Thursday, April 16, 2020

The COVID-19 BULLSHIT! Fabulous Realist Report Interview With Doctor Lorraine Day Exposes More Truths About This Fraud Pandemic

I decided to make one interesting change in terms of my long standing title of "The COVID-19 Hysteria" and that was to rightfully and truthfully change the word 'Hysteria" to what should be in its place, which is 'Bullshit'!  This is because the reality is that this entire "pandemic" is exactly that.. Pure unmitigated BULLSHIT!

People everywhere must wake the fuck up now and realize that we are at WAR with the sick freaks and criminals that are behind this entire fraud.  These monsters do NOT have our "best interests" in mind at all, and in reality the vast majority of those monsters want to KILL US ALL.. This is not "paranoia" at all, but fact and the sooner people realize this, the sooner we can all get angry and start taking our planet back....

I periodically do listen to John Friend's podcasts over at his website "The Realist Report" at And I was so glad that I caught his latest show that happened just yesterday, where he had the great Doctor Lorraine Day, whom I have always looked at as a true expert and a real truth teller in the realm of health issues..... Yesterday's podcast was fabulous in fact, and I do want to therefore present that podcast right here for all of my own readers to listen to, for Lorraine Day does indeed expose some fabulous truthful details as to what exactly is going on in regards to this fraudulent "pandemic"... Here is the link to that podcast, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I do want to thank John Friend for bringing in Lorraine Day for this show... What she presents is fantastic and shows once again how truly EVIL the forces that are driving this fraud pandemic are!....

Long time readers to this blog are fully aware of my stance in terms of the importance of staying healthy... And right now with the bastards continuing to lock us all up like rats in a cage, it is vitally important that people do eat right and get the hell OUTSIDE and exercise......If we ever want to take on these pricks that do want us all dead, then we must have the strength as well as the will to fight them....

As I have said before.. This is a WAR, and I have declared war against these pricks that do want to see us all destroyed through their plans to have us all "vaccinated" or starved to death through the famine that they are indeed creating thanks to withdrawing food from our food supplies....People do desperately need to see the bigger picture here, and to stop living like 'rats in a cage" under the guise of this fraudulent 'lock down' and laughable 'social distancing'!

Wake up, everyone!  There is NO pandemic at all, period.... We must take on these pricks head on, and fight back for the alternative is to see our futures destroyed permanently.

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Unknown said...

I cannot help but whole heartedly agree! Earlier this afternoon
(USofA Eastern Time here in SC), I went into a Chinese fast-food
eatery to order my usual, and the Negro's waiting in the order line
had become berserk! They had duct-taped across the floor - ranting and
raving who should get served - across their line - who is in
compliance with their line across their duct-taped floor....and
it is totally insanity...

It is a madhouse...the inmates have taken over the asylum!

AL said...

No audio ?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Plenty of audio at this end... Check your settings.... Or if necessary go to the Realist Report and download it from there.

Anonymous said...

Wow it's this about black people?