la vie.