Sunday, April 26, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Former Russian GPU Colonel And Special Forces Commander States Coronavirus Is A Zionist Jewish Lie To Bankrupt, Enslave, And Depopulate The World!

I am continuing with my exposure of the real truths behind this entire COVID-19 bullshit 'pandemic' as it is so important for everyone to see the reality about how this fraud was indeed planned and executed to lock us all down, pull the plug on the world economies to have them come crashing down, and to have us all enslaved by the criminal madmen till the end of time....

And I have to be honest here, for I missed posting the following very important video at this blog when it first became known well over a week ago... But better late than never as I do want to present the following video where a Russian news reporter interviews a former Colonel Kvachkov of the Russian GPU and "Spetsnaz" Special Forces about the present "Coronavirus pandemic", and what that Colonel states is absolutely the bitter truth about what the REAL game is here in regards to this entire fraud pandemic!   Here in fact is that amazing interview for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I would state that the Russians are well aware of this fraud, but I am deeply puzzled by the actions of President Vladimir Putin that has followed other nations and 'locked down' the citizens of Russia in much the same manner as those other nations have!

I will state that everything that retired Colonel Kvachkov is stating in this amazing interview is ABSOLUTELY the bitter truth, and that I and others in the real truth movement have been stating these exact facts for years now in the hope that more people would actually listen and pay attention.....

Yes, there is indeed a sickening "end game" for the monsters that are pulling this 'pandemic' stunt, and it is total control over the planet while also 'culling the herd' and possibly killing billions of people to reduce the overall population to under a BILLION so that they can have full control of this planet until the end of time.... This is why it is so important that people wake the fuck up and stop these criminals in their tracks by ending their fraud pandemic immediately!

IF you have not already, please pass this amazing interview around for others to see for themselves... And do so before the criminals behind Youtube once again  have it pulled or 'banned'!

More to come



FreakedOut said...

"Former Russian GPU Colonel And Special Forces Commander States Coronavirus Is A Zionist Jewish Lie To Bankrupt, Enslave, And Depopulate The World!" ....100% correct!
And they'll depopulate the planet using a Binary Weapon system which includes the Gates vaccine concoction of toxins and the emerging 5G network/ Internet of Things.
I'm thinking the chemtrail crap is part of the picture too.

greencrow said...


Fabulous Video. I think Putin put that Russian Colonel up to it. He would never have spoken out on his own. Every work he said was a bomb.

I went to the demonstration and am still filtering the experience. Will write about it ASAP. It was psychologically numbing and restorative at the same time.

RickB said...

Also on my blog.