Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Forced Mandatory Vaccinations Are Coming! Watch This Video!

I am continuing to slam this bullshit COVID-19 pandemic for I am NOT going to accept the police state that I see coming thanks to the ignorance of so many people... I do sincerely hope that readers to this blog feel exactly the same way!

There has been a lot of fear thanks to the ignorance and hysteria of the general public that the criminals in charge would force mandatory vaccinations on all of us as their end game to this fraudulent pandemic... Everyone however has been led to believe that any "vaccinations" are still "voluntary", but the reality is that the criminals in charge are indeed using this fraud pandemic as their excuse and cover for their introduction of FORCED vaccinations on everyone!

And to prove that forced vaccinations may indeed be coming everywhere across the planet, I want to present the following very important video out of the UK where the new "laws" that may indeed force every citizen of the United Kingdom to accept vaccinations or face draconian penalties if they refuse.... Here is that video and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Honestly, I knew the horrific criminals in charge would eventually get around to trying this approach in forcing everyone to accept "mandatory" vaccinations.. For they know that there is now an increasing number of people that have woken up to the dangers of those vaccines through all of the horrid chemicals AND the idea that they would use "vaccines" to introduce their surveillance network by having everyone injected with an "identification chip" aka Bill Gate's 'mark of the beast"!

This is indeed sickening, and I do hope the good people of the United Kingdom will not stand for this travesty and will go after their government and force them to back down from this "law" or else have those government officials forced or thrown out of office immediately.....

Again, this is a warning, for I can guarantee our own criminal governments, especially the heinous Trudeau regime right here in Canada, are considering such "laws" and have them passed under the false notion that they are "neccessary to fight COVID-19".... Be weary everyone and be alert!

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AL said...

Yes and Canada's current evil health snake in 2010 said that mandatory tracking bracelets would be necessary for anti vaxxers and any defiants of the tracking device would be placed in detention quarantine centers . How do you spell democracy - T Y R A N N Y ?

Tribe of Dab said...

He read , "their rules" "ORDERS"
Get it?
He's also informed you that these rules are "Applicable to PERSONS"

PERSONS? how many here know what that even means? The term (not a word) is a gigantic subject , and sorry to offend but most People ( not persons) are functionally illiterate about these terms.
This guy is a shill by the way.
He''s giving Public Notice ,not warning you about the dangers.
He even goes on to say that these vaccines don't have any harmful additives , won't make you sterile , and stresses that you go along with it.
He says"We",and You" have to do this and be that while implying that everyone is a member of the public.
Can anyone provide a valid definition for the Term Public?
Last he states, "the rights that you don't have anymore"
That is Public notice to all persons ,
Better go and define those terms ,
Then realize this. If you still want welfare , government corporate security,retirement , insurance ,grants , free healthcare , and a master to plan your life for you then you Better do as this guy says , and not question anything , nor refuse anything that the gigantic Corporation Britain demands of you.
if you know what Persons and Public are , and realize that you don't want any part of it , then you will have realized that you will have to be prepared to Defend Yourself by Any Means.

Cloud said...

Welcome to Palestine...

BS on the so-called voting! The people of UK need to burn down more than 5G towers! Start with that fucking lizard queen at 10 Downing. It's either you or them.